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Rasa Ayurveda Healing Center for Women - Thiruvananthapuram

At Rasa Ayurveda  We’ve been devoted to every woman’s health and happiness, East and West for many years. Because when a woman feels healthy and happy, she naturally expresses her beauty, intelligence, joy, authenticity and strength. She’s able to make her unique contribution to her loved ones, and to our world.

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Pancha Karma is the classic Ayurvedic regimen for purifying and rejuvenating the physical and emotional bodies. Originally designed to bolster the health and longevity of royalty, Pancha Karma is a wonderful process designed to “hit the reset button” in our health and lives. Considered most valuable for protecting natural balance and preventing disease, the clearing and restoration available thru Pancha Karma is powerful preventative medicine. Through Pancha Karma, toxic residue, energies and blockages can be guided out and away from the body and mind before obvious symptoms become manifest.

Pancha Karma can also halt disease in some patients, reverse the disease process in some, and potentially heal previously damaged tissues in some women. At Rasa Ayurveda, we feel particularly confident treating digestive imbalances, sinus difficulties, joint problems, reproductive and hormonal disorders, overweight and underweight cases, some auto-immune diseases, “burn out” and other mental/emotional/nervous system imbalances. Post-chemotherapy patients have also benefited greatly from treatment.


Your treatment plan may call for shodhana chikilsa (eliminative treatment) — in which pancha karma is often key — or shamana chikilsa (palliative treatment). Depending on how much time you have available for treatment, and what your health goals are, and where you are in the process, your daily schedule may vary. You may receive therapies in the morning, or in the afternoon. Or both! Sometimes evening treatments are called for also. Whenever it’s time for a therapy session, one of Rasa Ayurveda’s therapists will come to find you in your room, in the sit-out visiting with other patients, in the garden – wherever you may be, to call you in for treatment.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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