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Commonly known LAVANYA AYURVEDA, was established as a service institution about 15 years back. It being an offshoot of Lavanya Trust (Regd.), started to function at Bansal Complex (Third Floor), Faizabad Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow to cater the needs of ailing persons at out-patients level. The help of Ayurvedic specialties like Panchkarma, Shirodhara, various Vastis was also taken to give long-lasting effects of Ayurvedic medicines and to enhance vitality so as to popularize Ayurveda among masses. Prominent Vaidyas gave their services in this direction of fulfilling the aim for extensive popularity to our ancient wisdom of medical science.

It was always kept in forefront that Ayurveda be putforth in its scientifically proved form and so far as possible assistance of modern medicines be not taken. It was also felt that in our society some dreaded conditions like Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis B & C etc. are taken as incurable diseases and these patients are left on the mercy of modern medical science which is quite expensive and induces side effects on the other hands but taken as last word. Unfortunately Ayurveda was not considered competent for treatment of incurable diseases because it was not presented in proper scientific manner with serious efforts. Keeping this in view, Lavanya Ayurveda started to work on these dreaded conditions with the following objectives:

To review, reconstruct and evolve therapeutic measures of Ayurveda in the management of patient of chronic ailments especially Cancer. To make available outdoor and inpatient facilities for the patients seeking help for the disorder in their interest. To make use of scientific technique/means, measures, and equipment in diagnosis for clinical management and follow up of those who have undertaken the services of the hospital facilities. To formulate, prepare, dispense and administer preferably Ayurvedic preparations designed to manage the patients.

Additional Information

Lavanya Ayurveda is an ayurvedic specialty Institute that redefines the standards of excellence in healthcare services and brings together the best of infrastructure, technology, training, education, and medical intelligence. Our unmatched quality standards along with cutting edge technology and medical intelligence enables us to provide personalized healthcare services.

Tradition and experience have shaped the core of this institution and our belief in ethical and transparent medical practices have made us the healthcare destination of choice for more than 20 Thousand patients. Lavanya Ayurveda is not just a hospital, but it is truly a health city with state of the art healthcare delivery systems of multiple specialties and super specialties all brought together under one roof.


Blood Cancer - Total 14 blood cancer patients with age (7-65 years) were Lucknow city of Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital and Research Center. These patients were only suffering from Blood Cancer not from any organic diseases. After obtaining prior consent form, venous blood samples was collected from the subjects before (pre) and after treatment (post) with herbomineral drug LAS02 Capsule under aseptic condition. The drug was given to these patients for two months. After collection of blood sample, serum and plasma were separated by centrifugation at 4000 rpm for 10 min. at room temperature for measurement of hematological, biochemical parameters along with in pre and post treated patients.

Bone Cancer - A bone tumor, is a neoplasticgrowth of tissue in bone. Abnormal growths found in the bone can be either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous) . Bone tumors may be classified as "primary tumors", which originate in bone or from bone-derived cells and tissues, and "secondary tumors" which originate in other sites and spread (metastasize) to the skeleton. Carcinomas of the prostate, breasts, lungs, thyroid, andkidneys are the carcinomas that most commonly metastasize to bone. Secondary malignant bone tumors are estimated to be 50 to 100 times as common as primary bone cancers.

Brain Cancer - A brain tumor or intracranial neoplasm occurs when abnormal cells form within the brain. There are two main types of tumors: malignant or cancerous tumors and benign tumors. Cancerous tumors can be divided into primary tumors that started within the brain and those that spread from somewhere else known as brain metastasis tumors; this article deals mainly with primary tumors. All types of brain tumors may produce symptoms that vary depending on the part of the brain involved. These may include headaches, seizures, problem with vision, vomiting, and mental changes. The headache is classically worst in the morning and goes away with vomiting. More specific problems may include difficulty in walking, speaking and with sensation. As the disease progresses unconsciousness may occur.

HEPATITIS - Hepatitis is a medical condition defined by the inflammation of the liver and characterized by the presence of inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ. Hepatitis may occur with limited or no symptoms, but often leads to yellow discoloration of the skin, mucus membranes, and conjunctivae, poor appetite and malaise. Hepatitis is acute when it lasts less than six months and chronic when it persists longer. The condition can be self-limiting (healing on its own) or can progress to fibrosis (scarring) and cirrhosis.

Worldwide, sexually transmitted hepatitis viruses are the most common cause of the condition.Other causes include autoimmune diseases and ingestion of toxic substances (notably alcohol, certain medications (such as paracetamol), some industrial organic solvents, and plants).

AIDS - People living with HIV/AIDS often choose traditional or complementary and alternative medicine to complement or replace conventional treatment. The presence of multi-drug or even multiclass resistance in HIV also warrants the need to explore additional means to combat HIV and provide further justifications for the need of alternative and complementary medicines in the treatment of HIV/ AIDS.

Most of the traditional system of medicine in India includes some form of ‘medicinal plant’herb, or natural plant products It is therefore not surprising that the activity of these traditional medicines against HIV can be scientifically analysed to deduce the role of natural plant products in their anti-HIV activities. A number of medicinal plants have been reported to have anti-HIV properties (1). Over the past two decades, substantial progress has been made in research on the natural products possessing anti-HIV activity. A variety of secondary metabolites obtained from natural origin showed moderate to good anti-HIV activity (2).Beside traditional and herbal medicine, Siddha medicine is also a one among the great heritage of India. According to Siddha medical science, the Universe originally consisted of atom which contributed to the five basic elements, viz., earth, water, fire, air and sky which correspond to the five senses of the human body and they were the fundamentals of all the corporeal things in the world.

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