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I may say that I have been doing research on Herbal & Mineral medicines which were used by our ancient physicians some thousand years ago. The dreadful and Incurable diseases which are not curable by modern medicine, can be treated by ancient medicine a therapies i.e. Ayurveda.
To give better treatment for the suffering humanity I started constructing world’s first Ayurvedic Cancer Hospital, the outdoor section of which was declared open on 1st October’ 2001 by Hon’bte Justice Dilip Basu and Mr. Samik Lahiri M.P.  Due to some reasons I could not proceed further. Few months ago I thought that it will be injustice to the suffering humanity if I can not give them proper & exact treatment until & unless there is total hospital.

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Ayurveda is an ancient medical science which teaches us how to be healthy and to lead a long and fruitful life. Hundreds of diseases are very well explained along with causes, symptoms and remedies on lines of dosha theory in Ayurveda. Ayurveda play an important role in bringing the diseases and conditions under control. Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words : Ayu which means life and Veda which means the knowledge of. In Ayurveda we view a person as a unique individual made up of five primary elements.

The elements are ether (space), air, fire, water, and earth. Just as in Ayurveda sees each person as a special mixture that accounts for our diversity. Ayurveda gives us a model to look at each individual as a unique makeup of the three doshas and to thereby design treatment protocols that specifically address a persons health challenges. When any of the doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) become accumulated, Ayurveda will suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to assist the individual in reducing the dosha that has become excessive and may also suggest certain herbal supplement to hasten the healing process..


Arthritis is a term that includes a group of disorders that affect your joints and muscles. Arthritis symptoms include joint pain, inflammation and limited movement of joints. For most people arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided as the body ages. Most people over the age of 50 show some signs of arthritis. Joints naturally degenerate over time. Arthritis can be managed through a combination of medication, exercise, rest, weight-management, nutrition, and, in some cases, surgery.

Arthritis is a chronic disease that can stay with you for a long time and possibly for the rest of your life. Your treatments will probably change over time and medication may be adjusted. Arthritis is not just 1 disease; it is a complex disorder that comprises more than 100 distinct conditions and can affect people at any stage of life. Two of the most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

SPONDYLOSIS: According to modern medicine- "Spondyloarthropathies are a group of diseases which affect the vertebral column and Ankylosing spondylitis is one among them. It is one of the rheumatic diseases, which is a chronic , inflammatory that causes arthritis of the spine and sacroiliac joint."Ankylosis" means the fusion of vertebrae to each other. The vertebrae fuse together because of the chronic inflammation and irritation of the spinal joints. Ankylosis is a debilitating condition that can cause decreased range of movement in the spine and loss of spinal mobility and function.

Ankylosis can spread to other joints as well since Ankylosing spondylitis is a systemic rheumatic disease, it can lead to inflammation in other parts of the body such as the joints of the hips, knees, or shoulders. This type of spondylitis may also affect other organs such as the eyes, heart, lungs, and kidneys. Ayurveda offers excellent therapies for treating Ankylosing spondylitis. Ayurveda has in-depth knowledge of causative factors of AS and clearly explained the pathogenesis and line of treatment to be followed.

Spondylosis is a common degenerative joint disease that is due to aging and time related wear and tear on the vertebrae (bones) of the neck and back. The deterioration of spondylosis also affects the cartilage, a slippery substance that helps bones to move easily, and the discs, which are pillow-like tissues between the vertebrae that cushion movement of the neck and back. Majority of people above the age of fifty have a certain rate of osteo arthritic changes but often have a slim chance to develop into acute symptoms.

Trauma, incorrect posture of the body, pressure while sleeping and excessive intake of sour food may result to or provoke a spondylitis attack. Ayurvedic treatment is considered one of most respected alternative remedies for Spondylosis. In India, people who are suffering from Cervical Spondylosis (Spondylitis) or ankylosing spondylitis find cure in the form of proven Ayurvedic herbal supplements

SKIN PROBLEMS: There are numerous skin diseases, complaints and general ailments that can be contacted, with conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Utrauna probably the most common. They can be caught in a number of different ways, with allergies, over exposure to hot conditions, genetic disorders and mental stress and fatigue being the most common. They are neither fatal nor contagious. According to Ayurveda, the skin has six layers, located not only superficially but extending to the deeper levels of the body.

A skin disease is, mostly, rooted deeply into various tissues like fat, muscles, blood etc. Most skin treatments are generally external applications like creams or oils. These, however, never reach the deeper layers of the skin. Ayurveda always tries to root out the disease by treating it specifically according to its cause. Ayurvedic skin treatments may take a few weeks to remove the symptoms but the diseases are treated permanently.

PSORIASIS: Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder of the skin results in hyper proliferation of the skin. It is a chronic skin disease characterized by dry skin and raised, rough, red areas on the skin covered with fine silvery scales. Psoriasis non-infectious and it is often seen in people between 15 to 40 yrs of age. Psoriasis is caused by vitiation of vata and kapha dosha.

DIABETES: Ayurveda Treatment approach is to increase natural healing ability of the body and not to attack the disease with something from the outside and cure the diseases. The healing response is one of the most complex and coordinated activities. This would include a set of appropriate Panchakarma treatments and Rasayana therapies .The Panchakarma Treatments are meant to flush out the toxins, they are classified as pre-purification, main purification and post purification phases and include various types of therapies like oil massages, fermented liquid massages, medicinal enemas, herbal purification methods.

The Rasayana Therapies are meant to nourish the body, to bring the doshas back to balance and to regenerate the body. These comprise diet regulations, daily regimens, intake of oral medicines and ayurveda tonics, yoga and a stress free life. The results will manifest it normally after 3 to 4 weeks as the body takes time to regenerate itself.

BRONCHIAL ASTHMA: Preparations for the treatment of bronchial asthma in Ayurveda are Chyawanaprash and Agastya Rasayana. The main ingredient of the chyawanprash is amla, the richest source of Vitamin C in nature. Agastya Rasayana is used in cases of asthma where the patient is constipated in particularly emaciated sufferers, Chyawanaprash is the better remedy. Both the drugs can be taken in one teaspoonful doses thrice a day, preferably before food is ingested. Medicines containing minerals which are recommended in cases of asthma are: Swasha-Kasa-Chintamani Rasa, Suvarna-Pushpasuga Rasa, and Kanalwsava. The dosage and duration of these medicines will depend upon the acuteness of the disease.

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