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Cochin Ayurvedic Center - New Delhi

Cochin Ayurvedic is a world renowned producer, supplier & exporter of ayurveda based medicines and related medicinal and herbal preparations. We specialize in adapting the traditional science of ayurveda to formulating and developing medicines to combat the medical challenges of the modern world. Cochin Ayurvedic centre- a premier holistic centre for traditional Ayurvedic medicines from south India and specialized treatments like panchkarma Ayurveda, the science of happy and healthy living, helps you rediscover your own unique state of positive health, helping you meet life's challenges with renewed vitality.
Cochin Ayurveda provides you the ultimate personalized health rejuvenation experience. Our unique programme of Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle enhancement sessions guide you to experience true health of mind, body and spirit. At our dedicated residential centre we use our own herbal products and oils, produced in traditional pharmacies and according to original methods of harvesting and processing to ensure both quality and potency.
Enrich your life today with Ayurveda and visit our section to find out how you can benefit from our personalized Ayurvedic retreats. We are a professionally managed organization engaged in production and marketing of quality ayurvedic medicines, herbal medicines and natural herbal food supplements. We provide quality ayurvedic consultation through panel of ayurvedic doctors. We evaluate and study the efficacy of each ayurvedic preparation that we promote to our prestigious customers.
 We provide a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of ailments such as the common cold to exploratory treatments for the dreaded HIV virus. We seek to explore & harness the tremendous potential of ayurveda to cure moder-age diseases. Our mission goes beyond the mere provision of medicines to heal the sick, and extends to helping people live long and productive lives.

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Additional Information

Kamilari Plus is a very rare combination of various herbal ingredients which are verocidal and immuno stimulant. This combination is derived from the manuscript of ancient times and the medicine is completely safe and absolutely free from side effect. Diabetes is a fairly manageable disease through the regular use of PRAMEHA-GOLD. PRAMEHA-GOLD is a rare combination of various barks and roots of medicinal plants. This combination is derived from the manuscript of ancient times.

A formulation prepared from "Nature's own resources". PROSOTWIN is a very rare combination of various barks & roots of medicinal plants. This combination is derived from the manuscripts of ancient times. A formulation prepared from Nature s own resources PROSTOWIN. Contains 10 herbal ingredients. Each ingredient contributing by itself and as a whole to this combination of harmless, purely herbal medicine.

Neelibhringadi (Coconut & Gingelly based)- Hair Oil- Make sure when you buy K.P.N. Mark. This herbal oil is blended with the extracts of medicinal herbs, which have proved their efficacy since ages in growing long, dark and lustrous hair. Specially indicated in hair falling, Dandruff, Premature grayness, Poor hair growth, excessive heat and burning sensation ofn the eyes etc.

A tried and trusted herbal formulation to control obesity in the most effective way. An exceptional combination of rare herbal ingredients. Continuous use of SHAPE ensures reduction of excess fat. This combination is derived from the manuscript of ancient times and completely safe. An ideal Ayurvedic preparation for liver disorder, highly effective for jaundice, acute and chronic inflammatory liver disorders, dyspepsia, loss of appetite etc.

Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam is processed according to the traditional Ayurvedic regulations; it is 100% herbal which can be used without any sort of diets disregarding age, climate change or any other such variations. It is particularly effective for women in pregnancy period and it helps women preparing for pregnancy.


Health, beauty and youthfulness are the eternal craving of people whether they are poor or rich. Cure for disease, prevention of disease, restoration and preservation of health, and youthfulness are the main objectives for which people flock to a Kerala model of Ayurveda centre. Apart from chronic disease like Asthma, Diabetes, Rheunmatism Slip Disc, Skin Disease etc.

which have effective cure in Ayurveda , various package of one week, two weeks and three weeks can be offered to people as follows. A unique health programme with herbal Powder massages and Ayurvedic Medicines to help one lose excess weight and streamline your body. The complete natural way without exercising or dieting.

There are a number of massages like "Pizhichil", "Navrakizhi", "Dhara", "Sirovasti" and "Elakizhi" each for specific ailment. Massages with specially prepared medicated oils bring one back to perfect shape, besides helping to strengthen sagging abdominal and weak back muscles. There are a number of massages like "Pizhichil", "Navrakizhi", "Dhara", "Sirovasti" and "Elakizhi" each for specific ailment.  An ancient and proved treatment for Sinusitis & Migraine.

A special programme to help restore and repair the worn - out tissues, improve blood circulation, stop premature ageing, get rid of toxins from one's system and helps give one a glowing, wrinkle, free skin. Special Ayurvedic Massages with formulated herbal oils and steam bath to remove stress and strain and enable one to lead a fatigue free life. Special Beauty Therapy takes care of pimples, wrinkles, acne, sagging of the skin and falling of hair. The eye care treatment helps to bring luster to the eyes.

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Treatments For:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Migraine
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin Diseases
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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