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Eternal Healing Centre is affiliated with Sai Astro Reiki Research Foundation (a non-profitable organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in Delhi), since 1998.The mission of the Centre is to take care of the mass to expertise professionally in the field of Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Meditation, Stress Management & Astrology jointly with the team of professionals who are associated with the Centre and well trained experts in their respective fields.

Additional Information

Child Psychologist: I have been working as an Expert Psychologist, but specialized in reading child psychology for years together, I am now determined to exclusively work for children. Children are precious stones in any family irrespective of their financial status, because it is the dream of any parent to groom their child to the highest extent they can target for their child. While preparing their child to face the challenges in the life, parents try to teach each and every module of child development at their own.

When children go through the various phases of life of learning, they experience crucial hardships due to which sometimes they are neglected, ignored, degraded, feel emotional breakdown or sentimental nervousness. They are scattered and feel negative impact on their behavior resulting them to be isolated or unsocialised and hampers the developmental growth.

The Child Psychologist has a great role at every point of time of any child development to guide for better preparing, it may be at home or at school or in the society. Some children may be down with any kind of psychological disorders, we are always there for psychological consultation or psychological advice for growth of child for better improvement.


Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy- Body & Mind stimulation Technique. Since ancient times people admit that Hypnotherapy Technique is to improve and enhancing their quality of life. It is an established fact this it is an effective and proven technique that can assist with all sorts of life-affecting issue, but technically it may not work every time for everyone.

The way we implement Hypnotherapy Technique, many things can be resolved like sometimes are willing to quit smoking or alcohol, but many a times it is difficult for you to do so at your own. But with the help of this system you may find easy to achieve your goal and find a helping hand to give up smoking or any other unwanted habit, which you wish to avoid.

But still you need your own will power to accomplish, for which this therapy can provide the additional helping hand you need. As in the case you want to increase self confidence and self esteem or you may be in a need to reduce jealousy or aggression, for which this therapy is effective and can provide simple solution with the help of a Hypnotherapist or by learning Self Hypnosis at your own.

A less technical definition of Hypnosis is- “it is a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness in which the critical faculty is bypassed and acceptable selective thinking established. During this state of mind, affirmations/directions suiting to remove your deficiencies are put within the sub-conscious mind and after a continued practice; it works to improve the positivity the way you want.”

But there is no person or power on earth that can force you against your wish to be hypnotised, unless you yourself desire and follow the hypnotist's direction at your own will. Hypnosis or rather Self-Hypnosis is useful to reduce the stress. To make it easier to understand how it works inside our brain, a little knowledge how our brain works, will be of a best use.

The left and right hemisphere of the human brain is engaged in different types of processing of data and input perceived through the senses. Left hemisphere is concerned with linguistic, logical and analytical, temporal and sequential thinking process. The modern educational systems and demands of socio-cultural environment have made us to use more and more of our left hemisphere.

Definition of Trance: History of Hypnosis comes from the ancient times. Many religious saints used magical properties of Hypnosis. It is believed that suggestibility enhances by extensive rituals resultantly mystical and spiritual influences occur. Much classical literature is an evidence of Hypnosis.

It seems that Hypnosis goes as far back as we are capable of looking. In fact it stands to reason that if the first written records of the human race include references to some form of Hypnosis then it existed prior to written records also. There have been many different techniques and methods for using Hypnosis over the thousands of years of our human history. It has been used to relax, motivate, inspire and even heal.

So it is not surprising that Hypnosis has become one of the most powerful tools for self improvement that is available in the 21st Century. Probably the person who researched on Hypnosis to that attention of the public the most was Sigmund Freud. He used Hypnosis in the very early 20th Century to gain access to the unconscious parts of his patient's minds and investigate deeper into the hidden aspects of their character, personality and personal history.

Although Freud stated in his later years that Hypnosis was far too powerful a technique to be used safely, it is now believed that his approach to the subject was unprofessional. Modern Techniques of Hypnosis are now completely safe, tested and reliable. The modern success and availability of Hypnosis can be traced back to one man who was a pioneer in the field, Milton Erikson, M.D. The relatively new field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, better known as NLP, owes its development to Erikson.

He developed the use of post hypnotic suggestions and clearly demonstrated just how effective they can be when used in trance. He is also responsible for demonstrating the power of using visual images while in trance. His work showed that using Hypnosis with his techniques of verbal statements and visualizations could produce profound results in healing and dramatic changes in mental processes.

It was also Erickson who first promoted the use of indirect suggestion. This indirect use of suggestions was also developed in a very powerful post hypnotic technique for altering behaviours whereby he accessed the subconscious mind and mental processes of the subject without the subject being aware of it.

Types of Stress: Different individuals have different situations as stressors. The very awareness of the Stressor eliminates half of the stress. Therefore, the first step in learning to control Stress is to find out the stressors. Some of the common stressors are as under: High stress prone professions: Security personnel, police, doctors, emergency workers, staff working under any minister, other time bound operations are obviously stressful jobs.

Ordinary high stress work: Almost all the occupations come under this category. It doesn't matter if you're an employee, taxi driver, student or businessman. All the work fields have some percentage of stress. Though people think that most of the jobs are not stressful, but actually they are. Career related stressors: Career consciousness, examination, interview, public speaking, settling of business, training at work place, poor communication, ill-defined role, competition, power struggle etc. are career related stressors.

Domestic: In everyone’s life there are unique stressful situations. In the everyday category, the biggest source of anxiety is relationships. The closer the relation, the worse stress will generally be felt. This is so particularly between spouses, parents and children. Stress from in-law’s side is equally worse. Moreover, dating adds lots of stress as well as “falling in love” causes stress resulting into health damage.

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