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Om Ayurveda & Yoga Health Centre - Mysore

Om Ayurveda & Yoga Centre offers Ayurvedic Treatments such as Panchakarma, Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Ayurvedic Packages for rejuvenation, Beauty, Weight loss with Thereputic Yoga for various diseases. And also conducts Teacher Training Yoga & Ayurveda Massage Courses.

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Ashtang & Hata Yoga Therapeutic Yogasana, pranayama, meditation, deep & quick relaxation, mudras, bhandas and yogic purification (jala neti, jala dauti, basti, trataka, kapalabati & nauli) .


Panchakarma (Shodhana Chikitsa) or the "five actions" are the therapeutic means of eliminating impurities from the body. It is a series of five therapies or steps that help remove deep rooted stress and impurities from the physiology while balancing the doshas - those energies or forces that govern all biological functions. There are five basic, cleansing procedures or "Shodhanas". Vamana (Therpeutic Emesis).This is a package programme of 5-7 days, wherein preparation with oliation steam is done to the individual followed by inducing therapeutic emesis on the last day.

This therapy is indicated in the diseases of kapha, in general and in chronic cough, asthma, acid-peptic, obesity, high cholesterol, skin diseases, migraine, etc. Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation).This is a package programme of 7-8 days, wherein preparation with oliation & steam is done the individual, as in emesis followed by inducing therapeutic purgation on the last day. This therapy is indicated in the diseases of pitta in general and in chronic arthritis, gastro-intestinal, liver, skin disorders, paralysis, asthma, etc.

Basti (Therapeutic Enema).This is a package programme of 8/15/30 days (depending on the condition). After abhyanga & swedana, medicated decoctions & oils are introduced into the rectum. This therapy is indicated in the diseases of all neuromuscular, gastro-intestinal, degenerative disorders, etc. Nasya (Nasal Therapy).This is a package programme of 7 days.

Here a gentle facial head massage and steam is done, followed by instilling stipulated quantity of medicated oil/herbal juice/powder to both the nostrils. This therapy is indicated in all types of eye, head, neck, shoulder, throat, ear & neurological disorders. Raktamokshana(Letting Blood).This is a very effective blood purification therapy, in which carefully controlled removal of small quantities of blood is conducted to neutralize accumulated Pitta toxins of many blood borne diseases. Sarvanga Abhyanga (Ayurveda Massage).This is a synchronized whole body massage with medicated oils. This procedure helps in relaxation of the body, improves blood circulation, tones up the muscles, mobilizes toxins, relieves pain, body ache, arthritis, diseases of vata (neurological disorders), gives strength to the body and induces sleep . This is very for the maintenance of health in the healthy person.

Udvartana (Weight Loss). This is the procedure of reverse massaging using herbal powders. It is useful in both cholesterol & weight reduction and it also improves peripheral blood circulation .Swedana (Steam Bath).This is a medicated steam bath either full body/partially/particular part of the body based on condition of the patient. This procedure is useful in many vata disorders, body ache & pains, joint stiffness, removal of toxins,feels very light and enthusiastic . Shirodhara.

A special procedure, which involves the pouring continues & controlled stream of lukewarm medicated oil or decoction or butter milk over the forehead.It deeply relaxes to the mind and it stabilizes, soothing, improves the memory & calms the mind, eliminates rajas & tamas toxins of mind. Especially it is useful in all stress related conditions like alterations of the mood, sleeplessness, hypertension, etc . Shirobasti.This is the procedure medicated oil is retained over the scalp for 30-45 minute with the help of sealed cap. Duration of the course is 7-15 days.This therapy promotes the proper functioning of all the sense organs. It is best indicated in sleeplessness, cerebral palsy, dryness of eyes & nose and other psycho-neurological disorders .

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  • Asthma
  • Migraine
  • Obesity
  • Paralysis
  • Skin Diseases

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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