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Jain Ayurvedic Udyog. - Hoshangabad

Before independence in the year 1940, A young man full of enthusiasm – Late vaidya Sh. kunjilal jain (who had great interest in the study of herbs) born in Pachamrhi, Madhya Pradesh, to establish the famous business house – JAIN AYURVEDIC UDYOG. The tradition of spreading good health had been continued by his son late vaidya Sh. kailash chandra jain (Ayurvedic ratan) through this business. The vision of the founder was to collect the best quality of herbs (jadi booti) from all over India especially from Pachmarhi and supply the same to a large pool of Medicine practitioner Vaidyas and patients who till then were not being able to get pure, natural and most importantly authentic herbs to cure the ill.

The seed sown 70 years back has now taken the form of a big tree by spreading its branches vastly today, as Ayurveda is gaining fame and popularity nationally and internationally in the modern time by helping the people recover from the incurable diseases and that too without side effects. Today the present Management members vaidya Sh. shailesh kumar jain and vaidya Sh. neelish kumar jain both the sons of Late vaidya Sh. kailash chandra jain are managing the entire business and path set by their founder members.

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Batantak oil
Massage of this oil shows its effect from first day on the gout pain, joints pain, knee pain, back pain, muscle pain paralysis agitans arthiritis rheuation, swelling, sciatica spondilitis & paralysis etc.
Batantak churna
Use of this medicine cures the ailments like gout pain, joints pain, knee pain, back pain, muscles pain arthiritis,rheuation, swelling, sciatica , spondilitis & paralysis etc.
Madhuharan churna
Use of this medicine reduces the sugar from blood & urine & also helps in production of insulin by the help of pancreas& reduces diabetic & urinal problems .
Faitlin churna
Use of this medicine reduces unnecessary fats, cholesterol & obesity without any side effects & makes body fit and attractive.
Keshrogantak oil
Use of this oil reduces falling of hairs baldness, early whitening & dandruft etc& make the hairs beautifull dense & shiny.
Keshrogantak churna
This powder reduces dandruff & insects from hair & makes the hair shiny & beautifull.
Gaishantak churna
This powder reduces gas, acidity, indigestion, constipation, belching, laziness, hyper acidity etc.

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Indigestion
  • Obesity
  • Sciatica

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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