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Shree Narayana Hospital - Raipur

Shree Narayana Hospital (A Unit of Healthtech Chhattisgarh Pvt. Ltd.) - Quality health care for all.., with an idea to established trusted healthcare landmark for diversified society and individual, who had been looking final destiny for their ailment. It is one of the central India’s largest multi super speciality hospital located at Raipur, capital of Chhattisgarh, which has various featured health relating control services. The health centre is founded by Dr. Sunil Khemka (MS, MCH - Ortho) of its trust on humanity, aims to empower patients need through the dimensions of modernized infrastructure, using state of the art technology, expert’s consultants and kind nursing staffs.
The hospital spread around in four acres which has admirable and modernised equipped infrastructure along with residential accommodation for doctors, consultants and staffs to make avail services at 24X7X365. The hospital has 250 beds and 60 critical care beds in critical care unit, nine modular computer navigated operation theatres according to international standards among it one operation theatre is exclusively established for spine and joint replacement surgery, isolation ward, blood bank, advance I.V.F. Centre, cath lab, M.R.I, digital C.T Scan, pharmacy, conference hall and cafeteria along with the team of 25 consultant doctors and 60 residential doctors.
Shree Narayana Hospital has research and development wing that splurge their countless hours in unlocking the human and their health structure for optimizing human health and make it curable.

Additional Information

With the globalization in business and changing business scenario this has increase the brain storming and relaxing time get reduce for physique and mental. One get tired and slowly and slowly get in trap of sickness, just to omit the trap Shree Narayana Hospital has planned executive plan for our dynamic business individual to keep their health on track and the continuity shall be maintained regarding their work culture and business growth. 
Living life to the fullest can be difficult in today world. A busy lifestyle combined with day to day factors like unbalanced diet, pollution and stress lead to internal rusting of body, leaving us easily tired and overwhelmed. This lasting fatigue can be an indicator of more serious health concern in long run. Thats why Shree narayana hospital created master health check up service to ommit it. Living life to the fullest can be difficult in today world. A busy lifestyle combined with day to day factors like unbalanced diet, pollution and stress lead to internal rusting of body, leaving us easily tired and overwhelmed.
This lasting fatigue can be an indicator of more serious health concern in long run. Thats why Shree narayana hospital created master health check up service to ommit it. Shree Narayana Hospital is also contributing it services in occupational health & safety to employees and employers through designed health check up plan specific for the specific work nature, this help the employee and employer know the that the individual is physically competent to work in specific work environment or not, through it Shree Narayana Hospital could help the industries in reducing the causality.
Shree Narayana Hospital has pre health checkup plan as per the type of occupation the employee is get checked with various type of health check up and get it know is it fit for the job or not.  Shree Narayana Hospital has Trauma Centre - handling the critical of patients at any time. It has the ability to treat a cross section of emergencies - children as well as adults with complex injuries and illnesses. The service is supported by a well coordinated road evacuation service that is easily accessible through a dedicated entrance, and has a ramp to facilitate the transfer of patients on stretchers and wheelchairs.
The unit has minor OT with anaesthesia machines. In addition there is a plaster room and an isolation room. The unit is well equipped with ICU and triage care. It has dedicated elevators for immediate transfer of patients to the operating rooms and Intensive Care Units. Like all other patient areas in the hospital. Our trauma ambulances have the ability to transport critically ill patients in need of life support. Accidents and Emergencies is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Round the clock Ambulance facility is available and for it Shree Narayana Hospital made avail with 5 Ambulance. All ambulance are equipped with monitors, ventilators and defabrigators to handle the any kind of emergency situation.
Facilities to cater all acute emergencies are available in the ambulance which is equipped with medical and paramedical staff. Shree Narayana Hospital 24X7 Laboratory Services are established with a view to provide wide range of Laboratory investigations necessary for patient care. It is integrated with the disciplines of Hematology, Histopathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology. All these disciplines ensure qualitative analysis of biological fluids such as blood, serum or plasma, tissue, urine, stool, etc... for specific constituents to support Clinicians in the practice of medicine.
The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. To operate these sophisticated equipments in the laboratory we have a team of efficient, knowledgeable and qualified Doctors and technical staff who are constantly involved in producing World class results and quality assurance. Laboratory is accredited by NABL norms. Shree Narayana Hospital Biochemistry Department is a new generation laboratory, backed by highly qualified and motivated team of Doctors and Technical staff.
