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Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicines and Surgery", Dr. Manju Singh (B.A.M.S) and 'Doctore of Medicine'(M.D) from (O.I.U.C.M) in 2003, is well known specialist in Ayurveda. After Completing her degree in 1994, She started practicing as a Doctor and has treated lot of people for obesity, gynecological disorders like Breast Development, Breast Sagging, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Disorders, Menopausal Symptoms and many more.

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Psoriasis is a noncontagious skin condition that produces red, dry plaques of thickened skin. Psoriasis treatment is best achieved by correcting immunity. We are offering our clients with wide range of Ayurvedic Psoriasis and Eczema Treatment services. Psoriasis and Eczema are chronic skin diseases in which the skin gets red and scaly rashes.

In severe conditions, these scaly patches may become moist and even ooze out. Both these diseases, Psoriasis and Eczema may happen together, as both of them are caused due to dysregulation of immune system. Our ayurvedic treatment clinic for Psoriasis and Eczema Delhi provides natural therapies and zero side-effect. By using all ayurvedic and herbal techniques, we have been able to cure chronic skin conditions with the help of our Psoriasis and Eczema ayurvedic treatment services in Delhi and all over India.

we provide treatment in the form of cream, oils and oral intake. Many of our Indian and overseas patients have been treated successfully with the help of our highly efficient ayurvedic treatments for Psoriasis and Eczema. Leucoderma is not a medical term. It is only a substitute name for vitiligo. Vitiligo is a more common name for this disease in the west where as in Asia leucoderma is used more.

Under the supervision of our experts, we offer our clients with Ayurvedic Leucoderma Treatment services. Leucoderma is the acquired skin de-pigmentation disease and is very common these days. It consist rural application and oral intake. It is basically called White Skin disease, as the skin starts losing its melanin pigment from the dermal layers, resulting into lighter skin. There are many reasons of Leucoderma including vitamin deficiencies, allergies and even genetic reasons.

We provide effective ayurvedic treatment for Leucoderma at our ayurvedic treatment clinic in Delhi. Our ranges of Leucoderma treatment services in Delhi are highly effective and help you get rid of this mental distressing disease. At our Leucoderma ayurvedic treatment clinic in India, we diagnose each of our suffering patients and suggest personalized remedies depending upon the disease condition. Our highly reliable ayurvedic treatment for Leucoderma is efficient enough to cure the problem to a great extent.

Hairloss: It is normal to lose between 50-100 hairs a day, this is part of the hair renewal process. However most people suffer from excessive hair loss at one time in their life. There are many reasons for this including medication, radiation, chemotherapy, exposure to chemicals, hormonal and nutritional factors, thyroid disease, generalized or local skin disease, and stress. We provide highly effective ayurvedic treatment for falling of hair at our ayurvedic clinic New Delhi. We at our falling of hair ayurvedic treatment clinic, provide plant sources medicines to our patients in the form of oil, cream and oral intake.

Our Ayurvedic treatment center at Delhi is highly specialized in providing treatment for hair loss.we provide treatment in the form of oil, cream and oral medications. Our array of falling of hair ayurvedic treatment services protects the scalp skin from infections. Our falling of hair treatment clinic India treatments are safe and effective for all ages of men, women and children. We offer our clinets these Ayurvedic Hair Fall Treatment at very effective prices.

A pimple, zit or spot is a kind of acne, and one of the many results of excess oil getting trapped in the pores. We hold expertise in offering our clients with Ayurvedic Pimples Treatment and Ayurvedic Acne Treatment. Pimples and acne are one of the most common skin problems found in teen-agers and even people of other age-groups. We provide pimples and acne treatment in India for different skin types.

Our pimples and acne treatment services are renowned not only in India, but in foreign countries as well. Our pimples and acne treatment clinic is located at a prominent location in the capital city of India, that is, New Delhi, which is easily accessible from any part of the country. Due to increased pollution, changing lifestyles and a variety of chemotherapies, tendency to contract skin diseases has also increased.

Our pimple and acne treatment clinic Delhi offers multiple treatments for curing pimples and acne problems with complete satisfaction and assurance.The treatment can be done in the form of face pack and oral medicine. Our highly efficient pimples and acne ayurvedic treatment completely cures the problem without leaving any scars on the dermal layer. For Women, Breast is the most beautiful part of the body which gives shape to their feminine looks.

They care this part of body in a very attentive manner. Hence this part is beautiful, it also develops certain diseases. Other than diseases, if breast is not looking tonned or is not uplifted then reduces the sexual desire in males. we work on a very confidential pattern to increase the bust line, to tone-up the breast and to make you look beautiful in all ages. Some times droopiness of breast is common legacy during pregnancy or in motherhood, which decreases the bust line and the shape of breast.

We provide Ayurvedic Breast Development Treatment services to our patients in Delhi. Our range of treatment does not include usage of any harmful chemicals. In fact we endow all of our patients with ayurvedic treatment for breast development. We offer natural therapies and techniques to naturally increase the bosom size. We offer cost effective solutions and ayurvedic treatment for breast development in Delhi.

We have won many accolades from our Indian as well as foreign clientele for our successful results obtained from ayurvedic treatment for breast development in India. The treatment provided in form of oil, cream, local and oral medication. Kindly visit our Ayurvedic Breast Development Treatment clinic Delhi for all your related problems.

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