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Vaidyaratnam, a prestigious title was conferred on Ashtavaidyan Narayanan Mooss in the year 1924 by the then Viceroy of British India, Lord Reading. Ashtavaidyan Neelakandhan Mooss, son of Ashtavaidyan Narayanan Mooss, established Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala in 1941 with the aim of popularising the amazing healing effect of Ayurveda. This was an important mile stone in the timeless journey by the auspicious path of Ayurveda by our family. With the exceptionally admirable talent and rock hard commitment for the excellence of Ayurveda, Ashtavaidyan Neelakandhan Mooss became one of the best Ayurvedic physicians of this country. The Oushadhasala founded by him gives utmost importance to the quality in preparation and distribution of Ayurvedic medicines. Recognising the untiring efforts for the growth of Ayurveda and his invaluable contribution to popularise it, these medicines are manufactured strictly adhering to the prescriptions in the ancient authoritative books on Ayurveda. Uncompromising passion to quality is the thumb rule of Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala.

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Vaidyaratnam is today a leading ayurvedic institution with a full-fledged manufacturing division functioning at Thrissur, Thaikkattussery where the most modern technology is used for the processing of medicines. DAP's full fledged manufacturing unit is a combination of ayurvedic expertise, technology and research at its best. This division makes 400+ traditional products and patent products in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda as laid down in the ancient scriptures. These medicines are prepared in 100% hygienic environment under the strict monitoring of ayurvedic experts. The institution enjoys a wide reputation for the quality of its products and have earned a reputation for quality and effectiveness globally. Vaidyaratnam Family products are produced strictly according to traditional Ayurvedic guidelines, so that they can unfold the full potential of this precious knowledge. All production processes are supervised by a council of Vaidyas. Ayurveda is based on man�s symbiotic relationship with nature and its resources. Different Ayurvedic medicines contribute towards promoting wellness in a different way. Let us know about a few of them.

Made from the essence of medicinal herbs, Arishta is taken to increase appetite, improve digestion and discharge toxic waste out of the body. In addition to this, Arishta also influences disorders of the respiratory system and nervous system. Arishta is also used to treat people suffering from asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, stammering, numbness, anemia, heart disorders, liver disorders, psychosis, depression, insomnia, back pain, loss of memory, etc.

Asavam is an extract obtained by boiling herbs in water. Asavam is quite similar to Arishta. Both medicines cure you from the same diseases. Unlike in Arishta, herbal juices used for preparing asavam are not fermented before they are boiled.

Ghritam, also called Ghrit, is an Ayurvedic medicine with high fat content. The name Ghritam itself means medicated ghee. Ghritams are prescribed by Ayurvedic physician for patients suffering from weakness or for restoration of physical health and vigor.

Lehyam is another Ayurvedic medicine used to treat patients suffering from digestive and respiratory disorders. This herbal extract is also consumed as a general tonic for the body. The components Lehyam is composed of are absorbed by the body easily.

Kashayam, also called Kashaya, is the most common medicine in Ayurveda. Kasahyas are prepared after boiling a combination of herbs in water at specific heat. In order to obtain the best quality medicine, medicated herbs are added to this at regular intervals of time. Kashaya may be simple like a herbal tea or complex like a mix of hundred herbs.

Choornam is a herbal powder that can be stored for a long period of time without the addition of any preservatives to it. Ayurvedic choornam is used for cleaning of teeth and in nasya (nasal) therapy.

The Malayalam word 'Gulika' literally means 'pill'. The procedure of making this medicine has been prescribed by the Ayurveda acharyas. These herbal combination pills are prepared in a way that they can be stored safely for a long time.

Thailam are of different types and each type is meant to treat a different purpose. Thailam is basically an Ayurvedic massage oil. Its massage is as good as injecting of a medicine. Almost all the ingredients of Thailam are absorbed by the blood by the means of a massage. Consequently, the injured areas of the body are cured.

Kuzhampu are ointments quite similar to Thailams. Unlike Thailam, Kuzhampu is viscous in appearance. It is chiefly used in sports medicine to cure the injuries. In addition to this, it is also used to treat people having pain in the body or joints and for certain beauty therapies.

