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Vedic Health Care is a reputed ayurvedic treatment centre located at Chandigarh-The City Beautiful. It provides health care by Ayurveda, our age–old Indian system of medicine. Our Clinic clinic offers a variety of therapeutic packages which includes: Metabolic disorder correction, Liver and Gastrointestinal disorder treatment, Treatment for disorders of joints and spine, Urological disorder treatment, Anxiety and Stress disorders management, Panchkarma for healthy people.

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Ayurveda, a highly scientific process, tried and tested, by the doyens of healing and cure all over the world holds the secret of longevity, what sages and seekers have termed the Eternal Fountain of Youth. The Indian system of curative therapy has its roots in the natural flora and fauna. Ayurvedic preparations called bhasms, churns, tailums etc. involve complicated processes like delicate measurements, meticulous heating, cooling, grinding, paste making and differential cooking mechanisms and a number of other decoctions and extracts – all which are individual specific as per the need and extent of each persons problems.
The idea is to cleanse, purify and revitalize – all systems – physical, physiological, even mental and psychological. Benefits : Detoxifies Liver, Lungs, Lymphnodes and colon, Improves blood circulation, Skin becomes youthful, clean and glowing, reducing blemishes and dark circles, Decreases excess fat around abdomen and waist, Helps normalize lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides etc) and Uric Acid profile, Improves the functioning of digestive enzymes, Very effective in curing metabolic disorders, Relaxes muscles, Makes joints supple and flexible, Promotes lymphatic drainage. It manages stress and stress-induced disorders in the corporate executives and other associates. This module has developed as a unique training program that can be easily customized to suit individual / group in the corporate sectors.
All programs based on ancient Indian science of YOGA. It develops; Deeper and clear understanding of physical, physiological and psychological disorders of human resources attached in the various corporate sectors. Prevention and manage various physical, mental and emotional problems of the associates of corporate sectors. Behavioral modification in attitude and skills with drug free solutions. This Yoga module make your employees to be less stressed and more positive in outlook at workplace. This Yoga module is customized to suit the needs of corporate/ executive groups and designed in a fun and interactive manner using accelerated, regular, short term and long term Yoga Training modules. Dr. Sangeeta Gupta has made a lot of informative lecturers on Ayurveda in India and abroad.


Our clinic, as most of the medical institutions, treats the following ailments: Metabolic disorders: High cholestrol and blood lipid levels,liver dysfunction, diabetes, gout, arthritis, anorexia and obesity. Gastrointestinal disorders: Digestive disorders, chronic diarrhoea, chronic gastritis, and gastric ulcers. Disorders of the vegetative nervous system: Insomnia, anxiety, discomfort, chronic stress, migraines, and headaches. Cardiovascular disorders.High blood pressure, heart and blood circulation disorders. Disorders of joints and spine: Chronic joint pains, abrasion of joint cartilage, joint inflammations, muscle cramps, diseases of the locomotive system, rheumatic afflictions of joints, spinal pains, herniated disc. Respiratory disorders.Sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Skin disorders:Neurodermitis, psoriasis, eczema. Gynaecological disorders:Disorders of the menstrual cycle, climax. Urological disorders:Chronic and acute cystitis and prostitis, functional and pathologic disorders of the reproductive organs (sterlity, loss of libido or sexual vigor). Development of Diseases During scientific analysis of most of the diseases mentioned above, the same schemes can be observed in the chain of development of the disease, as follows: First of all , there is disturbance in the process of digestion and excretion (elimination of excreta or by-products of the body's vital functions), which results in imbalance of the acid-basic system in the body with the increase of acidity.

This is inevitably followed by the increased activity of the latent viruses, bacteria and fungi, damage of the microflora of the tissues, and immune reaction in the form of inflammations, allergies and toxicosis. This is usually accompanied by deposition of a number of toxic metabolites deep into the various tissues of the body resulting into metabolic syndrome characterized by :Increse of the lipids (cholestrol, triglycerides), uric acid and blood glucose levels, resulting in inevitable deposits of them in the tissues and blood vessels, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart and liver disorders

As a result, partial anoxia, acidity and activation of infections in the chondroid and bone tissues happens.The endocrine glands are damaged, which result in hormone disorders like thyroid etc. Others is the development of diseases in the locomotive system, urinary tract and the female reproductive organs. The human body, which may be stuck in this toxic condition for years, will inevitably exhaust the resources of the nervous hormones (neurons, enzymes), which results in: insomnia, anxiety, depression, panic states and chronic headaches.

