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GOKUL AYURVEDIC HOSPITALS started business with two partners Smt V. Amrutha Lakshmi and V. Subbalakshamma. V. Amrutha Lakshmi acts as Managing Partner. We are maintaining Ayurvedic hospitals by employing qualified ayurvedic doctors and staff.  In May 2002 Gokul started out patient service to the patients with minimum facilities. Now Gokul gradually developed as Super specialty Ayurvedic Hospital. With multiple branches in Andhra Pradesh State, India. Our website started in May 21st 2008. Providing online Ayurvedic advices to the patient’s and sharing of information among doctors.

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It is an important pre panchakarma treatment designed to induce sweating which helps to relieves sthamba(stiffness) gowravam(heaviness), seta(coldness). Swedakarma  is a Preparatory procedure like snehakarma  for panchakarma therapy, and it may be used as independent  treatment. Swedakarma liquifies  the aggregated vitiated doshas  which are already ungrounded by the sneha therapy and brought back the doshas to kosta for elimination by vamana(emisis),Virechana(purgation).
Swedakarma induces sweat due to its action, the channels of the body are cleaned by eliminating the body wastes produced by the metabolism. There are several types of sweda treatments explained in ayurveda. Ayurvedic physician selects the type of sudation for specific treatment to the patient. LEECH THERAPY comes under Raktamokshana  therapy. In this procedure jaloukacacharana or sucking of blood by application of leech in a special technique explained in ayurvedic texts to treat certain diseases.


In ayurveda there are different types of treatments explained.   Samana treatment and sodhana treatments are important of them are explained in this pages. Diseases caused by the vitiated doshas and dooshyas, treated with suitable samana treatments will bring backs the doshas to normal state. Five therapeutic measures are used for sodhana treatments.  Sodhana treatment plays a vital role in eliminating the toxic, putrid substances and to maintain the constant level of Doshas in the body. It plays a vital role in maintaining internal environment.
In Sushruta samhita an ancient ayurvedic text acharya Sushrutha(ancient surgeon) clubbed both Asthapana vasthi and Anuvasanam vasthi as vasthi treatment and added RAKTAMOOKSHANA to it, so the number of treatments remains five types. Benefits of panchakarma: panchakarma treatment used to remove the vitiated doshas from the body and cures the disease, it is considered as body detoxification programme. It maintains positive health in healthy individual. Useful in rasayana(rejuvenation) and vajikarna(Aphrodisiac).
Usually this treatment given before Panchakarma.  vitiated doshas are located in different parts of the body where the disease is produced. These vitiated doshas are to be brought into the koshta,( GIT)(Gastro intestinal tract) where from  they are  eliminated by the Panchakarma treatment. Snehakarma(oleation therapy), Swedakarma(sudation therapy) should be performed before Panchakarma therapy, for bringing these doshas to the GIT. In some cases Pachana therapy also indicated for Ama Pachanam.
Massaging the body with suitable oils in down ward direction with normal pressure is called abhyangham. Abhyangam is the most ancient ayurvedic therapy for relieving pain etc. abhyangham is to be determined as a preliminary measure before Panchakarma therapy. Or it may be used for muscle relaxation as rejuvenator. Different types of techniques are used in doing the massage according to the season and disease.
Abhyangam is used in the Vata type of diseases, relieves pain, fatigue, induces sleep, improves eye sight, stimulate muscles, nerves, improves the blood circulation causing the body to flush out waste products most effectively, increases the smoothness of the skin, induces sleep, reduces aging , Ayurvedic tails (medicated oils) and medicines are used in therapeutic massage.
Medicated oils are used in massage, they acts as carrier for nourishing. Herbs and substances added to prepare the oils. Wide varieties of medicated oil formulas are described in ayurvedic tests. Sesame oil is used as base oil in most of the formulas. Massaging the body in upward direction with increased pressure is “Udvarthanam”This procedure is useful in obesity. Massage should be done in proper way only.then the patient will get the maximum effect.

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