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Established in 1994. For several years, many patients have  availed naturopathy treatment free of cost.Initially started at Bakarsha’s Wadi at  Pirana, Ahmedabad. Then at Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad. Here also a large number of patients took naturopathy consultations and  treatment. In 1994 itself, at Sabarmati Jail, Ahmedabad, imparted Habits, Diet & Yoga training in an innovative and easy way to a batch of forty prisoners  for three months while they were serving life sentence.
In 2000, a centre for free naturopathy treatment was run at Preksha Vishwa Bharati Kendra ( a Jain institution) for some time where a large number of patients had benefited.From July 2011 to December 2011, several villages in Kapadwanj Taluka were provided free treatment through Nihar Charitable Trust. Be it Nihar Arogya Mandir or Nihar Charitable Trust,  non affording patients have always received free treatment ( or have paid a lower fee) and this shall continue in future also.For first two years, the treatment was provided almost at free of cost level. But free treatment has its dangers.
It is die-hard  human nature  that free services are never taken seriously and some people even make fun of it. So, some practical re-packaging was called for.As the human nature is, the new packaging was accepted quickly and seems to work far better.Several booklets published by Nihar have been freely distributed ( rather than being sold) and this has made it possible for the booklets and ANUPAN to reach more than 5,00,000 Gujarati  readers.For past one year, every day morning for ten minutes , about 30,00,000 TV viewers in Gujarat, tune in to GTPL Movie Channel and are able to benefit from the naturopathy talks by Mukesh Patel
Nihar Arogya Mandir has a mission : To scientifically treat the patients without medicines by naturopathy and cure them quickly and in way that helps them remain healthy thereafter.This therapy is as old as our human body. If some one feels that human body is too ancient and needs to be scrapped, he alone would venture to oppose Naturopathy.Any soul that resides in and respects the human body – the greatest gift that one can receive – he must have knowingly or unknowingly resorted to naturopathy sometime or another in his life time – and benefited.
Our body is formed by five natural elements and  is going to dissolve again into them when our soul departs from it.  It is our responsibility to return this body to Mother Nature  in as good a condition as we received it at birth. Exactly like when we use and return some body’s borrowed car or two-wheeler.Same way, please look after this great human body responsibly, even for your own selfish interest, and pray to the God or Mother Nature when you breath last: "Thank You Almighty. Here is the gift you kindly gave me. I am returning it nearly in tact”
Live in harmony with Mother Nature. Live lightly. Do not carry yourself heavily. Live without much of calculations and scheming. Live with the science of Mother Nature. Live just for today. Every night, sleep as though you are no more. Every morning, wake up as a newly born person.

Additional Information

Natural Treatment Or Naturopathy Or Nature Cure Is A Methodical And Scientific System For Maintaining Health Or Recovering From Lost Health Due To Sickness. After Implementing Suitable Changes In Life-Style With The Aid Of Breathing Exercises,Fruits And With The Aid Of Innocent As Well As Natural Medication. The Basic Principle Of This System Rests On The Five Elements Of Nature I.E. Fire,Clay,Water Air And Space. Which Are The Remedies Of Our Health Hazards. According To The Facts Of The World History,No Country Of The World Has Achieved Which Naturopathy Has Been Able To Achieve. It Is, Therefore, Not Only A Science But An Exact Science Of Health. 
Naturopathy Is As Old As Mankind.Rigved Is Considered To Be The Oldest Document On Earth In Which Information Regarding Treatment By Nature Is Given In Short Yet Clear Words. Other Documents Also Make A Mention About Treatment By Water And Air,Scientific Base Of Fasting And Diet. In Ved Also Mention Has Been Made At Several Places Praising The Treatment With Water. The System Of 'Surya-Namaskar' Must Have Been Started By Persons Aware Of The Beneficial Results Of Treatment By Sun-Rays. The Treatment Of Diabetes As Suggested By Ancient Indian Ayurved Master 'Charak' Is Also The Treatment By Nature.Greeks And Romans Possessed Good Knowledge Of Naturopathy.Hyppocrates Had Unswering Faith In Naturopathy. 
