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Mother Nature has given us with bounties of herbs, shrubs, plants, creepers etc. Many of these plants have a high index of curative powers and effectively cure many of the diseases and ailments of ours. Now in today’s changed scenario when the western world and the developed countries are baffled with the ill or side effects of synthetic and inorganic molecular drugs, many of us have realized the importance of herbal products in curing ailments & diseases.
Here in India, it was Sukla Dass, an Internationally renowned herbal researcher and consultant, who relentlessly preach the importance of herbal products in curing ailments & diseases. In order to reach out to the masses she along with some like mined individuals in the year 1988 formed Sukla’s Vesaj Suraksha, an establishment which provides a holistic approach in curing diseases & aliments by using herbal & ayurvedic methods. Many registered ayurvedic doctors (Ayurvedacharya) with degrees in Ayurvedic Medicines from Calcutta University (under CCIM, New Delhi) are also associated with us.

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Herbal Extracts have been created by our ancestors who originally crafted extracts by batching plant material with water, liquid herbal extracts. The main advantages of herbal extracts are their ability to preserve the active constituents & their long shelf life. Our products are a perfect of blend of ancient Indian knowledge of age old herbal remedies & recipes practiced for more than thousands of years with present day’s technology designed for contemporary living.
Our herbal products are made from select herbs that are rich in medicinal qualities. The products are made from naturally grown plants & herbs which are procured by good agricultural practices from various zones of India. All herbs are scientifically identified & standardized packed so as to conserve active constituents of desired elements of the plants. Special care is taken to ensure that their purity is not lost.


Sukla's Vesaj Suraksha is an Internationally renowned Ayurvedic Skin and Hair Treatment Clinic since 1986 and has been Highly Appreciated by Leading Newspapers and Magazines across India. They say its unbelievable but we say its believable. All you need to do is just visit us, experience our treatment and see the wonders working on you within 7 days... Hair loss or baldness (technically known as Alopecia is a loss of hair from the head or body. Baldness can refer to a general hair loss, or specific patterns associated such as with male pattern baldness.
Extreme forms of Alopecia Areata are Alopecia Totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, and the most extreme form, Alopecia Universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body. Alopecia can have many causes, including fungal infection (Tinea Capitis), traumatic damage, such as by compulsive pulling (Trichotillomania), as a result of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and as a result of nutritional deficiencies such as iron, and as a result of autoimmune phenomena, including Alopecia Areata and hair loss associated with systemic lupus erythematosus.
Whatever be the cause of your Alopecia, here at Sukla's Vesaj Suraksha we treat hair loss by using all herbal / Ayurvedic methods. No harmful chemicals or toxic substances are used anywhere during the treatment method. Based on your state of Alopecia and your medical status we develop medicines to create the most and ultimate effect. Moreover our treatment causes no side effects. Vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation of sections of skin. It occurs when melanocytes, the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die or are unable to function. The cause of vitiligo is unknown, but research suggests that it may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, neural, or viral causes. The incidence worldwide is less than 1%.
The most common form is non-segmental vitiligo, which tends to appear in symmetric patches, sometimes over large areas of the body. There are a number of treatments for Vitiligo. Treatment options generally fall into several categories. Without going into more details on other methods of treatment let us discuss the Herbal / Ayurvedic method of treatment that we do here at Sukla's Vesaj Suraksha.
Our Vitiligo treatment is a revolutionary treatment for the people who are suffering from Vitiligo or Leucoderma that incorporates natural herbal extracts. Natural products are not hazardous in any case and hence reassures no harmful offshoot. Our treatment provides permanent and enduring results, unlike others where de-pigmentation follows provisional re-pigmentation. Our Vitiligo treatment history not only prevails to several years but it has been an authentic treatment to patients for near about three decades.

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