Rasayana is made up of two words � rasa meaning nourishment and ayana meaning travel. Rasayana therapy mobilizes nourishments to the whole body. The therapy aims at retaining optimal performance of a body by nourishing the damaged tissues and alleviating the growth of new cells.


Panchakarma (five methods for detoxifying) are the cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing. According to Ayurveda, our natural state is one of health, happiness and an inner sense of well-being. Health is defined as the body being clear of toxins, the mind is at peace, emotions are calm and happy, wastes are efficiently eliminated and organs are functioning normally. In a busy, stressful and toxic world, our physical and mental systems accumulate toxins causing deterioration in bodily functioning. This eventually weakens our systems, which opens the door for chronic, degenerative, and non-specific diseases to develop. These can evolve into serious specific diseases, ultimately damaging an individual’s health and wellness.

Panchkarma is a unique experience that leaves the mind and body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Many illnesses result from the build-up of toxins in the body that can impair the functioning of its natural defenses such as the lymph, circulatory, and immune systems. Panchkarma promotes healing and restoration by eliminating these toxins from the body. However, unlike other detoxification programs, Panchkarma is a gentle process that achieves deep cleansing without discomfort, allowing the rejuvenating energies of the body to flow freely. The main aim of this treatment is to eliminate the internal causative factors of the diseases. Large quantities of toxic bi-products are formed in the body as a result of continuous metabolic process. Although most of these toxins are eliminated naturally by the body's excretory system, some may get deposited in the various tissues of the body, which ensures the vitiation of Doshas, Dhatus etc. and then the normal functioning of the system is impaired. Similarly, disease causing toxins accumulate in the body as a result of various factors like unhealthy life style , wrong food habits, incompatible combination of food items, suppression of the body urges, emotional imbalance etc.

Panchakarma can help by reversing these negative effects of daily living. It can restore your natural state of health and wellness by cleansing your body of toxins, bringing balance into your system and improving bodily function. It can also help you sustain this process by making positive changes in lifestyle. The purpose of this is to determine which of the three doshas or vital energies in the body is causing an imbalance that is at the root of the illness. Once the diagnosis has been made, Panchakarma therapy is started, to achieve the balanced state of body, mind and consciousness that is essential for good health. Panchakarma means ‘five actions’ or five ‘treatments’. It is one of the cornerstones for disease management in Ayurveda, for it corrects the essential balance of the three doshas in the body, vata, pitta and kapha. Panchakarma is also beneficial to the body during seasonal changes, for it cleans the body, improves digestion, and boosts the metabolic process. Thus Panchakarma is useful not just in alleviating disease, but in maintaining good health as well

The human body is a part of the nature and hence is subjected to changes when there are changes in nature such as climate etc. Each and every thing in earth including living body is composed of the five great elements of the nature – Earth, water, fire, air and space. Vatha, Pitta and Kapha are the three bodily humors (three dosha), which also of these natural elements. The periodic changes in nature leads to variation in the balance of these doshas, which is base cause for any disease. To maintain natural balance of these three doshas over the natural changes, periodic cleansing therapies are prescribed that are Panchakarma. Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Nasya and Raktamoksa are the Panchakarmas and administered as per the body specific and disease specific indications. Abhyanga, Dhara, Kizhi-(Medicated pouches of herbs are massaged to the body with oils) etc. are administered to prepare the body (Poorvakarma) for purification and cleansing of the body is done by means of Vasthy, vamana, virechana, nasya and rakthamoksha appropriately.These Porvakarma and Panchakarma therapies help in preventing diseases and to cure certain illness too. Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart ailments, stroke etc are prevented to certain extent by means of these periodic health maintaining programs. Arthritis, paralysis, back pain, head aches and skin diseases are treated with these therapies effectively.

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  • Allergy
  • Arthritis
  • Constipation
  • Digestive System Diseases
  • Menstruation Disturbances
  • Neuralgia
  • Neurology
  • Rheumatism
  • Skin Diseases
  • Sleep Disorders

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