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Ayurgreen Health Institute Pvt Ltd - Bardez

Ayurgreen a name synonymous with authentic ayurveda treatments,consultations and therapies.It has been over two decades that Ayurgreen has been serving domestic and foreign needy clientele who seek ayurveda for their health needs.It has been in the arena competing with other contemporaries in a congenial relationship with mutually understanding co- ordination.
We have been into various functions operations of ayurveda hospitals and treatment centers (Goa & Kerala),medicine manufacturing (Kerala),operations of ayurveda clinics and also in ayurveda training for students in Kerala and Goa.All these functions are performed keeping ayurveda to its core in all concepts.It has even started research division in conjunction with hospital village.
Ayurgreen specializes in some of the diseases where conventional medicine does not help much-paralysis,fibromyalgia,trigeminal neuralgia,certain neurological problems,all stress related disorders,diabetic complications,skin problems to name a few.

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Additional Information

Training and Careers: India and especially, the state of Kerala is experiencing a massive growth and investment in healthcare sector. Ayurveda and allied healthcare systems continue to play an active and dynamic role in promoting public health and contributing to the health and well being of the society.

In line with our strategy, Ayurgreen is committed to actively supporting new comers in learning Ayurveda, gaining experience and enhancing relevant competencies. Ayurgreen opens its doors to future generations and offers you training, internships and career prospects. Training and Internship program Ayurveda Therapist Course (with placement) - 6 month period.

Once you join as an intern, you will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of Ayurveda and have on-hands training in relevant disciplines/treatment modalities. You can also meet with other interns on a regular basis, share experiences, receive updates and provide feedback concerning your experience, to each other and HR-Training.

After the successful completion of your internship, you will be rewarded with a training certificate, Ayurgreen Gift, and a job offer in Ayurgreen. Training program : Ayurveda awareness and life style program - 2 weeks / 3 weeks. A comprehensive program aimed at educating & preparing yourself to practice Ayurvedic lifestyle, enriching you with all the basic concepts of the science,


Therapeutic Packages: Uniqueness in body, psyche & health is hallmark of each of us. Ayurveda recognized this phenomenon centuries back, which is the reason for finding different prescription in two individuals for the same complaint. We respect this true core treatment principle and hence design customized program for each individual, according to his health status and /or conditions. You would be consulted by our physician and a treatment plan would be designed accordingly. It shall include a judicious combination of pancakarma (detoxifying) therapies & other suitable procedures/therapeutic modalities.

Detoxification Packages: The Mukti - 7 day program, The minimum time required to perform a detoxification. This package will ensure you are purged off toxin from your body & ready to take on your world with a new found zeal & strength. The Shudhi - 14 day program: A well balanced program ideal for someone needing a panchakarma (detoxification). Recommended for middle aged and newly wedded couples as well, to discover a new youth in themselves. There would be a minimum one week of detoxification plan, to be followed with a rejuvenation plan for the remaining days till the 14th day. The treatment procedures in the remaining days will be planned by the physician incorporating a judicious combination of therapies.

The Purna Shudhi - 21 day program: The most comprehensive detoxification program, ideally utilized for management of chronic disorders. The package includes a customized detoxification ranging from vaman (emesis therapy), virechana (purgation therapy), vasti (enema therapy) to Nasya (nasal therapy) followed with a set of treatment procedures and protocols as advised by physician, based on individual health status.

Rejuvenation Packages: Our rejuvenation package is based on the principle of 'Rasayana', the classical from of Rejuvenation as described in classical text of Ayurveda. Ananda - A seven day sojourn to bring your body back into a state of purity and ecstasy (Ananda). Kaya Rasayani - A fourteen day package designed considering your hectic life & need for having adeserved break.

Well-Women Retreat, Expectant mothers retreat ayurveda in india: This is a special treat designed to bring comfort to the body and spirit of an expectant mother. Spend a few hours nurturing yourself in therapeutic indulgence and you will emerge with new energy. After the first trimester, the treatment can be done as often as fortnightly.

Includes mother-to-be massage 60 mins, botanica facial 75 mins, pedicure 75 mins, healthy and wholesome sandwich lunch, freshly prepared tropical juice, New mothers retreat You deserve to enjoy this perfect solo getaway. Plan to arrive early so you can relax by the poolside. Rest assured, this treatment uses only specially selected oils suitable for nursing mothers. Carefully chosen essential oils help firm and restore a woman's skin condition after the stresses of pregnancy. These healing blends are a great way to diminish stretch marks, firm and tone up your muscles and restore health.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Marathi

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Treatments For:

  • Diet Therapy
  • Digestive System Diseases
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Skin Diseases
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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