Hence, the actual treatment of any disease involves the diagnaosis and treatment of each pathologic chain-link, simultaneously observing the holistic and individual approach. DIAGNOSIS According to teaching of Ayurveda the patient is a living book which the physian should be able to read. The symptom of disease always manifest with the loss of system's equilibrium.Ayurveda gives very accurate method for the identification of the disease process even before the manifestation of any visible symptoms of it. The physician identifies the information regarding the disease from the bodily signs like the pulse ,tongue , face, nails, eyes, skin, limbs, posture and abdomen. With the help of these he can identify the pathological processes taking place in the body, the weakened organs, and the sites of accumulation of toxins .

Unfortunately the modern laboratory technology has pushed the diagnotic abilities of the physicians to the background. Laboratory tests give good footing to the dia gnostics ,but natural diagnostics is indispensible as it gives a considerably more complete picture of the mental and bodily state of the patient along with its current changes. Considering the high sensitivity of the digestive system, the liver and the kidneys towards the synthetic (allopathic) medicines, as well as the number of their side-effects, the application of Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment and preparations, time-tested and verified for thousands of years is favoured in the first phase.

The Panchakarma purification therapy is the most effective, scientifically proven detoxification and regeneration therapy of the organism on the cellular level. Panchakarma eliminates the deeply deposited waste materials from the system, restores the normal function of the digestive organs, and deacidfies the tissues, thus reestablishing the acid-base equilibrium. After the system is purified from waste materials, roughage and “uninvited guests”, the foundational disease can be treated more effectively and rapidly. This is made possible by the re-arrangement of the self-regulatory and restitute mechanisms originally genetically coded into the human body. And we support these processes by herbal medication (mostly of natural origin) and various other procedures like massage, manual therapy (chiropractice) with mineral oils, resins and breathing exercises, yoga, etc.

The nervous system is most difficult to treat and to regenerate, especially the vegetataive nervous system, as well as the peripheral neurons. Therefore it appears that even after the thorough detoxification of the body, during the treatment of certain disease like osteochondrosis, herniated disc, joint inflammations,abrasion of joint cartilage, vegetataive distony, neuralgia, amenorrhea, disorders of libido and sexual virility, the symptoms donot dissapear completely. So,after the completion of the treatment therapy, a reiterative examination and a complex invigorating and rejuvenation therapy called Rasayana is applied. Our scientific views regarding the reasons for the development of diseases and the practical approach to their trearment are apparently different from the presently accepted views.

Befor panchkarma ,we prepare the body for detoxification and cleaning.That is a two step process called purvakarma which involve : Snehana: intake of medicated herbal oils for 3 to 7 days depending upon the body constitution and ailment of the person along with massage with medicated herbal oils to assist the softening and mobilisation of toxins. Svedana: fomentation therapy which siimulates the elimination of toxins through the pores of the skin.Further it brings the toxins to the central part to be eliminated through the nearest route. This is followed by the purificatory and detoxification therapy called panchkarma, which is applied with the purpose of complete detoxification of the body, and purification of both body and mind .

Panchkarma consists of following therapies: VAMANA- medicated induced vomiting for decreasing Kapha disorders. VIRECHANA- Therapeutic purgation of the bowels for pitta disorders. NASYA - for treating the disease of head and neck. BASTI - Medicated enemas and oil enemas. These purificatory producers are designated to eliminate the accumulated toxins and other waste materials of vital functions from the body. The elimination of toxins always result in relief and revitalization of the system . Dou to intimate link between the humors (Doshas) and tissues this purification method indirectly affects the tissues by selectively eliminating and pacifying the Doshas linked to them. For example the decreasing of Kapha by emetic drugs affects the water balance of the alimentary tissues containing water, saline dolution, plasma and lipids. A simultaneous elimination of the excess Pitta by a similar purgation of the bowels indirectly influences the blood and body pigments.

Basti somewhat differs from these methods, as this aims at elimininating the excess Vata, and applies the mixture of warm oils. The physical and mental ailments appear due to the vitiation of the body humors-Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and mental humors-Rajas and Tamas. The three main reasons for the vitiation of the biologic and mental Doshas are the conscious activities, the time factor and the feelings. The food and the environmental factors bearing the qualities of thethe chole different Doshas vitiate the original Doshas and create diseases. The purificatory processes of the Panchakarma restore the balance of the Doshas, causing a healing and preventing effect.

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