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Based on true principles of Ayurveda we focus on treating "Acute and Chronic Joint Pains and Stress".As joint pains are categorized under lifestyle related problems, we design the treatments for individuals by Ayurvedic therapies, Balanced Ayurvedic Diet and Physical and Breathing Exercises.Since Ayurveda is an art of living in harmony with nature, we consider each individual holistically by looking into their physical, mental and spiritual needs.For healthy persons we have "rejuvenation programmes", too, for maintaining perfect health.

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Early days our food habits were simple as our life. We were much aware of the contents of each meal. Now its the time again to look forward to home made food. Nature itself shows how eating habits affects one's physical and mental attitudes.

According to Vedas, food should be prepared and served on time with proper taste, purity, quality, and feeling. Ayurveda has specific principles about eating habits. This is based on the physical and mental conditions of a person – it means it varies from person to person, the surrounding climate and geographical specification, the available vegetation around, the state of life like young or old, newly married or pregnant and suffering from different diseases.

So now it is obvious that there should be some awareness and guidance needed before planning a balanced diet, properly planned ayurvedic food is the exile of our long life.


Pulse Diagnosis - As a practical and clinical medical science, Ayurveda has its unique methodology of pulse diagnosis. Pulse is a subtle manifestation of universal consciousness pulsating through a person's constitution. By checking the pulse Lohre the experienced ayurvedic physician can access the imbalancing of Vata, Pitta and Kapha in individuals. This is the basic of identifying the sensitive organs in the body and prognosis of disease. From these informations the course of the treatments are decided, like nature and number of therapies needed, specialities in the diet to follow and also the suitable physical and breathing exercises needed.

Joint pains and Stress - The Joint pain and Stress are very much interrelated, this therapy sets much importance to reduce stress. Once the stress is less and the body feels relaxed, the intensity of the pain will also come down in most cases. Stress is the main object and it reflects in the body as pain. Each indvidual is different and its diseases too. We treat each people according to their diseases.

Traditional Ayurvedic Massage - All human beings need relaxation, nowadays people dont have time to relax. Traditional Ayurvedic Massage is based on the principle of Charkras. Chakras are the energy centres of the body. Balancing the energy through massage helps the people to relax, or to get into a deep sleep. This massage is very helpful for the people who suffer from insomnia, stress, nervousness, burnout syndrome, nervous breakdown etc. There are techniques which are very effective and the result is always successful. The patients who are having chronic joint pains are very tensed or nervous, most of them are affected by sleeping problem. Almost all of them need the help of sleeping pills, which will lead later into major psychological problems. Traditional Ayurvedic massage works on the energy level and help the patients to calm down. It improves the blood cirulation and makes you feel good, the body feel light, and happy.

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