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P.O.Box:16, Lambhvel-Bakrol Road, Near Vinukaka marg, Vallabh Vidyanagar , Anand- 388 120
Gujarat , India  India
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Vitthalbhai Ambalal Munshi Nature Cure Centre - Anand

Vitthalbhai Ambalal Munshi Nature Cure Centre was established by Late Shri Vitthalbhai Ambalal Patel, in the year 1980, in the memory of his father Late Shri Ambalal K. Patel (MUNSHI). Anoopam Mission manages Vitthalbhai Ambalal Munshi Nature Cure Centre jointly with Ambalal Munshi Foundation. It is a tribute to the work of Late Shri Vitthalbhai Patel and Late Smt. Sushilaben Patel.

They both were dedicated to the world of Naturopathy and cherished a dream to serve the society by way of an alternative system of medicine, which is now carried out by Anoopam Mission as a part of its health programme.The campus of V.A.Munshi Nature Cure Centre is situated in serene 6-acre land, surrounded by greenery to support the holistic health care system. The Pyramid in the campus adds positive vibrations to the surroundings & enhances the process of curing through naturopathy & yoga. Health seekers, not only from India, but also from other countries, are attracted to this centre.

The centre is situated at VALLABHVIDYANAGAR about 4 Km. from ANAND Railway Station. The nearest Airport is at VADODARA.The distance between ANAND-VADODARA is 35 Km. International flights also land at AHMEDABAD which is 85 Km.from ANAND. Anyone can reach ANAND either from AHMEDABAD or VADODARA by RAIL or ROAD. From ANAND one can take a Rikshaw to the centre.

Additional Information

Ever since Man drew breath on this planet, he has been preyed upon, principally, by one opposing force of Nature: Disease. To the extent that the life span among individuals in all nations, is not evenly quantified. Some enjoy good health and longevity; others, like the flowers in the desert, bloom but once and die. And a great many, merely exist, impatiently, in their disease-riddled bodies.

But to enjoy good health with pursuit of happiness, is an attribute of Nature, "Health is my Birth right" for everyone. And this attribute-"Birth right", is the sole concept of the V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre.

The V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre - a revolutionary holistic modality, hinges on macrobiotic codes of practice as it labours relentlessly searching into Nature in its endeavour to liberate Man from the slough of anarchy into which disastrous diseases have put him. At V A Munshi Nature Cure Centre, One will be reborn. One's ageing process reversed so that, at all times and in all seasons, One shall enjoy perpetual youth with a share in the exquisite beauty of nature.

How are these possible, you may wonder. We accomplish these through a system of graded programmes which form the focus in our holistic doctrine of 'Triology'. For we believe that there are three dimensions to each individual: The Physical Aspect - the body. The Mental Aspect - the mind and The Spiritual Aspect in relation to the individual's environment.


This website aims to explplain about NATUROPATHY & YOGA. Natural healing remedies can be found in all corners of the earth, as from time unknown, mankind has depended on nature to help heal the mind and spirit. The advent of modern medicine has taken the attention away from natural healing remedies, but the latter is still practiced and considered a better option by many.

With NATUROPATHY, we know what we are doing to our system. As for prescription or over the counter drugs, to counter that occasional headache, migraine or bodily ache or pain, there is still some uncertainty attached, unlike for the Naturopathy. In the short term, drugs may alleviate the pain but what long term effect the chemical substances have on the body is yet generally unknown. So rather then subject ourself to that mental torture and uncertainty, going the NATUROPATHY way is certainly more sensible and less stressful.

There are two roads to achieving this balance, the first via the aid of medication, drugs and other artificial means. The other is using all NATURAL HEALING remedies and methods.The former is very common and well used, whilst the NATURAL HEALING way, which is also known as NATUROPATHY, is a little more unknown. Personally, our first instinct is to look to NATURAL HEALING remedies first, should our body or spirit be in need of healing or nurturing.

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Treatments For:

  • Bronchitis
  • Migraine
  • Psoriasis
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin Diseases

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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