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Dhanwantari clinic is one of the foremost Ayurveda clinic in Pune, and we cordially welcome you to the world of Ayurveda! Ayurveda is a huge divine knowledge of our entire life, given to us by our ancestors. In India, it is our fortune that we are gifted with this heavenly knowledge from generation to generation. Now, it is spreading globally to provide a healthy life for everyone.

Ayurveda has given a ray of hope to so many unhealthy individuals who do not get cured by other Pathies. Ayurveda emphasizes a beautiful way of living a natural healthy life. ‘Dhanwantari Clinic’, a small unit of Ayurveda, having its activity since 1984 in Pune, India. We treat, we teach and we give consultation in the field of Ayurveda.

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This is the site which gives a ray of hope to the children and their parents whose childrens are physically and mentally handicapped. As we know that there are spastic and disabled children in the world and day by day, they are increasing in numbers. But there is no treatment available in other pathies. Ayurveda has emerged as ray of hope to such children to improve their functions.

“PANCHAKARMA” is a boost for such children to improve their physical & mental status. Even if we can show a small improvement in their health status, that gives more relief to parents. So let us give them justice by treating them with the help of Ayurveda. Here is my experience of treating spastic children.

There was a girl of 6-year old of a doctor couple, who was not able to sit and speak properly due to the spasticity, but with the massage, Basti & Nasya within 6 months, she improved a lot and she is able to walk and speak. A 25- year young boy who was having a palsy of one of hand was unable to button his Shirts. With the continuous massage of 6 months now he is able to button his shirt.

12 Year old boy was having weakness in his one leg due to cerebral palsy. He was unable to kick football by that leg. He was given a massage & nasya for 6 months and he got strength in his leg and able to kick football. A boy of 6 year old was dripping saliva as he was mentally retarded. But after giving Nasya, treatment his saliva stopped. A baby of one year was not able to stand up due to equina of both feet. After massaging for one month, baby could stand up properly.

As we all know, there is no specific treatment for cerebral palsy. All Pathies have tried their best to treat the cerebral palsy child, but the outcome is not satisfactory. ‘Ayurveda’, the science of life, has always raised a ray of hope on such children who are physically and mentally challenged. Ayurveda takes brain to be the ‘Uttamanga’ of body. It has given a lot of modalities of treatment to improve such children.


We offer various treatments for various diseases, except some life-threatening diseases. Our Ayurveda treatment does not contain any metal or impurity, hazardous to health. Most of the products are prepared by us carefully from pure herbs.

Ayurveda Cancer Treatment in Pune : When we hear the word 'cancer' we naturally get scared of the word as it is a very serious disease. Ayurvedic treatment helps before getting cancer, during cancer, & after getting treatment of other pathies as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgical procedure.

For not getting cancer we do panchakarma, during & after we give ‘shaman chikitsa’. All are having encouraging results. Recently one lady of age above 60 came to us for cancer of femur bone, we applied leeches over there and now she is feeling much better. So like this we have treated many cases of cancer and gave them relief in their particular stages.

Ayurlearn Hair fall treatment : Hair fall is very common problem now a day in the society & is definitely due to faulty lifestyle of a person. In ayurveda hair fall is due to “asthi dhatu “problem & when we correct that problem, the hair fall automatically stops. In our Dhanwantari Ayurveda clinic we have prepared various herbal preparations to treat hair fall & the results are satisfactory. We give” shirodhara”,” nasya” & head massage as a local treatment.

Kidney stone treatment : It is a very acute condition when patient gets attack of kidney stone. In modern times, there are a lot of ways to remove stone from the kidney, but none are permanent. The stone goes on forming and reforming, damaging the kidneys.

Ayurveda says, that the basic reason of formation of kidney stone is not the kidney but the large intestine, from where the fluid is absorbed to the kidney. So the basic treatment should be done for the large intestine.

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