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Ayurveda is a healing science that has a holistic approach. It not only believes in recuperating the body but also rejuvenating it. According to Ayurveda, the formation of the body is basically by the 5 elements that constitute matter. When there is a certain imbalance between these 5 elements then it results in ailment. The human body is made up of unique proportions of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
This ratio of the Doshas varies in each and every individual and because of this Ayurveda considers each person as a special mixture that represents diversity. Ayurveda renders model to look at each human being as a unique makeup of the three doshas and to thereby devise healing that specifically addresses the concerned patient’s health challenges. When any of the mentioned doshas become assimilated, Ayurveda will suggest precise lifestyle and dietetic guidelines to aid the individual in sinking the dosha that has reached above the permitted extent. Besides, herbal medicines are recommended in order to cure the imbalance generated by the disease.
Consideration of this main principle of Ayurveda , it renders us an clarification as to why one person responds in a different way to a cure or diet than another and why patients with the identical disease may yet necessitate diverse medications. Other vital basic principles of Ayurveda are concisely highlighted below- Dhatus- These are the essential tissues which uphold and nurture the body. They are seven in number namely- rasa (chyle), raktha (blood), mamsa (muscles),meda (fatty tissue), asthi (bone), majja (marrow) and sukla (reproductive tissue). Proper amount of each dhatu and their balanced utility is very imperative for fine health. Mala- These are the squander materials formed as a result of diverse metabolic activities in the body. They are largely urine, faces, sweat etc.
Proper purging of the waste is equally important for restoring a fine health. Amassing of malas results in numerous diseases in the body. Srotas- These are diverse types of channels that are accountable for carrying of food, dhatus,malas and doshas. Proper functioning of srotas is necessary for transporting different materials to the site of their requirement. Blockage of srotas causes many diseases. Agni- These are different types of enzymes dependable for digestion and converting one material to another.All these aspects should task in a proper equilibrium for fine health. They are inter-related and are directly or indirectly responsible for maintaining equilibrium of the tri-doshas.

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Online Training Programs: It is a fact that there are a large number of people who despite willing to learn the principles of Ayurvedic treatment unable to find the time required attending the on-campus training program. The good news for such training aspirants is that At Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra we are now offering the self-study course on various methods of Ayurvedic treatment and practical applications that can be attended online.

Ayurveda is undoubtedly one of the most holistic and comprehensive healing systems and has transformed the lives of millions of people till date. There are distinct forms of courses available at Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra dealing in diverse modules of treatment. The lessons offered online by the experts not only help you to become one of the highly learned practitioners of the world but also understand the ways to lead a healthier and productive life. When you look at the correspondence online courses offered at our center then you would find that they can be divided into different levels. The certification and the credibility will be awarded after the completion of the specific course of training chosen by you.


Amblyopia:The common term which is used to define Amblyopia is ‘Lazy Eye.’ It is imperative to know that in most of the cases the children suffer from this disease. In different stages of the disease, the vision of any one of the eyes does not develop to the needed extent.Prior to understanding how you can get in touch with an Ayurvedic hostipal for the treatment of Amblyopia it is worth understanding the causes accountable for it. The three main reasons are highlighted below for your understanding of the problem.

Deprivation: It is a particular case in which the lens of the eyes becomes hazy due to the accumulation of some of the undesired elements in the eye. Strabismic : It is the most common reason due to which this disease occurs. When the operation of the muscles responsible for the proper functioning of the eyes perform inadequately then this lack of coordination results in Amblyopia. Refractive Lazy Eye : When the difference between the visualizing ability of both the eyes widens from each other then such a sort of problem persists. Some of the eye disorders responsible for leading to Refractive Amblyopia include myopia, hypermetropia, cataract, etc.

Ayurvedic treatment for Amblyopia (Lazy Eye): Ayurvedic treatment for amblyopia also aim to strengthen the weakend eye muscles by patching and other eye exercises. There is a major role of eye exercises and it can not be ignored. Along with eye exercises, procedures like Tharpana, Nethradhara, eye massage, Annalepanam and others help to speed up the process. There are good chances of improvement in vision if the disease is diagnosed in early stage. Squint also improves and so the vision in that particular eye.

It is advisable to avail the services of Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra in order to get benefited with the best treatment of Amblyopia or Lazy Eye through Ayurveda. Visit and get one-stop answer to all your health issues related to Amblyopia. General diseases and their cure through Ayurveda, Usually it is seen that most of the people try Ayurveda when they fail to get results from any other treatment option or when they see no hope for their recovery. In this regard, it is important to note that Ayurveda not only helps in making a person recover from the disease rather it even helps a person live a healthy life, well maintained with effects that lasts for a good time period.

As a science of longevity and healthy life prevention, Ayurveda is the most holistic as well as healthy life prevention system that helps in both spiritual as well as the complete body healing. It dates back to over 5,000 years and is even known as the “mother of all healing”. There are a number of general diseases that are easily curable through Ayurveda. Some of these are given as under: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Gout, Slip Disc(Sciatica), Migraine, Depression, Parkinson’s Disease, Paralysis, Psoriasis,Vitiligo(Leucodrma).

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