Naturopathy Is Revolutionary. It Daringly Declares That The Whole Modern Medication System From Top To Bottom, Is A Myth. Naturopathy Believes That The World Sustains On A Definite Regulation; Whereas The Medication System Believes That The World Sustains On Providence. Again,Naturopathy Clearly States That To Fall Ill Or To Remain Healthy Is In Our Hands; Whereas The Medication System Believes That Disease Is An Accident. The Beginning Of Natural Treatment Of Modern Age Or Naturopathy Originated In Germany. A Mega Force Of Nature Started And It Seemed That Some Unknown Mysterious Factor Was Dragging The Persons Of Different Fields Towards Naturopathy. Father Kanipe Was A Priest(Father), Precinitz Was A Farmer,Lui Kunhe Was A Weaver And Adolf Just Was Merely A Teacher.So After Considerable Penance Of Many Such Persons-- Say ,Modern Rishis(Live Life For Mankind) That This Treatment By Nature Or Naturopathy Became Available To Modern Humanity.


Today, our body does not get vitamins because of junk food [junk means decay and besides that free radicals are increasing inside body. Also, there are effects of chemicals and additives of junk food on digestion system. Body does not get vitamins and minerals, whatever vitamins are got, cannot absorb properly, after that immunity is decreasing gradually. At last it converts into cancer. There are no germs in the disease of cancer. Cancer happens due to uncontrolled addiction. 
The person, who has addiction in controlled manner, gets affected minimum of its side effects. Several people are there who are regularly doing addiction but have lived for 100 years. People having potato vegetable in their food everyday have died in heart attack! Unlimited potatoes or unlimited drinking water can also damage our body. There are  7 vertebras in our neck, 12 in back and 5 in waist. There are total 24 vertebras and after that coccyx(tail  bone) , which can be called solid spring vertebra. The first effect of tension or stress is got on neck vertebras because when there is stress, the nerves passing through vertebras become hard. When we do any work, these hard nerves are getting stretched.
It is necessary to straight our hand from wrist while doing work with computer, driving car or riding bike. Along with that work should also be done lightly. Our whole body gets message of lightness by taking slow - deep breathing, whenever we remember during day time. Spinal cord is continuously joined with brain. Whenever we do meditation or deep breathing then immediately brain starts to flow current of lightness and peace in spinal cord. So many tiny joints connected with cervical vertebra starts relaxing.Pancreas is connected with our mind. Whenever tension is increased, secretion of insulin is decreased immediately. Sweetness is the last reason for having diabetes. Fundamental causes of diabetes are different. .
Not only pancreas but other endocrine glands also become weak, due to kitchen heredity, habit of fast eating, habit of late sleeping and sleeping stress etc. Kitchen heredity means getting wrong habits of diet by child from its parents. Little child tries to walk like its father innocently. The child adopts bad habits of diet from parents unknowingly. Heredity of junk food, fried food, over salty food, late sleeping and laziness is more responsible for the diseases like diabetes, obesity and blood pressure. When any trouble arises in our body, brain is working sitting on top in our body. When any difficulties arise in brain, nature removes it sitting above all of us. When headache happens, it could require rest, isolation or lightness. Our brain is connected with universe.
There are many types of headache. Generally people having “pitta” nature get more difficulties of headache. When people with such nature go outside in sunlight, with changes in their mealtime, if late sleeping occurs or fermented or fried food is taken in meal, headache occurs due to upward lifting of “pitta”. They get peace with vomiting. In many cases lightness is also got by tying head and sleeping. There is another brain required to repair brain. Nature means super brain beyond brain. If you surrender to brain means operation is surely going to occur.
Today difficulties like knee problem and frozen shoulder have become common due to changing lifestyle. There are no germs in any types of arthritis. When there are no germs then how come there be matter of infection? To whom will you kill, with which medicine? and revitalisation is a nature’s cycle ? comes with rising of age because we live non-natural life. If our living becomes natural then it redevelops afterThat means if some joints have then it becomes strong again. of joints may not repair completely but its surrounding portion becomes strong and carry weights of joints on itself.
When food is not digested in body, free radicals are made from it. Free radicals mean indigested or relieved toxic matter at the end of digestion. Such free radicals spoil knee first of all. If its properties are increased then it also spoils other joints of body. Digestion is improved with exercise. Free radicals are made less with improvement in digestion. “The place of mind is in heart”, it is said in world’s oldest Indian mythological books. The effect of our thoughts is directly done on the activity of heart. Otherwise, according to body science, heart is beating continuously and doing its work. We have seen a case like: sometimes brain is ruined then also beating of heart is working. In such case, because mind is not there, life is continuing without life, blood is circulating in empty box.
