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Kerala Ayurveda Centre - Ludhiana

Kerala Ayurveda Centre - KAC is a full-fledged Ayurvedic Centre specialized in health care through Panchkarma Therapies. The medicines and oils available with KAC are of high quality and mainly supplied by the reputed Ayurveda medicine manufacturers of Kerala. KAC has a team of qualified and experienced male & female Doctors & Therapists from Kerala.

Kerala Ayurveda Centre (KAC) started its operations in the year 2004 at Ludhiana, the most important district of Punjab. Ludhiana is called the Manchester of India and the financial capital of Punjab because of the domination of industry. Majority of the 30 lacks plus population of Ludhiana are industrial workers encouraged by the tremendous response and trust reposed on us by the people of this region, we have opened another centre at Jalandhar in the year 2007.

Olympian Pargat Singh inaugurated the centre in the presence of a large number of dignitaries and well-wishers. In 2014 Kerala Ayurveda Centre has made the other two milestones by opening two other centres in Punjab. In May 2014 we got associated with Kangs Nirvana Resort and there by the people from Hoshiarpur dt and residents near to Una Nangal and Ananthpur sahib are now able to avail our services at Nirvana Resort jejoin. Same year in the month of September we opened our branch at rail coach factory Kapurthala. The,Mr Heera inaugurated the centre, many higher officials from the rail coach factory were present to bless the occasion.

It is a persistent demand of our clients and well-wishers to enlarge our sphere of services by opening more centres at different important and viable locations of north. We were actively considering different options in this regard and later decided to open up franchisees of Kerala Ayurveda Centre in major cities of north India. As we found it difficult for the clients to arrange their own accommodation when they come to KAC for short periods, we have made health tour packages for clients from faraway places in association with Nirvana Resort. As per the requirement of the client’s 3 days to 21 days health tour is organized.

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Additional Information

Panchkarama Therapies : Panchakarma is a detoxification program that is utilized in Ayurveda. Panchakarma is ONLY undertaken when the patient is strong relative to the disease. Panchkarma as the world indicates, is five karmas. They are: Vamanam : giving medicine for vomiting. Virechanam : giving medicine for purgation. Vasthi : giving medicine through anal canal. Nasyam : giving medicine through nose. Rakhamoksham : making the body to bleed by some artificial incision.

In abhayanga, warm oil is rubbed all over the body . It penetrates the skin and lubricates the superficial fascia, the deep fascia, and touches the nerve ending , where it release the certain neuropeptides. These are the same neuropepetides that are present in the central nervous system (CNS), which maintain immunity. Therefore oleation boost immunity.

Seethopachar : As the word indicates, is a cooling procedure. Over the years, we felt the necessity to develop a cool therapy for the summer season. This therapy is exclusively developed and introduced by The Kerala Ayurveda Centre. The procedure adopted for this therapy is the same as of Abhyangham. But the ingredients used are herbal pastes which cool the body, mind and soul instantly.

Kayakalpam : It is a two-hour procedure in which the effects of general body massage, head massage, face massage, face pack and herbal steam are given. This total Ayurveda body massage with herbal oils tones up your skin and rejuvenate and strengthens all the tissues so as to achieve ideal health and longevity. It also increases primary vitality and there by increases the resistance of your body. In addition to being beneficial for your face, kayakalpam makes you to have a sound sleep.

Elakizhi : The entire body is massaged with herbal poultices prepared with various herbs and medicated powder dipped in warm medicated oils. This promotes circulation and increases perspiration which in turn helps the skin eliminate wastes and revitalizes the skin, thereby improving skin tone.

Podikizhi : Podikizhi and medicated steam bath is recommended for reducing obesity. The entire body is massaged with herbal poultices prepared with various powders and medicated powder dipped in warm medicated decoctions. This promotes circulation and increases perspiration which in turn helps the skin eliminate wastes and revitalizes the skin, thereby improving skin tone. It Relieves joint pain, arthritis, gout and all rheumatic pain. Steam bath is recommended along with Podikizhi.

Navarakizhi : Navarakizhi is also one of the special forms of treatment widely practiced in Kerala. The body is made to perspire well through massage with puddings in the form of boluses tied up in cloth bags.

Udwarthanam : A stimulating massage using special herbal powder to reduce cellulite accumulations, improve circulation and enhance your skin's texture and appearance. We thoroughly exfoliate your body using a powerful mixture of Ayurvedic powders which will break up fatty deposits and energize blood circulation. A delightful body treatment to remove excess fat from your body, enhancing circulation and drawing fresh energy to the surface of the skin.

Nasyam : The nose is the doorway to our brain and it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of medication in Ayurvedic is called Nasya. An excess of bodily humors accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is removed through this process by means of the nearest possible opening which is the nose.

Kadee vasthi : A small receptacla is made in the low back affected area with black gram dough and is then filled with medicated oil. The temperature of the oil is maintained for minimum 45 Minutes. It is highly effective in gridrasi (sciatica) and osteoarthritis of the hip.


Ayurveda : Ayurveda is a 5000 years old holistic Indian practice, which means science of life or longevity. It relies upon herbs, diet and one's life style. Knowledge of Ayurveda enables one to understand how to create balance of body, mind and consciousness according to one's own constitution. In Ayurveda every individual has a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics, which is his or her constitution. Body, mind and consciousness work together in maintaining balance. Internal and external factors can act to disturb one's constitutional balance. Both physical and mental disturbances are reflected through the skin.

Vata (Air) : People of Vata constitution are generally physically underdeveloped. Skin is cold, rough, dry. Generally, Vata people are either too tall or too short with thin frames. The hair is dry, curly and scanty. Eyes may be small, sunken, dry, and active. Nails are rough and brittle. Hands and feet are often cold. Appetite and digestion are irregular. Vata people like hot drinks. They regularly suffer from sleeplessness. They lack willpower, confidence and boldness. They tend to get nervous. They are active, restless and creative but easily get fatigued.

Pitta (Fire) : Pitta people are of medium body, size and body weight. The skin is smooth, oily and warm. Hair is generally straight and oily. They tend to get premature graying of hair and hair loss. Eyes are sharp, bright and sensitive to light. They have a moderate chest. Appetite is strong and digestion is good. They have a natural craving for sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. They may sleep little but sound. Hands and feet tend to be warm. Pitta people are very intelligent and sharp. They have tendencies to emotions of hate, anger and jealousy. They are very ambitious people and like to be leaders. Generally, they are financially well off and enjoy their material prosperity.

Kaph (Earth) : Kapha people are generally well developed and tend to be overweight easily. Chests are expanded and round. They have thick, oily, cold skin. Muscle development is good. Eyes are big, beautiful and loving. They have slow but steady appetite. Digestion is prolonged. Mucous is formed easily. They have strong craving for pungent, bitter and astringent foods. Their sleep is deep and prolonged. They have good stamina. They tend to be tolerant, calm, forgiving and loving. Kapha people have strong emotions of attachment and possessiveness. Their intellect is slow but exact. They tend to be rich and are good money preservers. Kapha people are generally healthy, happy and peaceful.

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