In Shree Narayana Hospital pharmacy stores all the medicine in the range of research molecules, high value medicines, high risk medicine, life saving drugs, critical care drugs and oncology special drugs in schedule wise. Storage of the drugs is as per standards. Round the clock service is available and is manned by experienced pharmacists as per NABH control. Both inpatient and out patients are catered to.
Our ICCU is a specialized post surgical care unit for our high risk cardiac surgeries. It is 15+ bedded high end unit quipped with monitors and invasive outputs. We cater to in our ICCU, Post Operative Beating Coronary Bypass Graft surgeries (OP-CABG), Valve replacement surgeries ( MVR, AVR, DVR), pediatric congenial heart surgeries (ASD, VSD) and Aneurismal surgeries with full fledged dedicated nursing staff for there type of complex cardiac surgeries. We have 24 hours backup of ventilators, intra Aortic balloon pump (IABP) and dialysis bed to cater to our emergencies.
Intensive care unit with 50 beds is dedicated to the patients who required for the observation and it Shree Narayana Hospital equipped with round the clock bed side, Ultrasonography, transthoracic echo, transesophageal echo (TEE), Doppler examination and supervision by experienced and qualified intensivist. With understanding the facts of blood Shree Narayana Hospital introduce a complete cell a blood bank for collection, testing and transfusion of blood and make 100% safe blood available at right time, at right place with right match. Shree Narayana Hospital set up blood bank as per the NACO guideline.


Shree Narayana Hospital department of Anaesthesiology is dedicated to the pain management of critically ill, injured patients and anesthetic management of complex surgeries. We have 9 Modular operation theatres available, each is fully equipped with anaesthetic room. We have 24X7 a dedicated anesthetists in addition consultant to manage the all aspects of anaesthesia like Cardiac Anesthesia, Neurosurgical Anesthesia, Critical Care, etc. An essential aspect which is looked by au is to ensured that all anaesthetic and associated equipment is routinely checked and maintained to the highest possible standard. The hospital is equipped with modern and state of art technology along with experienced consulatnts and doctors for zero error in the critical process.
Shree Narayana Hospital providing one of the largest integrated critical care management facilities for proper care of critically ill, unstable and those in urgent need of advanced monitoring and intensive treatments. The critical care services are carried out with precision, synchronization and coordination of a multidisciplinary team in four ICU's with unwavering commitment and teamwork.The hospital at a time can manage more than fifty patients with the qualified and experienced specialist and nurse. Our Critical care team provides a full spectrum of Medical, Surgical, Cardiac - pre & post and trauma critical care services to the sickest of the patients.
The critical care unit is fully equipped with advance ventilator, latest dialysis machine, inhouse RO plant, cardiac monitors, portable echo machines, portable x-ray machines and other medical equipments. E.N.T. services at Shree Narayana Hospital shall be the cure centre for voice disorders, hearing defects and tongue related problem. The hospital is installed with modernised gadgets to monitor ENT related problems, diseases and query. The department can take care of all Ear, Nose and Throat emergencies as has proficient teams available round the clock to do so. 
Surgical intervention for infectious conditions, breathing, tumors, cosmetic surgery and reconstruction, and disorders of taste and smell - Including tumors of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, saliva-producing glands, and other neck tumors/cancer. Including possible tumors and enlargement of the tonsils. Including hearing balance and facial nerve disorders. Treatment of infections, tumors, and problems related to the inner, middle, and external ear. Testing for hearing and balance is available. Consultation for hearing aids and implantation for bone anchor hearing device  available - Including cancer, cosmetic surgery (face lift, skin resurfacing, eyelid surgery), and rehabilitation of facial paralysis.
Shree Narayana Hospital department of Gastrointestinal Medicine & Surgery cares for patients who has been suffering from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. The specialty takes care of wide range of conditions from common disorders like indigestion, reflux, the irritable bowel and constipation, to highly specialized complex problems like acute and carnic liver desieses, acute pancreatitis, obstructive jaundice, gastrointestinal haemorrhage and abdominal pain. Our department is well supported by Endoscopic and Imaging facilities required for perfect investigations and results to cure the suffering. We regularly perform therapeutic ERCPs.