Walking exercise is proved best beneficial for heart patients. By walking outside home, mind comes to alpha level and beats become regular. If walking is done under tree, we get benefits of its vibrations. Our mind becomes joyful with trees, herbs and other natural beauty. We come into tension, when our heart trouble starts. Gout is one type of gas disease. The patient gets unbearable pain with increase of Uric Acid in body. The history of gout is 4000 years old. Gout word has come from “Gutta” word used among ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek people. “Gutta” means drop. Generally the people who are having less physical work, fond of more eating-drinking are having more possibilities of gout. Normally women are having gout after stopping of menstruation; otherwise possibility of gout is less.
When protein [milk, grains, dry fruits etc.] is not digested properly in body, then Uric Acid is made from them. Additional Uric Acid creates pain by mixing up with blood. The substance named Purine is released at the end of digestion from the food what we take daily. Uric acid is made from breaking of Purine. This Uric acid goes to kidney through blood. Kidney is throwing Uric Acid [made from Purine] from body through urine.
The name of secretion from thyroid gland is thyroxin. It is also known as “Summer Hormone”. The main work of this secretion is to increase use of Oxygen. Digestion is improved when use of Oxygen is increased. Digestion of protein is done properly; absorption of vitamins is also done properly. The secretion of thyroid is necessary for development and grows of body. Digestion of our fundamental main diet carbohydrate, protein and fat is connected with thyroid gland. Body temperature is also connected with this gland. There are so many big-small tips of nature cure that sun of health will raise in your life.
It is fixed that illness of thyroid is not a small illness. Before baby birth, during nine months, its mother should take care, so that very fatty baby does not take birth. After baby birth, its future is in the hands of total 6 people, its mother-father, grandfather- grandmother and maternal parents. These 6 people in the name of love-affection make baby eat things which are not required to eat. So that only, body of baby becomes fat and weak. Such love-affection makes their baby an instrument of joke in future. Don’t do crash diet for weight reduction. The more speed it decreases, it will increase with more pace. You will reach to more weight than original weight. If you try to reduce weight by putting machine on stomach then sometimes by lowering intestines, you may become victim of hernia disease. 
In case of women, incidence of uterus lowering is also happened. Currently the cases of infertility have increased. And two major factors are stress and the non-natural lifestyle. Increase in stress affects the pituitary gland in our brain. This gland is responsible for the prolactin secretion. In a women’s body, if there is increase in this secretion its quantity increases in the blood. This disturbs the menstruation cycle and reduces the chances of pregnancy. If prolactin secretion level increases in a male’s body he can suffer from Azopermia and chances of becoming impotent increases. The pituitary gland can be made strong by taking the help of natural treatment. If there is tumour in the pituitary gland it can be cured without surgery with the help of Indian Yogshastra.
Infertility can be caused due to genetic reasons, tobacco intake or due to overweight or underweight in women. The conclusion is that stress is the root cause of this problem. Stress affects the brain as well as the sexual organs. Living a lifestyle which is contrary to the natural cycle causes the glands to lose their rhythm. According to body science skin is connected with our liver. When any trouble occurs in liver then its effect is seen on skin. Liver means laboratory inside our body and with that digestion oven. The most important work of food digestion is also connected with liver and liver also does the work to keep eye for every intake inside body. Liver catches immediately the slight infection of water or food and keep tries to evade us.
In fact eyes are window to see, we see with brain only. We see by optic nerve connecting eyes to brain. Eyes require regular coolness, exercise and vitamins. There are two types of cells in eyes. Corns and Rhodes. Rhodes converts light into black and white. And corns convert light coming on eyes into colour. Rhodes helps us to see at night. But in non-natural light; means to work in closed room under light or working up to late night, eyes become weak gradually.
Most of animals, birds can see the world in black and white only.
Brain neurons and hairs of head are being vanished every day. Hairs are grown: but neurons are not made as so. Every day there is hair falling of 25 to 50 hairs from heads of all of us. There is already load of study on kid’s mind from small age only in today’s competitive era. With that, additional stress is also produces according to situations.

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