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At present in the medical field, the biggest achievement of the human beings is Western Medicine and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Western medicine specializes in treating approximately 30% of all man's diseases, such as: first aid; surgeries; the prevention of the spreading of epidemic diseases; and sustaining life functions by the use of modern facilities and equipment. Whereas TCM excels in the treatment of 70% of human diseases, such as: chronic inflammation; chronic pain; functional imbalance; immune system disorders; viral infections; proliferative diseases; degenerative conditions; senility problems; commonly encountered syndromes; sub-health status; and other chronic and difficult health problems.

We know that Western Medicine is the preferred solution for acute conditions, however the number of people choosing the green, and safe, medicine is growing daily. Rather than Western medicine, which is based on chemical materials that then have their side effects with their problems, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based upon natural plants. The comprehensive and flexible treatment strategies bring about fantastic results based on herbal treatment, acupuncture and massage rather than the invasive methods of Western medicine. It is now our special honor to share this millenia old medicine with you and other friends all over the world.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) International Service Complex is located in Huaihua City, Hunan Province in Mid-South China. It encompasses a medical school, TCM bookstore, TCM hospital, acupuncture center, herbal manufacturer, herbal scientific research center, TCM herbal pharmacy, TCM export company, and an information service. is also the most comprehensive and informative website of traditional Chinese medicine in the world. TCM China International has been offering faithful services to thousands of international readers, students, doctors, patients, wholesalers and other clients since 2000. Our aim is to promote the globalization and modernization of TCM all over the world...and we are pleased to see the quick flourishing of TCM worldwide.

Additional Information

Among the large variety of health products in the world, Chinese herbs and herbal products are being paid particular attention by people around the world since they are natural, effective and without any side effects! Over recent years, we have already had so many faithful and friendly wholesalers all over the world. We are cooperating well in promoting the internationalization of Chinese herbal products and herbs. So TCM is up to a good start in today's modern world! If you are new to TCM, a great lot of opportunities are open to you to start or expand Chinese medicine in your country!

Our Eastern Chinese Medicine Export Company (Huaihua Longyuan Medicine Export Company), the most professional and reliable TCM export company in China, is devoted to exporting bulk herbs and herbal products worldwide to international wholesalers and retailers.Exporting herbs and herbal products for our international wholesalers.We are making our price the most favored to you. If you are a new customer wishing to import bulk herbs or herbal products from us and selling these in your country for a good business expansion, we would like to instruct you on how to pass all the governmental processes successfully.

Most countries in the world consider Chinese herbal products as Food Supplements, or Chinese Tea Products, or Cosmetics, or Nutritional Products. Therefore, most cosmetic shops, nutritional product shops, tea shops, herbal drugstores, pharmacies and other companies have the right to import these products from China and market them in their countries.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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