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Sandeepni Ayurvedic Chikitsalayam - Palampur

Sandeepni Ayurvedic Chikitsalayam ( Hospital) is situated at foothills of Great Dhauladhar Range in very beautyful, town of Himachal Pradesh, known for its tea gardens, small riverulets PALAMPUR.  Chikisalayam is established in 2004 by Dr Sandeep Katoch , BAMS,MD ( AYU). The hospital has In house facility for treatments through Ayurveda system of medicine. Our Online health care portal provides treatment through post to patients who cannot able to approach us
We Have got well experienced team of paramedical staff to impart various type of Ayurveda treatments such as Various massages, abhyangam,elakizhi,navarkizhi,pizichil,shirodhara, beauty treatments and physiotherapy etc.  Since 2008 , We are providing Ayurveda massage and panchkarma therapies to Clients of HPTDC ie Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation at its Prestigious and oldest Hotel Tea Bud ,Palampur. Patients from  All over ther country come to us for getting Ayurveda Treatments for their health complaints.
Sandeepnihealthcare is an initiative of Sandeepni Ayurvedic Chikitslayam (Hospital) to provide an alternative system of medicine through Ayurveda,Unani,Homoepathy & Yoga to patients suffering from various type of diseases,some of them which are considered incurable or very expensive to cure.We provide another best option for people to get treated and remain healthy through their life.The oldest medical science of this universe which originates with life has great powers to keep living this healthy and disease free.

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Treatment with Herbal Medicines: Various types of health problems are cured with natural herbs and natural techniques of detoxification as well as surgery.Sandeepni offers all kind of curative health care in ayurveda.patients suffering from various disease can get ayurvedic treatment at home with our special treatment kit.


Ayurvedic treatment for common health issues: Flue,Cold and fever: Tribuwan kirti rasa, pills morning and evening with tea of Osmium(tulsi) and Ginger. Cough dry: Chandra amrit rasa + Laksmivilas ras 2 pills each mix with 1 tsf honey,followed by VASA AWLEH. Burning in chest,gastritis: Sutshekhar ras 2 pills+ Anardana chooran 1 tsf with water. Pain in stomach,with burning sensation,indigestion: Mahashank vati 1 tablet with water + Shivakshar pachan chooran. General Body Pains: Godanti Bhasam 300 mg+ Mritunjay Ras 2 pills with honey and hot water.

Constipation: Arogya vardini vati 2 pills thrice with water+ Panchsakar chooran 5 grams. Severe constipation: Ashawkanchuki ras* 1 pill with cold water. Diarhoea with pain abdomen: Anandbhairav ras 2 pill morning and evening; Hingwastak chooran 3 grms. Piles dry: Arshogni vati 2 tds; panchsakar chooran 3 grams with water. Bleeding Piles:Chanderkala ras 1 tds; arshkuthar ras 1 pill tds; Sitopladi chooran 4 grams with water.

SkinCare  In Ayurveda: Due to increase in air water pollution,use of chemicaly processesed  food items the cases of skin related problems increasing day by day.Most of complaints are chronic in nature.Skin diseases are in various forms such as white patches,allergy,itching,burning,scaling of skin,blisters,boils,acne,rashes and many.In allopathy the doctors insists in local application of medicine,which gives instant relief but suppresses the diseases and after few days or months the disease become more serious.According to Homeopathy various skin disorders are reflection of internal pathology of the body,Ayurveda also give its consent to this fact.In my practice i found that people who are on suppressive treatments with allopathy in skin diseases,after few years died of Acute MI,Cancer,Brain Heamorrage  etc.
At last stages of their life,i attended as  their family physician and found that they are comlpetly free from skin problems which remain to them from 10-15 years.They are suppressing their skin problems with allopathic ointments. In all  Alternative systems of medicines special emphasis  is made on curing skin diseases from root ie internal pathology.So we see ,in ayurveda we use internal medicine for skin problems.detoxification and purification of the body before treatment of any skin lesion.All skin problems which are considered in curable are well respond to alternative pathies.
Child Care in Ayurveda: Children are known as nation builders of future,so health of kid is prime concern to every parents.I have taken issues of children and old people beacuse they are  at extreme of their life which is more prone to diseases.Ayurvedic texts have written much on pediatric issues,RAVAN SAMHITA is special book written on kids health in ancient times.I will reffer here some of its important references which are applicable in now a days to maintain better life style of child.'Ksheerup' Age group  Ksheer means milk, and it is the age group when child only on breast feed.and this age group is upto 1 year.In Ayurvedic texts mothers milk has given much importance to new born baby.
Some times either due death of mother or due any reason mother may not be able to feed the baby then in ayurveda it is reccommended to have 'Wet nurse' or 'foster mother,which is now days getting more popularity in western world and in big metros.What precautions are given to have such mother Sushruta and Charaka mentioned very clearly,so what would be qualities of foster mother given by our ayurvedic scholars.(some qualities seems to be unauthantic or unrealistic ,but reader must understand why they told it.Indian people can better understand it and I will not go for full details.

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Treatments For:

  • Acne
  • Anemia
  • Back Pain
  • Constipation
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Indigestion
  • Pain
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Sinusitis

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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