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Nandavanam Ayurvedic Hospital is established and run by an experienced physician who belongs to a local family traditionally engaged in the field of Ayurveda for well over half a century. In God’s own Country- Kerala, the traditionally Indian Ayurveda has not only been best preserved but has also been continually adapted and updated to suit the needs of the health issues of the 21st century in a most effective way. Nandavanam is one among the few treatment centres that provides authentic Ayurvedic Health Care with the classic touch and yet with the most modern outlook and facilities. Nandavanam is also located in a calming location in the heart of the serene green belt of Kerala, with easy rail and road access 
Ours is a hospital with a difference. We are specialized in preparing indigenous medicines that are customized according to each patient’s individual medical condition. Prepared from hand picked herbs grown in our garden or locally sourced, the medicines ensure organic authenticity and provide complete relief from chronic ailments.

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Panchakarma Treatment (Detoxification): In Ayurveda, the treatment protocol is basically classified under two main categories- 1) Shamana Chikitsa – remedial therapy 2) Shodhana Chikitsa – Eliminative or cleansing therapy. The latter consists of PANCHAKARMA. Panchakarma though normally preceded by Purvakarma (see below) is the prime process in Ayurveda. Through Panchakarma the impurities in the body are cleansed and a harmonious equilibrium of humors achieved.

As the name indicates – Panchakarma consists of 5 therapies, namely, VASTHI (Herbal Enema Therapy), VAMANA (Emesis), VIRECHANA( Purgation), NASYA ( Nasal instillation of medicine) RAKTHAMOKSHA ( Liberation of blood), Vasthi [Enema], Vasthi is aimed at the most vital element of the three humors- Vata(Rheum). Hence it is the most motivated of all Panchakarmas. Vasthi can be either Anuvasana or Asthapana. While the former injects medicated oil, the latter uses a specially prepared herbal mixture. Through this Vasthi the body toxins, especially the free radicals are washed away from the body. Vasthi is the exclusive treatment that has an effect addressing to the entire body and entire Doshas.

Vamana [Emesis]: A medicine is orally administered, which induces the necessary oral expulsion for cleansing the alimentary and digestive systems. Indications: Skin ailments especially of allergic origin, Respiratory diseases – (Due to infected and blocked phlegm), Disorders of Psychic origin and all other Kapha based disorders.
Virechana [Purgation]: After the required Poorvakarmas the individual is given a specific medicament, based on his/her metabolic typing, which induces purgation. Indication: Skin ailments especially of chronic and infective type, Obesity, Ascitis, Liver disorders and all other Pitha induced disorders.

Nasya [Nasal Instillation]: Nasya involves nasal inhalation of medicated fluids to cleance the pulmonary and breathing apparatus as well as the sinus cavities. It also acts as a stimulant to the neural system. Indication: Disorders affecting the organs situated at and above the neck – especially Paralytic stroke, Facial Palsy [Bell’s palsy], Severe varieties of migraine, Sinusitis and other Neurological and Psychic disorders.

Rakthamokshana [Blood purification]: Considering raktha (blood) as the fourth dosha, Acharya Susrutha explains various processes to bring out the vitiated blood from the various body parts. Indication: Skin Diseases, Pimples (Acne vulgaris), Diabetic and other non healing ulcers and Varicose veins

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