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Tarika Ayurlabs Some time before 1991, while on a tour of the Indian countryside, we observed the village women using clay / mud from the village ponds and river beds to wash and clean their bodies. The women had remarkably beautiful and smooth skins. This opened our eyes to the wonderful qualities of clay and the bounties of Nature that lie around us.Thus commenced our passionate research into Ayurveda - the 5000 year old Indian science of natural living and healing.

This was the beginning of Ayurlabs India…Ayurlabs India was established in 1991. We researched into different types of clays to understand their therapeutic and beneficial qualities. Each type of clay had its unique quality which it absorbed from its surroundings. The clays in forest ponds were rich with the properties of the medicinal herbs that grew on the edge of the ponds.

In virgin forests and hilly areas of India, not inhabited by humans, and along the banks of flowing rivers, medicinal herbs and trees with curative properties grow freely. During the monsoon rains the ponds and water bodies in the forests and hills are fed with the rich herbal and mineral deposits that flow into them, enriching the pond and river bed clays with their therapeutic qualities. These clays are collected and used for Tarika and Mysteribath products.

They are first washed and dried in the sun - the natural sunlight plays an important role in many Ayurvedic preparations - it not only has a strong disinfectant and purifying quality, it also energises and enhances the quality of the herbs and minerals. The clays are further purified and enriched with extracts of chosen herbs. Finally, different combinations of Ayurvedic herbs are added to these clays to create Tarika and Mysteribath products.

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We at Ayurlabs India have attempted to imbibe this holistic knowledge of Ayurveda and bring it forward in our products. Our powders and oils reflect this knowledge. They are prepared with 100% pure vegetable oils, natural herbs and minerals and according to the traditional Ayurvedic recipes. They bring to modern life something of Nature and her bounteous gifts of purity, care and concern. Our products help to effectively harmonise and balance the doshas and provide natural healing and well-being - safely without side effects.


Tarika skin care: It is said beauty is skin deep. But you want that skin to look young, beautiful and healthy, because it is also true that a beautiful natural skin is a mirror of good health. Tarika products work not only to make your skin beautiful, but also to make it healthy. And it is all done naturally - without using any chemicals or artificial ingredients or additives.

Through continuous research and study of Ayurveda, we have formulated Tarika products, which, are a synergistic combination of chosen herbs and minerals that are effective as well as gentle and soothing for the skin. Tarika products work for your skin not only on the skin-surface but deeper in the epidermal layers to remove toxins that block the pores, to improve blood circulation so that the skin becomes healthy and regains its youthful look.

Health Care: Stress, fatigue, minor eruptions and irritations have become part of the modern life. Here are a few Tarika health-care tips to keep you healthy and youthful. Sunburns and related allergies, rashes - Add a few drops of Tarika Body Oil into a bowl or glass of water. Rub this solution lightly on the affected areas.

The skin will easily absorb the oil and the healing will begin. For better results add Tarika Body oil to a Mysteribath Herbomineral mud bath paste and apply it on the skin. One can directly apply the oil on the skin if the skin is not too sensitive. This treatment is good in preventing rashes and allergies.

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