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Ayurveda, the science of life has shown great care, love and respect for women since the Vedic years and has effective solutions for all sorts of gynecological and other women’s diseases or disorders. We at sthree Ayurveda have dug deep into the history of Ayurveda to come up with permanent solutions for all annoying issues ladies’ face these days with an aim to uplift the quality of women’s life on this planet.
We have discovered unique herbal combinations to treat variety of disorders like dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fallopian tubal block, amenorrhea, cervical erosion, infertility issues, infections etc. We also take care of beauty needs of women by offering effective naturopathic herbal treatments for skin issues, herbal facials to improve the health of the skin, hair and scalp treatments to help women grow strong, healthy and impressive hair.
All our treatments aim to destroy the root cause of the health issues, giving you permanent relief from annoying health issues. We are pioneers in offering Ayurvedic treatments specifically for women in cochin and our unwavering dedication, commitment and urge to do better has made us one of the most reliable Ayurvedic center in Kerala. We acquaint you with the real treasure of Ayurveda, helping you discover the powerful Sthree in you. We strictly follow the quality norms set by Government authorities and use high quality medicines to ensure top class treatments.

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Our services aim to help you celebrate your life to the fullest by attaining calm mind, pure soul and powerful sense organs. Our herbal formulas are results of years long researches and experiments and we continue to innovate new methodologies of Ayurveda to improve the quality of life on the planet earth. We follow highest standards in terms of quality and use practically proven therapies to rejuvenate the inner soul, body and mind.


Sirodhara.Relieves stress and strain, regularise sleep pattern, good for psychological ailment. Elakkizhi.Mentioned in arthritis and neurological disorders [stimulates nerves and improves blood supply]. Nasyam.Good for all disorders above the neck, effective for sinusitis, migraine. Janu vasti.Reduces swelling and pain, effective for osteoarthritic knee pain and ligament injuries, strengthens ligaments of the knee.

Tharpanam. Increases eye sight, correct all refractive errors, indicated in diabetic retinopathy. Pizhichil.Good for neurological disorders, improves blood circulation and nourishes and strengthen your body. Siro Vasti.Siro vasti has the same effect as sirodhara with increased effects. It is specially mentioned in neurological disorders . It is good for insomnia epilepsy. It reduces mental stress , anxiety, restlessness etc

Ayurveda is a very vast domain that has solutions for every physical and physiological problems. We follow the modern concepts of Ayurveda by keeping all the good values of traditional Ayurvedic treatments invented by our Great Rishies. We have setup a fully equipped Best Ayurvedic Hospital in Cochin , Kerala to acquaint you with the true value of Ayurveda. We exclusively aim at offering natural remedies for women to help them easily recover from all sorts of health issues and live their life to the fullest.

Our therapy treatments make you feel strong from inner soul and give you a sense of abundant joy, beauty, authenticity and fulfillment. We use the perfect blend of therapies and medicines to help you recover from all sorts of discomforts and enjoy your life with full energy. Though, the books of Ayurveda has solutions for every health issues, we strive to innovate new blends, massaging techniques, medicinal values etc to serve you in the best level possible.

It’s above all doubts that an individual’s mind has a great influence on one’s health condition. Sthree Ayurveda gives great emphasis on this fact and understands the holistic approach of Ayurveda in the modern world. We start all our treatments after understanding individual’s mind, sprit and body – That’s where we are different. We strictly follow the quality parameters set by government authorities and we render our services under the supervision of masters in the field. Along with offering effective remedies.

we ensure that our solutions do not pin holes in your pocket. Panchakarma is a set of five processes applied to cleanse the body in Ayurveda. We take you through all those 5 cleansing therapy – Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Anuvasana, Nirooha to detoxify your body, strengthen your immune system and restore the balance of well being in your life. We understand the traditional values of Ayurveda and have expertise in all conventional therapies of Panchakarma practiced exclusively for women. With a soul aim to become the best Ayurveda center in cochin , we strive to leave you with a ‘Vow’ experience.

We give great emphasis on Panchakarma for only women to ensure long lasting quality results. This detoxification processes offer great benefits to human life and enables the body to absorb the Ayurvedic medicines to an optimum level, ensuring miraculous result. Panchakarma helps to balance Vata, Petta and Kapha and eliminates the root cause of the health disorders. These cleansing processes restores the Physiological equilibrium and strengthens the nervous system, digestive system, blood circulatory system etc.

which in turn enhances the physical and mental efficiency. Since, the toxins are flushed out of the body, your skin starts looking vibrant and you start gaining shape. You gain extra stamina and a feeling of well being. The most famous ayurvedic treatments in sthree ayurveda. Ayurvedic beauty therapy can evoke a great sense of beauty that radiates from your inner soul. These beauty treatments do not just make you look wonderful but even makes you feel great from within you. You start realizing that beauty is never an elusive thing rather it’s a feeling of freshness and wellbeing.

Equipped with luxurious amenities, sthree herbal spa in cochin is truly set up at an exceptional location with an epitomize of a Hi-Fi spa. Be it about anti-aging, slimming, Rejuvenation, treatments for Paralyzed patients or Meditation Therapies, we have special spa packages to make you free from all such annoying issues and bring you back to your colorful life. All the treatments at sthree Ayurvedic center are supervised by highly efficient doctors who have got years of experience working in renowned hospitals.

We are one of the very few massage centers in Kerala that offers naturopathy spa treatments only for women. We offer all sorts of herbal treatments by following tried and tested traditional methods to ensure optimum results. An in-house saloon, nail studio, massage parlor etc, all are aligned to offer you perfect relaxing hours that you always dreamt for. Starting with a hot-tub dip to release the tensions from your muscles, we take you through a variety of naturopathy herbal treatments to restore the freshness and liveliness in you, making you ready for the tough race of life ahead.

Our aestheticians frees you up from lingering stresses by applying traditional methods of massages and body scrubbing techniques. Efficient pedicure techniques are used to make your toes look beautiful. Our trained staffs keep ice water, complimentary robes and shower products ready to ensure delightful transitions to and from the relaxing retreats.

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Videos uploaded by Sthree Ayurveda

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  • Arthritis
  • Migraine
  • Sinusitis
  • Stress

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