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Massage in London for muscles and joints rehabilitation, aches, pain and sprain. At Massaggi we provide massage treatments for sports injuries and dance and leisure trauma. Our London massage clinics can help aid recovery from injury sustained during a game, performance or to offer valuable support during an individal or team's trainingor programme

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Sports massage is not just for athletes and professional dancers but also the club players and recreational dancer along with other involved in vigorous or repetitive activity who can benefit.Sports therapy promote faster recovering and also involve re-education of the body to help avoid re accurance of the same problem in the future.

Sports Massage Therapy Treatments

Sports massage has been used with athletes and warriors for thousand of years. In ancient Greece athletes had treatments befre and after competing while Romans recognised the benefit of injuriesd gladiators.

Get result with Sports Massage in London at Massaggi

Sports therapy has well documented body of research behind it, proving the effectiveness of different treatments plansin relation to sports injuries typeand ongoing sporting activity.

In 1900 the Finnish School of Massage developed a new system of Sports Therapy and in 1924 it first came to public attention when Paavo Nurmi won 5 gold medals in one day while havong sports massage therapy treatments he received throughout the day.

How you can you benift from sports therapy?

Almost every major sports team has its own sports massage therapist to help them, but it s now affordable and can benefit anyone sufferig from low back pain to upper back pain, frozen shouder, neck pain or postural problem.

As modern science develop and professional athletes, swimmer, dancer, and their trainer push the boundaries of human potential and recovery, the benefit of sports massage filter down to general sportsmen and woman at club level and then to people in the workplace who may sustain injuries through repetitive movement of various kinds or come to sufferbody alignment problems as a result of poor ergonoics within their work envoirment.

What happen during sports massage therapy treatments?

Your Massaggi London sports massage therapist will assess your musculoskeletal system during consultation and will devise a massage programme specifically for your body, your sports or the injuries from which you are suffering.

The human body is very complex and sometimes the area of pain may not be where the acutal problem lies, this is called referred pain, so you could find that your therapist may have to massage other areas of your body othen than the local area about which you are concerned. Your massage therapist will be able to explain, so don't be afraid to ask important question at any poin during your session.

Improve your performance with sports massage therapy

Our Massaggi London sports massage therapy is one of the best method to improve blood circulation, enhance self-awareness and rehabilitate the soft tissues of the body. We all know that sportsmen have tensed muscles and joints due to the physical effort they have to make during their practice.

Massage sessions can help them improve their personal performance and train more efficiently. Sports massage London by Massaggi professional therapists master the best massage techniques and will use them in order to help you relieve muscles pain and improve your flexibility. Although our selection criteria are very challenging, we ensure special training for all of our therapists, and we recruit regularly, as the number of our customers is in constant growth

Different Types of Sports Massage Therapy

Our therapists use different approaches, each with its own particularities and positive effects, so don’t be surprised if two sports massage sessions have nothing in common. Everything is done for the sake of the client and of the desired results.But let’s see what the different techniques are and how they work:

One type of massage therapy lasts no more than forty-five minutes is usually done before physical training to prevent excessive fatigue and muscles injuries. All sportsmen are bound to improve their performances if they take a short massage session before making any physical effort. This type of massage is known as pr-event sports massage therapy.

Another type of massage is known under the name of restorative sports massage and can make tensed joints and muscles relax and reduce any possible pain after training sessions.

Rehabilitative sports massage sessions can help reduce any physical pain if injuries occur during training or performance. It can also reduce the recovery time and the stiffness in the muscles and joints.

How can sports massage therapy help you?

This type of massage can improve visibly your performance and physical shape, especially if you are an athlete. There are several advantages and positive effects of sports massage such as:

  • Relieving tensed muscles and joints
  • Rehabilitating tendons and muscles
  • Oxidizing the human soft tissue
  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improving the flow of the lymph
  • Alleviating muscles and joints pain
  • Improving muscles flexibility
  • Strengthening the body’s resistance
  • Eliminating toxic substances from the muscle fibers

It is to be mentioned that sports massage is quite different from a normal massage due to the fact that it stimulates the inner part of the muscles and helps all the tissues relax after any physical effort. Besides, the therapist must press harder on specific points to reduce stiffness and tension in the muscles and joints

Massage therapy can help anyone who suffers from any physical pain and tensed muscles. However, there are cases when sports massage is not recommended such as:

- presence of any open wound

- artificial blood vessel

- ruptures in tendons or muscles

- tumors or bursitis

Any active person who practices sports should take advantage of the several health benefits that sports massage therapy provides for the human body and mind.

This is because all of us make the same movements, whether whilst doing sports or just our normal every-day tasks. Our muscles are still challenged and, when repeatedly used in the same movement, an injury can occur. Learn more about the benefit of sports massage therapy.


After your massage treatment

Initially, deep muscle tissue work or joint mobilisation may cause discomfort. However, your body will gradually respond and any soreness should be replaced with a noticeable sense of improvement, to some extent, within hours or days.

The effectiveness of the massage in aiding your body's healing process will depend on the nature of the problem and how well you maintain it between treatments. As your massage plan continues, your therapist will provide you with specific recommendations for caring for the injury during the healing process, as well as guidelines for preventing future occurrences.




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