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Arogyam Panchkarma Centre & Ayurvedic Hospital - Mehatpur shares the millennia of ayurvedic experience of effectively treating many common and not so common ailments. Our efforts are directed for sensible approach to the simple Herbal Medicines that are immensely effective, safe and reasonable for all practical purposes. All of our Herbs are naturally grown, pure and sanctified by the innate healing power of nature. These all natural, herbal medicines help one to divest any acute and chronic health ailments. We guarantee authentic, real and Pure Ayurveda. Each click on this website will lead you closer to complete health, harmony and happiness. Enjoy holistic health with us.

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Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old practice of health has a rejuvenation procedure - Panchakarma that subtly removes the toxins from the mind and body. These procedures are designed to function synergistically to maximize the removal of toxins while maintaining the harmony of natural body functions. The purifying and eliminating actions of Panchakarma first dislodge the toxins from the cells and then flush them out through the organs of elimination—the sweat glands, colon and urinary tract.


Obesity: Obesity is a very common disorder and it can cause other dangerous diseases like angina, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart failure and gout. Obesity is often due to excessive deposition of fat in the body. Sometimes, it is due to consumption of food in excess of physiological needs. Sometimes obesity also occurs due to disorders of hormonal imbalance like hypothyroidism.

Due to these hormonal disorders a person suddenly becomes obese and a victim of many diseases. But most of the times, reason is unknown. High calorie diet, luxurious lifestyle, lack of exercise and alcohol are some of the common causes of obesity. According to AYURVEDA, We have different types of channels in the body. Whenever we eat food, an extract of food is made which flow in the different channels of the body and reach all the organs and systems of the body. But sometimes some channels got blocked and a big part of food has got converted into FAT. Weight goes on increasing but other systems of body like blood, bones & skin started getting weaker & weaker. You must have felt that you are not taking extra diet but your weight is increasing day by day.

SKIN PROBLEMS: According to Ayurveda, the skin has six layers, located not only superficially but extending to the deeper levels of the body. A skin disease is, mostly, rooted deeply into various dhatus or tissues like fat, muscles, blood etc. Most skin treatments are generally external applications like creams or oils. These, however, never reach the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the symptoms disappear temporarily, and the disease is not rooted out permanently.

Ayurveda always tries to root out the disease by treating it specifically according to its cause. As the disease is deepseated it is difficult to fix the problem quickly. Ayurvedic skin treatments may take a few weeks to remove the symptoms but the diseases are treated permanently. Causes:Two of the main causes of diseases in Ayurveda are a wrong diet and lifestyle, which an individual follows either knowingly or unknowingly.

Following a diet or life style that is against the season or the prakriti (nature) of a person, creates an imbalance in bodily energies, thus contaminating the body tissues to produce a skin disease. In Ayurvedic terms, although skin diseases are caused due to imbalances in all the three doshas, the prime dosha involved is pitta. Pitta symbolizes heat or fire. Therefore all those foods or activities that increase the fire element in the body should be eliminated. This includes hot, spicy, fried, oily and greasy foods.

Acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, yogurt and vinegar should be avoided. Exposure to heat and sun, drinking too much tea, coffee, and alcohol, and smoking also aggravate the pitta. ABDOMINAL PROBLEMS: digestive system is the single most important long term determinant of your health and well being. Healthy digestion leads to a healthy life. Unhealthy digestion leads to an unhealthy life. Its often that simple.

The cause (Nidanam) of digestive disease lies in our actions. 'Vata', 'Pitta', and 'Kapha' the natural substances included in human physiology are terribly disturbed on account of digestive disorders. By indulging our sense of taste in an unhealthy manor we upset the balance of the bodily doshas. Vata is upset by cold, dry and light foods such as raw vegetables. Pitta is upset by warm, oily, light foods such as deep fried vegetables and Kapha is upset by cold, heavy, moist foods such as cold ice cream and yogurt. In addition, taking foods in an improper manor can be even more harmful than choosing inappropriate foods. Healthy food taken in the wrong way will still cause digestive disease.

