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Welcome to the world of good health of body mind and soul. Committed to integrated Health, Harmony and Happiness, Ethos Body and Mind Clinic (EBMC) is the Holistic Health & Wellness Clinic by Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma and Dr Anjali Sharma. It is one of the pioneers of Holistic Health & Wellness Movement around the world. Since 1994, EBMC has progressed as No 1 Holistic Health & Wellness Clinic based on scientific, effective and result oriented treatment. It is based on safe and natural therapies. EBMC is committed to the mission of good health & wellbeing.

Along with providing safe & effective treatment of physical diseases and psychological complaints, we strive to improve your health in holistic manner. We believe that Good Health is the most necessary component of a happy life. Therefore patient education is important part of our treatment plan. We offer Acupuncture, Acupressure, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Pain Management, De-addiction, Homeopathy, Yoga Meditation, Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitation, Dietetics & Nutrition, Lifestyle Management, Fitness & Weight Management and Holistic Wellness Management.

Dr.Anjali Sharma is Acupuncture Specialist, Wellness & Pain Management Consultant. Her sharp intellect and compassion makes her highly effective clinician. She gives personal attention to every individual and helps them in regaining health. She has played key role in developing the wellness and pain management programs at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic.

Pain Management & Rehabilitation : Pain has become a major cause of suffering today. Her acupuncture pain management program helps people with various kinds of painful sufferings. It relieves pain and works on underlying sickness. Pain free acupuncture is her specialty. Patients in great pain find relief in first session itself. It gives freedom from pain and a great new feeling to carry on with life with new energy. Some common conditions treated by her are – arthritis, backache (back pain), neuropathy, cervical spondylosis (neck pain), sciatica, slip disc or disc prolapse, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, bone spur, heel pain, knee pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, headache, migraine, sports injury, gym trauma etc.

Deaddiction : Her specialized acupuncture addiction treatment including ear acupuncture helps in overcoming various addictions. It helps in overcoming craving, relieving withdrawal symptoms of the abused substance and prevents relapses. She has helped many people in permanently getting rid of substance abuse & addictions like drug addictions, alcohol addictions, nicotine smoking addiction, tobacco chewing addiction etc. 

Infertility / Sterility : Her acupuncture treatment has proved a blessing for many childless couples. Her acupuncture treatment for infertility and sterility improves chances of natural conception. It has proved effective for both female causes of infertility and male causes of infertility or sterility. The treatment also supports in InVitro Fertilization IVF & Intra Uterine Insemination Treatment IUI. 

Disease Management : Her holistic disease management with acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, yoga and physical therapy has helped people in controlling their sickness and enjoy better health. Conditions successfully treated by her include Allergy, Diabetes Mellitus, Paralysis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Hypothyroidism, Asthma, Hypertension, Impotence, PE, Chronic Renal Failure, Parkinson’s Disease etc.

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Counseling : Counseling is a process that facilitates better personal and interpersonal understanding & functioning. It relates to issues of life from childhood to old age focusing on emotional, intellectual, social, vocational and health related development. It has following major components : Better understanding of self and world around. Less distress & better adjustment through more effective coping skills. Realization of self potential & better quality of life through more effective functioning.

Counseling provides a safe and free platform which allows you to discuss & explore yourself and your life in an atmosphere of privacy, trust, respect and warmth along with psychological expertise of counselor. It provides an opportunity to vent out your feelings, to explore your positive & negative aspects, to discuss problems and to explore better options without any threat of being judged or ridiculed. In short counseling helps in living a better life.

Psychotherapy : Psychotherapy is the process of non medicinal intervention by trained therapist (psychotherapist) to treat people suffering from mental illness or psychological disorders of thoughts / feelings / behavior and to help people in improving mental control & functioning for a better life. In short it is the therapy which helps to achieve sound & positive mental health. There are many methods / techniques which are used by psychotherapists today. (See types of psychotherapies) They have both diagnostic and therapeutic (curative) value. These therapies differ in origin, underlying principle, working methodology, professional training and usefulness in treating disorders.

Hypnotherapy : Hypnotherapy is type of psychotherapy in which a deep relaxed & focused state of mind is induced by the hypnotherapist. This state is called Trance. The state of trance is used for diagnosis and / or treatment of psychoemotional complaints. It can also be used for better mental health, better control over mind and better mental functioning. It is a powerful technique which can enable one to think, feel and act better. Hypnotherapy is a strong technique as it uses the enormous power of mind.

Homeopathy : Homeopathy is one of the most effective and popular holistic medicine. This healing system was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann of Germany. For more than 250 years it has successfully treated acute and chronic diseases and helped people all over the world to live in good health. According to WHO it is the second most popular system of medicine and is important for the target of ‘Health For All’. It is benefiting more than 500 million people around the world.

Fitness : Physical fitness is defined as the ability to perform physical activity at optimum level up to sufficient period of time. It varies according to age, gender and health status of person. It can be judged by – 1) Kind of activity 2) Duration of activity 3) Intensity of activity 4) Observed & felt effects on body. Fitness is the basic necessity for living. Poor fitness can affect working capacity, health, recreation, relationships and even day to day activities. Poor fitness takes away joy and zest of life.


Acupuncture : Acupuncture is the drugless treatment technique in which specific points (called trigger points / acu points) are stimulated to relieve pain or to treat various diseases / disorders. These acu points are situated on meridians along which Qi (Vital Energy) flows. Each point relates to specific body organ & function. Such stimulation results in free flow of vital energy which helps in better functioning of organs, treatment of disease and restoration of good health.

Clinical Acupuncture : Clinical Acupuncture, innovated and practiced by Dr Anjali Sharma, is the advanced acupuncture system which blends the benefits of Medical Acupuncture developed by western medical practioners and the Traditional Chinese Acupuncture which is in practice for thousands of years. It includes both ‘With Needle Acupuncture’ and ‘Needleless Acupuncture’.

Acupressure : Acupressure is a non invasive, drugless healing therapy which treats the sickness by removing the energy blocks and balancing the energy flow in the body by applying pressure on sickness specific points called ‘accupoints’.

Acupressure is a traditional therapy which is in practice for more than 2500 years. It has references in many traditional medicines like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. It was developed in many countries in different forms. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine everything in nature has two opposite aspects, namely Yin and Yang. In the human body a physiological balance and health is maintained through the mutual opposition of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are opposite but compliment each other.

In any excess or deficiency of either Yin or Yang, this balance is lost and the result is blocking of energy (also called qi) which is manifested as sickness. This interaction of Yin and Yang is not static but dynamic and progressive. All tissues and organs of body have and are constantly working under this mutual interaction of Yin and Yang.

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