Shree Narayana Hospital introduces department of Gynaecology – dedicated to women carying, which offers the services for the reproductive health with patient safety. Shree Narayana Hospital offers hi-tech treatment for infertility, is meant to provide the best of available care, for nature’s most marvellous creation ‘The Women’. The department specializes in diagnosing & treating all cases of gynaecological diseases by conservative & operative approach. Surgeries ranging from simple day care procedures to the most precise advanced minimal invasive surgeries are undertaken, as specialist are entrusted with the noble duty of providing and protecting life from its very beginning and bring smile to life as we believe women is the one who maintains human race , and we provide this care in the best possible way. 
Shree Narayana Hospital Department of Radiology provides a comprehensive array of diagnostic imaging services for uninterrupted patient diagnosis and care in support though highly equipped with state of art radiology services along with proficient team. Shree Narayana Hospital has the best equipped radiology departments which has 3D MRI, Multi slice C.T scans, Ultrasound machines, Digital X-Ray machine, Fluoroscopy machine, Digital Mammography unit, Bone Densitometry unit and Computed Radiography Unit, PACS, HIS and RIS.
Special care has been taken for the radiation exposure of patients and staffs and all the preventive measures is been equipped for the safety of it.  Accelerated urbanization and industrialization have led to an alarming increase in the rate of accidents, injuries, crime and violence which leads to emergencies. To fight against the emergency situation Shree Narayana Hospital has 15 bedded trauma facility with 2 dedicated OTs, Where critically ill and injured patients with life-threatening conditions are immediately taken under the care of specialized emergency doctor’s team and the patient is evaluated, resuscitated and stabilized.
Shree Narayana Hospital has state of art trauma care unit which is fully equipped with ultra modern system to provide the highest level of specialty expertise and meets strict standards. With 24x7 availability of specialists in trauma care unit makes to adequately respond and care for the various forms of trauma. The trauma care is assisted by and carried out in a fleet of fully equipped trauma ambulances manned by paramedical personnel intensely trained in basic life support and trauma care. In highly critical cases a physician accompanies the paramedical team to avoid any delay in reaching life-saving medical care to the patient enroute to the hospital. The ambulance is equipped as per the international standards with all facilities as required in emergency situation. 
Nephrology is a medical specialty concerned with the kidneys. Shree Narayana Hospital department of nephrology department provides state-of-the-art clinical care for a wide range of kidney diseases. The nephrologists at Shree Narayana help provide care for patients with kidney problems, high blood pressure management, dialysis and transplant care. Shree Narayana Hospital department of Orthopaedic is the core of orthopaedics and Joint replacement. We are fanatical to providing the quality healthcare services for people of all ages and all walks of life. As the Orthopaedic centre is integrated with most advance infrastructure, technology and proactive team, who’s aim is to cure any type of bone ailment.
The department has state-of-the-art facility includes laboratory, MRI, CT Scan, and Physical Therapy units, for providing comprehensive diagnosis and orthopaedic services. Our physicians are continually applying the newest and most advanced techniques for the care of musculoskeletal injuries, providing our patients with a variety of choices for their orthopaedic care. We aspire the best othopaedic service in central india who made avail the wide range of ortho services.
Shree Narayana Hospital is equipped with international physiotherapy equipment for Bone and joint diseases and disorders, Metabolic disorders, genetic disorders, Inflammatory and infective diseases of musculoskeletal system. Shree Narayana Hospital ensures in providing best adjunct to the physiotherapeutic management including diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic functions for timely screening and interventions with our highly skilled physiotherapist. Shree Narayana Hospital department of Respiratory Medicine &Thoracic Surgery cares for patients who has been suffering from disorders of the lungs, the pleura and the chest wall .
If you have heart diesease you are not alone, as Shree Narayana Hospital provide dedicated proficient, precision and skill team for cardiac services, which provide our pioneer aid in this field. Our cardiology services include cardiac wellness and prevention as well as diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, valve disease, hypertension, CVD, heart rhythm conditions, fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) and congestive heart failure.
Shree Narayana Hospital Department of Dental provide all dental care services - oral care, ranging from routine dental exams to complex reconstruction surgery and all type of dental services. These services are rendeedr though our dedicated team of doctors, trained assistants and efficient laboratory staff to ensure that the patients get the best of treatment. Our team ensures the patients to revitalize and rejuvenate patient smiles. our service is been designed for personalized and customized care, along with hygiene and infection control.
