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Seven Ayurveda Care - Kothrud

Seven Ayurveda Care is a registered Ayurveda clinic, founded by eminent Ayurvedic practitioners, Dr. Shweta Labde and Dr. Archana Halande. Established in October 2013, we aim to render effective cure for various diseases with authentic Ayurvedic medicines and curative – rejuvenating Panchakarma therapies for people in all walks of society. At Seven Ayurveda Care, we make every effort to ease all your health troubles, and make the treatment process more convenient & efficient, by providing best of the consulting, comfort  and treatment modalities to our patients.
The clinic is exclusively designed keeping in mind patient’s comfort with facilities like spacious waiting area, separate medicine dispensing unit and two comfortable consulting cabins. There is a specially designed well-equipped panchakarma room where all the authentic panchakarma therapies are performed according to specifications of the patient. Music therapy is also incorporated which serves an additive healing touch and a relaxing ambiance.
A special room is designed for Garbhasanskar workshops and an another room for all the gynecology procedures. At Seven Ayurveda Care, we do care to ease all your health troubles, Genesis problems(infertility), Paediatric care, Garbha sanskar, Height consultation, Joint care, Suvarna prashan and lot more, thus making your life ‘Perfectly Complete’ just like the number SEVEN.

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Additional Information

Child Care: A healthy & a smart child is what every parent aspires. Child is not only the future of family, but the nation. Healthy youth can build a road to success for the country. Child care at our clinic is not limited to weight gain, or cold, cough and fever issues. We’ve stretched our horizons from regular complaints to mental development, achievement of regular milestones with an extra smart touch.

Ayurveda has many remedies and interesting facts in its treasure box. Child care for us is: Newly born babies, Feeding issues, Diet counselling. SUVARNA PRASHAN – A boon for every child (A non-injectible immunity booster & brain tonic), General health problems, Height consultation & its treatment, Bed wetting, Teething problems, Psychological counselling, Treatment for worms. Enhancing and promoting mental growth i.e. intellect, concentration,grasping,etc.

Bed wetting: Bed wetting is one of the common complaint among small children, but at times the problem may persist for longer duration even upto the age of 16yrs. The child passes urine unknowingly 2-3 times when asleep, also leading to unhygienic conditions, repeated cold, cough, skin diseases and urine infection. This unpleasant and unhygienic condition is not only embarrassing for the child but also the parents. Also the condition may hamper self confidence of your child. Diet Consultation. Considering dietary habits in a child, every child passes through three stages as per Ayurveda -

Kshiraada – the baby feeds only on breast milk or at times other milk supplements.Kshira-annaada – the baby is primarily fed on milk, but dietary supplements like, gruel, kheer, juices, etc are introduced in small quantity. Annaada – The child is fed on a complete diet which can include roti, rice, vegetables, dal, soups, etc. These changes are brought into baby’s diet gradually taking into account his age, health issues, digestive capacity, teething phase, etc. At Seven we guide mothers about proper way of introducing heathy foods and preparations to the child according to his prakriti, feeding pattern and do’s and dont’s about the same.

General health care & immunity boosting: With growing risk of various new infections like swine flu, dengue, rotavirus, chikungunya, etc.; increased pollution, and overuse of harmful pesticides, our immune system fails to combat with day by day worsening conditions. Parents are left with an option of immunizing kids against these various illness. The child tends to fall ill very often with complaints like fever, cold, cough, diarrhoea, etc. treating these complaints with antibiotics is not always beneficial. Recurrent use of antibiotics can have an adverse effects on liver and ultimately affect digestion, leading to diminished appetite, worms, anemia and under nutrition.


Panchakarma: Panchakarma is an effective and miraculous Ayurvedic treatment modality which detoxifies the body. Body undergoes metabolism continuously through which waste products (toxins) are formed, these toxins are known as ‘Aam’ . This aam is the root cause of various diseases. Panchakarma procedure removes this Aam from our body in efficient way without any adverse effects on body. ‘Pancha’ – means Five and ’Karma’ – means Actions/Therapies. These are all shodhan (cleansing of vitiated doshas and bringing them to normalcy) therapies. Panchakarma consists of five major therapies namely

Joint care: According to Ayurveda, Joint pain is mostly caused by the aggravation of vata dosha. The root cause for the same can be very different and so are their treatments. Joint pain may manifest in various ways like swollen joints in particular part of the body or all joints of the body. At times there may not be any swelling but immense pain followed by joint movement, whereas in other cases pain and swelling may reduce after movement, as in Amavata.

Joint pain may even be limited to specific joint as backache, lower backache, painful knee joints, problems with intervertebral disc, spondylitis, etc. All these conditions are basically classified into two types 1) Degenerative changes (Dhatukshayjanya) 2)Avrodhaatmak (Ama or rakta dushti janya) and these conditions need to be treated in exactly opposite way.

Degenerative types can be like Sandhigata vata, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, Cervical spondylitis, or a result of heavy work or past injury; on the contrary Avrodhatmak Vata vyadhi or Amavata (commonly called as Rheumatic arthritis), Gout, etc which according to Ayurveda has its roots due to excess leisure, or indigestion of foods due to wrong lifestyle which converts the food into toxins referred as ‘Aama’.

At Seven, We first classify the type of joint pain, and accordingly prescribe medicines and local therapies like Janu basti, Pinda sweda, patra pottali, Basti therapy, etc.Infertility: Inability of a woman to conceive or a man to induce conception after one year of regular sexual intercourse without any contraceptive measures or retaining the foetus till the birth is termed as Infertility. The problem may be with the male or female partner, or both.

Although many a times only female is held responsible, it is important to know that both man and woman are equally responsible for conception, as conception occurs only after the union of a healthy male sperm and equally efficient female ovum. Infertility in general can be classified as Male infertility, Female infertility. Garbhasanskar: Garbha’ is the foetus and ‘Sanskaar’ is the ritual performed for welcoming the arrival of the most awaited family member – The BABY. It is the preparation of both the would be parents, especially the mother who nurtures the baby in her womb for the upcoming desired course of time.

We plan our Birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, our finances, travels and lot many things, then why miss an opportunity to plan our baby which is the most wonderful and divine blessing of our life. With this facility we can design and modify our physical and mental needs and activities, our work schedules, plan our diet, exercises, lifestyle and thus bestow upon health, intelligence, devotion, moral values, valor, courage, energy and elegance in the offspring.

The procedure starts almost 3-4 months prior to conception. A planned pregnancy is always superior in all aspects to an unscheduled one.Thus Garbha sanskaar is the process of developing the course of childbirth into the most cherishable and momentous experience. We, here at Seven Ayurveda Care serve you an opportunity to live this magnificent experience.

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