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Ayurgoa.com combine the essential benefits of ayurveda with tranquil, natural environment of Goa. Ayurveda, the ancient but not old, medical science of India is practiced since last 5000 years. We are just carriers of this knowledge which great seers imparted to us and very happy to be have an honors of offering health through ayurveda to you.
In 1980s W.H.O. has recognized the importance of the significant role which traditional medicines can play in the field of preventive and social medicine as well as fortifying the health of people all around the world. Ayurveda has been specifically appreciated for its holistic approach and non provocative medications.

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Pregnancy: Ayurveda touches on all the aspects of pregnancy rather than just giving it a gynaelogical treatment. Ayurveda describes rules concerning diet, called AHAR, activities called VIHAR, behaviour called ACHAR and finally mental activity called VICHAR. Ayurved describes the general management of pregnancy under Garbhini Vyakaran or Garbhini Paricharya.

The descriptions provide guidance and advice for each month and stage of pregnancy. Ayurveda emphasises a lot on the pregnant mother's diet intake, activities, behaviour and mental thoughts as these together have a direct influence on the well being of both mother and child before delivery. If the delivery is not normal, says this ancient science; the woman is likely to be affected by one or the other of a list of 64 ailments, which are described in detail in Garbhini Vyakaran.

The general rule is to take greater care during the first three months of pregnancy and after the completion of the seventh month. Panchakarma (detoxifying procedures) should not be advocated, except basti (enema) and pichu (tampon) in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy. First 3 months: During the first three months of pregnancy, the foetus is in a formative stage. During this stage, the embryo is nourished directly by upsnehan (percolation).

Therefore, more liquid diets such as fruits with juice content, coconut water, milk are recommended.Towards the end of the third month, the foetus starts showing distinct development and sensory perceptions. Motor reactions start developing and heartbeat can also be heard. 4 To 7 Months: The fourth month sees the formation of dhatus (tissues) in the foetus. In the fifth month, blood and muscles are formed. In the sixth month, fatty tissue is formed. In the seventh month, foetal growth is complete.

Foetal organs are well formed and acquire strength by the sixth and seventh months. Skin, hair and nails are also noticed at this stage. Medicated ghee is recommended as a nutritional supplement to the diet. The embryo gets its nourishment through the umbilical cord. Rice, milk, butter and ghee along with fruits and leafy vegetables are recommended. This is useful for foetal growth, for maternal health and for further lactation. As per Ayurveda, pregnancy is the time to consume nutritional food substances like urad dal and amla.


Complete Ayurvedic Approach for diagnosis:- Ayurveda has developed a system for the diagnosis. Even when patients come with pre-formed diagnosis, say like Ulcerative Colitis, we diagnose them on ayurvedic standards & examinations to find out exact stage of pathogenesis of disease and then treat accordingly. This gives accurate ayurvedic diagnosis.

Treatment & Prevention of diseases:- Prevention is always better then cure. We give person specific advice for the prevention & treatment of diseases. This is the speciality of ayurveda that it advocates person-specific approach also and not only disease-specific. Thus though there are drugs of choice for all diseases, the particular patient may need altogether different medicine.

Classical Panchakarma:-The detoxifying measures like Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasyam, Raktamokshana are done in classical ways and not any shortcuts are considered. Keraliya Panchakarma: By certain families of Kerala, various massage based therapies are traditionally run. We have specialized doctors who have learnt those therapies from Keraliya Panchakarma like Kizhi, Dhara, Pizhichils etc.

Constitution assessment & advice:The basic constitution of a person is assessed, preferably with the help of interview & then dietetic & behavioral advices are suggested to prevent the possible diseases.Ayurvedic forcasting: After assessing status of different factors in body, without any interventional investigation the possible diseases in the future may be described, so the person can take proper care.

Specific Ayurvedic diet: We give ayurvedic diet according to doshic status of the patients. This facility is given to all patients admitted in our resort & some patients of out- patient department. The food is tasty yet healthy. Rasayana therapy: This therapy, very difficult to undergo, yet very much beneficial with miraculous result is done under strict supervision. We are proud to announce ourselves as one of a few centers in India which provides a timetested Rasayana therapy. The effect of this therapy is equal to ‘Second life’.

Ayurvedic parasurgical methods: Ayurveda is the mother of modern Surgery. Due to constant inventions of Islamic & European barbers, this treasure of surgery is limited to certain parasurgical methods which are very useful in treating certain surgical conditions. These are specially useful in Piles, Fistula-in-ano, fissure etc.These procedures are performed by our ayurvedic surgeon.

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