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SAREEN HAIR CLINIC  was founded by Dr. S. SAREEN In 1980's, The Woman with burning ambition in her eyes to fulfil her dreams of serving people with Hair &Skin problems. Dr. S.Sareen,a woman obsessed with a passion for beauty and vision that knew no bounds,paved her way into the herbal world through the moving force and inspiration of her (Late) father-in-law Dr. S.Sareen researched on Herbs and Herbal Medicines. These medicines gave excellent results in curing hair problems and other disorders. And thus established “SAREEN HAIR CLINIC” a solution to all hair problems

Dr. S.Sareen is unique to the extent that she is perhaps the only woman in the world to use precious herbal extracts as a cure and answer to the human-need to acquire and preserve beauty .India has a large number and variety of precious herbs Dr. S. Sareen has utilized all these herbs into her range with perfection to challenge the problem of hair for which her unique ideas have proved successful. Dr.S.Sareen chain of clinics has a wide range of customers from men, women and children and each one these customers are given individual attention under the vigilance of Dr. S. Sareen and trained Experts

The entire work force of Dr. S. Sareen’s Hair Clinic comprises of Hair Consultants, Marketing Staff, Therapists & Researchers. They all work with combined effort to enhance their position in the new competitive market of Hair Treatments.The drive that has made Sareen Hair Clinic a renowned and successful name is because of the satisfaction to her customers which is her aim of satisfaction and commitment to quality for customers. This philosophy has placed her name in the Global Market. Each customers in Dr. S. Sareen’s Chain of Clinics is given individual attention to serve the purpose by qualified experts that are put to the job.

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Hair Regrowth: Hair loss is an issue that worries most of the people. Hair loss is very common and can develop due to various reasons like hormonal imbalance or psychological stress. Most people lose themselves in search for a long term solution to hair loss. If you are really in search of the best solution, Sareen Hair Clinic would be the apt choice for you. We provide a wide range of treatments for hair loss issue. Sareen Hair Clinic has exclusive hair care products made by Dr S Sareen after years of in depth research. She had spent quite many years in the field of Indian Multiple Herbal Ayurvedic Science Treatment to create medicines that can meet the special requirements of patients. She had developed products that are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the hair and scalp. All our products are tested and approved by the Govt. recognised laboratories. It has also marked effective by hundreds of patients who have already used them.


Skin Treatments: The skin is made up of two layers- the epidermis and dermis. Epidermis if the outer layer and the underneath layer is called dermis. The skin works a lot to protect the body from the environment. It detects and fight against infections. The skin is the largest and most complex part of the body. The skin has oil glands, hair follicles, nerves, blood vessels and sweat glands in it.

Caring the skin will help the skin to enhance its activities. Still, having a perfect skin may not be possible for many people. There are various skin disorders which may affect people at any point in their lifetime. Acne is one of the most common issues among them. Acne: The skin has tiny holes on it, which known as the pores. Exposure to oil, dirt and bacteria may cause blockage of these pores. As a result, the individual may develop a pimple. This develops into acne, when this process affects the person repeatedly.

Acne is not a life-threatening condition. The most irritating thing about acne is that, it appears on the face and destroys the beauty. The solution: As we understand acne is a common problem faced by both men and women, Sareen Clinic is to suggest the best possible solutions for it. In olden days, doctors used chemical peels and dermabrasion to treat acne. Even though, clinics still offer these treatments, they have lost the prominence among people, being very painful.

Laser acne surgery is comparatively a new procedure which can give painless solution for acne. Laser works very effectively by clearing up the skin deeply. Lasers are considered to be one of the most effective and preferred treatment options for acne. Weight Management: Weight management is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to maintain the healthy weight in order to avoid further complications and health issues.

Obesity or overweight due to uncontrolled and poor eating habit will lead an individual towards different health risks. Weight management does not mean fasting all the time. Weight management indicates a healthy eating habit, including all the necessary food items and avoiding junk foods that cause bad impact on health. Surgical Hair Transplant: Sareen Hair Clinic is one of the pioneers in hair transplant treatments with an experience of over 35 years.

We provide high standard treatments by considering the varying requirements of the clients. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated medical professionals who work their best to give the perfect output. Their deep knowledge and experience helps us to impart excellent services to our clients. Hair loss and balding have now become a very common problem among people. The new technological interventions have brought permanent solutions to treat hair loss and balding.

Hair transplant is one of the best techniques for hair loss and balding. An individual can choose surgical or non-surgical method as per the directions of the doctor. Among them, the surgical transplant is believed to be the most effective treatment option. In this surgical process, the hair follicles are moved from the donor site to the recipient areas. The procedure will bring long term and permanent solutions for people suffering from hair loss and baldness.

Dietitics: The study of relationship between health and nutrition is called dietetics. A dietitian applies his/her knowledge about nutrition and health by prescribing proper diet and healthy eating habit to people. A dietitian can only prescribe the right diet for people affected by certain medical conditions. This field of medical science has various applications such as clinical treatment, community outreach and research.

A registered dietitian can only translate the science of nutrition to people. The main aim of dietetics is to prevent the society from nutrition related issues. Dietetics stands for the well-being of individuals and communities in the society. A dietitian will be able to find the responses of the body to different types of food that one consume. A dietitian will also be able to treat people with eating disorders, psychological disorders, and cancers. A healthy diet is necessary for a healthy life. Dietetics and dietitians have become the need-of-the hour, due to modern lifestyle changes.

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