The symptoms of poor digestion include excessive gas, constipation, diarrhea, burping, burning, vomiting, indigestion, bloating and pain. In various forms, Western medicine has given them names such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, colitis and pancreatitis among many others. Through the eyes of Ayurveda, the practitioner comes to an understanding of the cause through examining one s lifestyle. Faulty eating practices are the number one culprit, poor food choices and poor food combing are next in line. Together they make up the major causes of digestive disease.

Direct study of the patients' lifestyle in addition to the examination of the manifesting symptoms helps to diagnose the nature and pathogenesis of the digestive disorders. In keeping with the nature and pathogeneses of the digestive disorder; the line of treatment is decided. The treatment administered to overcome the symptoms of digestive disorders; includes both symptomatic and asymptomatic treatment seeking to eradicate the underlying cause. Asymptomatic treatment aims at the rectification of lifestyle and eating related defects.

The chief culprit pertaining to faulty eating habits and those pertaining to general hygiene are generally addressed by an Ayurvedic health provider while treating various facets of digestive disorders. we provide herbal treatment to improve the digestion which will cure these problems naturally. Our herbal treatments do not have any known side-effect & results are permanent. HAIR PROBLEMS: Like skin, hair too is the mirror of our health. Everyone wishes to have long, shiny and healthy hair. But unfortunately, due to our so busy schedule we get so many hair problems like hair loss, premature graying of hair, thinning and baldness etc. These ailments can have many reasons like hair root weakening or hair root infection and many more.

Dandruff, hair fall, pre mature graying of hair and hair loss are generally seen in early stage of life. Reason behind it is improper nutrition, dietary habits & pollutants in the atmosphere. With strong shampoos and chemical conditioners, the uppermost skin gets exfoliated and usually people think of clear scalp. But problem again rises after a short period of time. We provide a special herbal treatment which immediately clears the dandruff & stop premature graying & falling of hair permanently. With the help of our herbal based natural treatment one can get clean & healthy hair. We, therefore, introduce AROGYAM PURE HERBS HAIR-CARE KIT.

JOINT PROBLEMS: Joint pain has become a very common ailment in modern age because of modern and restless life style and nutrient-less fast food, lack of proper exercise and polluting environment. As per Ayurveda the root cause is ama. It comes into picture when there is a digestion problem, lack of interest to have food. This is known as agnimandya in Ayurveda. When appetite loss happen, ama gets formed and absorbed by body system which lead to joint pain.If this happen for a longer time ama accumulates in joints and lead to arthritis.Vata (Ayurvedic humor representing Air) aggravation in the body causes bone and joint disorders.

When a person indulges in Vata-aggravating diet and lifestyle, then this aggravated Vata circulates ama (toxins) in the channels of the body and deposits it in the joints, leading to these problems. Low back pain, knee joint pain, cervical pain, small joint pain, neck pain, hip joint pain, elbow joint pain, sciatica, osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis & other joint diseases are very common in class. Reason may be hereditary, acquired or improper treatment. With the help of pain killers & steroids one can get rid off pains temporarily but the above said treatments leaves behind a bundle full of side effects in the body.

HERBAL BEAUTY CARE: Everyone's unique beauty shines forth when they have radiant health and personal happiness. Beauty is a side effect of a balanced, fulfilled life. Supreme personal beauty is accessible to everyone who is willing to take more control of their health in their day-to-day life through time-tested principles of natural living.One of the oldest system of medicine, Ayurveda has today occupied an important place in beauty care and treatment. Using varied herbs and herbal formulations, Ayurvedic beauty treatment is completely natural and gives the best results.

Not only the natural herbs play an important role in internal health and well-being but also on external beauty and health. With herbal beauty treatment, the body and soul becomes complete and this is evident in your overall appearance. The beauty therapy of Ayurveda has shown its popularity among its users.

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