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As time passed by, the Diabetics formula had become famous. Various articles on Ayurvedic Dispensaries were been published in the renowned weekly magazine “SUDHA”. Slowly they started Free medical Camps in the states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, kerala, Goa, Tamil Nadu & now almost entire India. The Ex- Vice president of India, Mr. B. D Jatti, along with The Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Murarji Desai & Mrs. Nijalingappa , the Ex- Chief Minister of Karnataka visited Ayurvedic Dispensaries to congratulate them as they were all pleased by the services offered by them. The Common People honoured them with the title “VAIDHYA RATNA” Later Mr. Mahadev Subhash Pukale, born on 22nd July 1981. He completed his BBA & later joined his father, Dr. Subhash N Pukale & Mr. Mahadev S Pukale are currently managing Ayurvedic Dispensary.

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In Yoga, it is said that `What you eat is what you are.' Meaning the food has a direct impact on human mind, personality and behavior. After all Yoga is basically a healthy life style for spiritual upliftment! The Science of Yoga has both, ideology and technology: suggestive theory and practical methods. Yoga suggests and supports vegetarian diet, naturally grown fruits and vegetables, all grains, pulses and dairy products as a healthy diet with few options. The options are available to those who have reached a higher level of understanding and perception. The yogic diet emphasis vegetarian and dairy products for mainly two reasons, firstly:
The principles of Yoga are based on the laws of the Mother Nature and secondly it purely believes in the core nature. The more you are close to the nature you are more healthy, the more you are away from her you are more sick and ill and more unhealthy! The first step in Yoga practices is *Yama, meaning restrains. Which covers the concept of *'Ahinsa' meaning non-violence, non-hurting, non-killing and non-injury. Mother nature has given supremacy to man by giving and providing more intellectual power compare to other creatures on earth. The virtue of Non-violence is to curb that power. Man has no right to kill or hurt any other creatures.
Yoga practice thus restricts the act of man so he can't misuse his powers on other creatures. In other words there is a straight message to eat live and survive on the products naturally grown or cultivated by man in order to cover the needs of the human population on earth. There is always a debate and discussion that plucking and cutting any fruits, vegetables, plants and trees, is also an act of violence. Yoga gives further explanation that you have only right to cut, which, is grown naturally or cultivated by man himself! The seed itself has no life. You put life into it by providing land, manure, water, your efforts and care. So you have a right to pluck and cut! You are the cause and reason of that life. So for survival, cutting any naturally grown and cultivated plants or plucking fruits from a tree is not considered as an act of violence or sin as per the law of nature and Yoga.
Yoga science further explains that why vegetarian diet is good? It also gives scientific explanation at both levels: physical and mental. Vegetarian diet is easy to digest because it is natural E.g. The protein from any beans or dairy product is easy to digest than an animal protein. Vegetarian diet takes 3-4 hours to digest while non-vegetarian diet takes 6 + hours to digest the body .The organs of the digestive system have to work more and hard to digest heavy foods. Our great Yogis were observers of the nature. They have studied the Nature very minutely and precisely. Milk is the first food taken by all babies: human or animal! A very natural form of food for any life! Produced by the body and for the nourishment of the body! So all the natural form of dairy product is covered in Yogic diet.
Again animal milk is a question of debate and discussion but we all know that we use the milk from animals those are domestic and survive on grains, grass and plants - the natural foods. E.g. cows, goats, camels etc. Plus the priority is given to their babies and human - the caretaker or owner, uses remaining extra milk! In the category of domestic animals we have to consider elephant, horse, donkey, bull etc though they are strong, their strength and power is useful, they offer their services to the owners! The violent and wild animals: tiger, panther, lion attack and kill others. Now just compare their nature, behavior and food they eat and you will get the answer! In other words it proves that even in animal kingdom, those who are eating natural veggie foods are more calm, useful and stronger animals! Their strength is useful. While wild animals are always angry, irritated, agitated and restless. They are strong but the strength is wasted in fulfilling their needs, instincts, power and desires!


Diet modification: The first step for the ayurvedic treatment of diabetes is that, it is necessary to modify diet, which includes reduced intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates, and emphasizes on complex carbohydrates. Protein intake should be decreased as higher intake can damage the kidneys. Fat intake should be limited as digestion of fat becomes difficult in these patients due to deficiency of other pancreatic enzymes. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, orange, lemons, bitter fruits and herbs. Panchakarma: Many diabetics have antibodies against their own pancreatic tissue (auto antibodies), hence the cleansing program Panchakarma is used to clean the auto antibodies. This includes herbal massages, herbal steam sauna, and fasting to cleanse the body. Following these a herbal purge for the liver, pancreas, and spleen is given. Lastly colon therapy is given to cleanse the digestive tract and then to reorganize the system.

Exercise and yoga: Physical exercise, breathing exercises and yoga are used for ayurvedic treatment of diabetes. Herbs: Several herbal remedies for treatment of diabetes are used by ayurveda practitioners. Shilajit, gudmar turmeric, neem, amalaki, guggul, and arjuna are the most important herbal remedies for treatment of diabetes. Turmeric along with aloe-vera gel is effective in the early stages of diabetes for regulating function of pancrease and liver. Studies have shown that herbs such as Coccinia indica, holy basil, fenugreek, and Gymnema Sylvester and the herbal formulas Ayush-82 and D-400 have glucose-lowering effect.