Department is equipped with all the state-of-the-art facilities available to the modern dentistry to provide you with the very best, High-quality, Affordable healthcare services. Shree Narayana Hospital Department of Endocrinology deals with the hormones disorders of the endocrine system and its specific secretions. It is one of the significant aspect of today human being as due to harmonal change and disorder. Endocrinology is our specialty which focuses primarily on the endocrine organs, these organs include the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testes, and pancreas.
Shree Narayana Hospital has diagnosis and treatment unit which can manage and handle widely prevalent disorders of the organ like diabetes, obesity, thyroid, PCOS and osteoporosis thoough our modern lab and equipment for investigation and control of it. For effective treatment SNH has team of highly skilled surgeons, doctors and consultants who can provide a comprehensive care for all disorder and get remedy from it. 
Shri Narayana Hospital includes General & Laparoscopic Surgery department that offers a comprehensive and high quality surgical facilities. The department is well equipped with the latest technology and facilities, with highly experienced surgeons, nurses and technicians. General Surgery focuses on surgeries of the abdominal organs, breast, thyroid gland and hernias. Operations of the oesophagus, stomach, colon, liver, gallbladder, and bile duct are done with minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Services such as treatment of varicose veins, circumcision, vasectomies and skin cancer removal are also done by our general surgeons. 
Shree Narayana Hospital department of Laboratory medicine provide wide range of tests as it is equipped with all international standard instruments and process for accurate diagnosis to support clinical counterpart. The lab has expertise pathologist to provide quality services with zero infections, as infection is been considered key focus area in the department and for it all precautions been deployed while taking sample, sampling and post sampling process. The hospital makes avail services for 24x7 for quick and effective treatment.
Microbiology: With the increase risk of exposure to infection and infectious disease, Shree Narayana Hospital opens the gate of new-generation clinical microbiology laboratory to identify and cure the infectious disease. Dedicated Laboratory is setup in the hospital premises with all modern infrastructures and all precautionary measures are avail to prevent its any human exposure.
It also plays a vital role in controlling hospital-acquired infection though our dedicated team and technology for it. The laboratory is state-of-the-art infectious disease diagnose centre, it also provide consultative services in the same subject for the clinical staff and physicians of the hospital and information to all the support staff. Keeping in mind of the cure of patient with safety, Shree Narayana Hospital continuously applying, updating and adapting cutting-edge technologies to meet the need of department. Specialised  services are being avail in the area of culture, bacteriological analysis, antibiotic susceptibility testing, mycology, virology, tick-borne pathogens, molecular microbiology, mycobacteriology, international microbiology, molecular epidemiology, and parasitology.
Shree Narayana Hospital Department of Orthopaedic is dedicated in providing the best possible bone care services for people of all ages and all walks of life. We serve the leading technique to patients in spine and joint replacement though our renowned team of doctors who are specialised in managing the unstabe and disorder bones and their functionality. We have all completed solidarity in subspecialty areas of orthopedic surgery, which allows us to focus on presice areas and enhance orthopedic care. We treat all afflictions and conditions of the limbs and spine with our specialised team.
The urology department at Shree Narayana Hospital provides medical and surgical treatment of wide range disorders and conditions of the urinary tract and urogenital organs, including kidney and prostate cancer and conditions of the prostate. Shree Narayana Hospital Department of Neurosurgery provide wide range of surgery to allign nervous system and get rid of from the neuro disorder and defects. This could be possible due to the avail expertise team of doctors and consultant who are completely dedicated to the patient caring and their aim is to get smile in ones life.
At Shree Narayana Hospital paediatric centre provides all services which are the needs of all babies, children and teenagers. This centre is geared to deliver top quality medical services with great care and compassion for our upcoming futures. The institute provides complete, compassionate, state-of-the-art healthcare services for children from birth though our dedicated doctors and staffs. Shree Narayana Hospital provides unique service for aligning body and soul though precise counseling and diagnosis. Services rpovided in the scope are: OP Consultation Counseling Psychotherapy Electro Convulsive therapy Crisis intervention Family therapy Marriage counselling behaviour modification techniques Alcohol and Drug De-Addiction therapy Student counselling.

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