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HimVeda was started by 2 young minds who were close friends since early college days.Studying in a premier Ayurvedic college the friendship nurtured with every passing day.It didn’t take long for them to observe that this great science had been reduced to a mere 2nd cousin of western medicine. The Indian wisdom was now referred to as alternative system of medicine.The friends started to explore the reasons for this decay.

To understand this we need to go back to the times when Ayurveda was in its full splendor and western medicine had no influence at all.This was the time before British rule. People used to live in joint families.Individual was responsible for family ,family was responsible for clan, clan was responsible for village and so on.In this setting every individual was working for a larger cause rather than for his own self.The betterment of individual was inherent in the betterment of the society.Those who were unable to contribute anything because of physical or mental handicaps or lack of skill were taken care of automatically.

It was a non competitive society (one need not be competitive to survive) .Instead it was a society based on mutual interest. Upliftment of mankind was the purpose of living.People were rooted to their culture and traditions .Ayurveda was very much a part of this tradition . It was a way of living and reflected in every activity and ritual.

After the advent of British,western thought along with western culture as well as medicine was introduced.It continued to make its mark even after the British left. Indian civilization had the tendency to accept and tolerate. Western thought which was based on competitiveness started to slowly uproot the traditional .Reductionism and consumerism broke up the joint family culture  into nuclear. Ayurveda being intricately linked to the tradition took a deep blow.Reductionist western medicine enjoyed the favour because of its ability to give immediate results suiting the fast paced society.

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The uniqueness of our Ayurvedic medicines has had a big role to play in the success we have achieved in most nagging disorders. Instead of buying adulterated herbs from the market our herbs are provided to us by the local farmers and herb collectors.These people have very deep understanding of the herbs,sometimes their knowledge exceeds that of the experts.

They collect herbs in the right season on auspicious days.On such days the potential of these herbs is proven to be maximum.Then they are properlydried.Based on the properties some herbs are dried in shade and others are dried in sunlight.Many herbs grow in the higher reaches of the Himalayas and require a great deal of effort to be collected.

Now these herbs are made into different formulations like powders, tablets, Quathas (decoctions), Malhars (ointments), lepas (creames), asavas & arishtas (alcoholic preparations), gugglu preparations (a variety of tablets prepared out of resin of a plant), ghee & oil preparations, Rasayanas (rejuvenative medicines)


Ayurvedic treatment Dharamshala - HimVeda symbolizes efficacy and reliability of Ayurvedic treatments for disorders which are posing a challenge to the modern system of medicine. Ayurveda is as simple as mother nature itself. Simple yet not simplistic We have kept our working principles simple to match this simplicity. How we treat :

Our doctors rely on the ancient ‘guna’ based concept of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a highly personalised system of medicine.Medicine in two patients of the same disease may totally differ because of the differences in ‘Prakriti’ (body type). Prakriti analysis is done before prescribing the medicines. Vikriti (disease) analysis is done using modern parameters like blood tests,scans e.t.c. We use our own medicines/herbs rather than falling for fancy Ayurvedic products. These medicines are made in our center from Himalayan herbs provided to us by the local farmers. We also use traditional Panchakarma therapies. We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge of Ayurveda so that they learn to self heal by following healthy lifestyle rather than being over dependent on medicines and doctors. We like to develop a strong personal bond with our patients. Food is the primary medicine and we look at it that way. Our food for the inpatients is cooked with love and care.

What we treat: Using these principles we have given great results in a number of challenging diseases.Our core field of work is in the following: Chronic Pancreatitis, Dharamshala Ayurveda, Medicine preparation, Interstitial Lung disease, Chronic Kidney disease, Sarcoidosis, What the patients need to do:

You can contact us by mail or phone and let us know about your health issues.The doctors will go through your case history and medical reports .You will then be guided about the future course of action. Also visit our patient testimonials to read about some of our success stories.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

Emergency Services:Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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