Some of the commonly used Ayurvedic herbal remedies for diabetes mellitus are Bitter gourd or bitter lemon juice taken everyday in empty stomach. Turmeric capsules: 2 capsules daily thrice a day. Rose apple stones powder taken twice daily. Fenugreek, musta, Arjuna, triphala, ajwan, haritaki mixed with ghee taken daily. Amlaki powder, haldi powder with honey, taken twice daily. These remedies lower the blood sugar and mostly decrease the need for insulin and other allopathic medicines to control blood sugar.

Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder among the affluent in our country. At any given time, approximately 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men report that they are presently trying to lose weight. Lakhs of rupees are spent every year on weight loss treatments. Still, with the current medical treatment, the failure rate remains to be high. And in most cases, there is a strong tendency to regain weight; about one-third of lost weight is regained within a year, and almost all within five years.
According to one study, by 2010, an estimated 130 million people in Asia-Pacific region will be suffering from obesity as a result of change in lifestyles, which involve less exercise and more food.

Joint Disease (Rheumatic Conditions).Our Body is made-up of 230 movable and semi-movable joints. Bones are made up of Calcium, Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Carbonate. Bones are Calcium reserves. In times of need, calcium can be given to the body. Our muscle bone skeletal system provides structure, stability and movement to the body. Bones serve as rigid foundation to the body and shields to protect delicate internal organs. Movable joints are, shoulder joints, Hip joint, Ankle joint. Immovable joint is skull. Body joints are the points at which two or more bones are connected. Cartilage is a strong, dense tissue that connects the bone joints. Any disease involving the Synovial Membranes or causing degeneration of Cartilage are classified under Bone Diseases.

Hair Fall.Is one of the most common problems faced by today’s generation who lead such hectic and stressful lives. Hair loss, thinning of hair and balding could be a result of excess of Pitta dosha in the body, which is caused by excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, fried food, spicy food, oily food, meats and excessive smoking. Excessive intake of medicines, low blood circulation, anemia, excessive exposure to sunlight, pollution, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, anxiety, and mental tension also contribute to hair loss. Chronic diseases like typhoid fever, presence of dandruff or lice and hormonal imbalance may also lead to hair loss.

According to Ayurveda, body type and balance of mind-body constitute to be important factors in determining hair loss. Individuals having excess Pitta dosha face problems of hair loss and early graying of hair. Excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems. Pitta is increased by excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, meats and excessive smoking.Pitta is also aggravated by eating 120..too much fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods. Ayurvedic treatment considers the hair as a byproduct for bone formation. The tissues which are responsible for formation of bones are also responsible for your hair growth. Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss combines balanced diet, herbs, oil massage, meditation, aromatherapy, breathing and yoga.

Skin & Cosmetics.Ayurvedic skin types can be classified at the most fundamental level based on the predominance of a single element in the skin.
The goal of ayurvedic skin care is to restore the original prakriti of the skin by bringing back into balance the elements that have become disturbed. When the original prakriti of the skin is restored, the individual enjoys truly beautiful skin. Skin Care for Space Predominant Skin.Space predominant skin is thinner than other skin types, not as bright in luster, and prone to flaking, bruising and getting scratched. The pores are also very small. As this type of skin ages, it becomes even thinner than skin of its ethnic background. This type of skin receives great benefit from soft massage and soft touch.

Male & Female Infertility.According to ayurveda involvement of the various doshas - vatta, pitta, kafha - any one of them or all the 3 together is likely to lead to sterility / infertility .Female infertility may be due to failure to ovulate, obstruction in fallopian tube, or any disease/ infection / inflammation in the uterus. Male infertility may be due to low sperm count or poor quality of sperm or total absence of sperm. Infertility in males and females are treated separately.

In men, these include environmental and hormonal factors that affect the production of healthy, motile sperm and normal semen, as well as blockages that affect the delivery of sperm. In women, the causes are more varied since she plays a greater role in reproduction. First, one of the organs involved in reproduction may be absent, mal-formed or non-functional. Second, the organs may be normal, but the complex hormonal feedback system that is necessary to support follicular development, ovulation and implantation of the fertilized egg may be disrupted.

Ayurveda for Women's Health.Woman body is wonderfully complex and delicate. Multiple roles as mother, daughter, wife, homemaker, wage earner is physically and mentally quite taxing. As a woman, you might share some common health risks with men, such as Hypertension, Diabetes etc. but because of your special reproductive role, you are at risk of some distinctly female disorders.

Ayurveda is a health care system sensitive to women's special health needs. Women are far more sensitive to the rhythms and cycles of nature and Ayurveda is founded on the principle of keeping the body toned in tune with nature and naturally women find Ayurveda very suitable. Ayurveda has formulated tonics, healthcare supplements and such other health care products for prenatal, post natal and neonatal care and to ensure reproductive health. Effective herbal remedies are available for the problem of menopause and conditions such as pre-menstrual tension.

Ayurveda has best natural health supplements and products to manage the changes in the body right from puberty to menopause.
Ayurveda can work miracles. Ayurvedic healthcare is the perfect solution for women to stop the aging process. Periodic rejuvenation therapy will keep health, beauty and zest intact throughout the years.

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