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Shree Dhanvantari Ayurveda Hospital - Bangalore

Established since two decade ago, at Shree DHANVANTARI Ayurveda Hospital (SDNAH), we are pioneers in the, classical "Panchakarma, Kshara Sootra and Agnikarma" treatments and specialists in Ayurveda. Under the leadership of Dr. Shambulingaiah .S. Hiremath, with the grace of Dr. M. Eshwara Reddy, a well known Ayurveda specialist in INDIA, the staff of the Dhanvanthari Hospital have achieved high professional skills and immense knowledge and experience in various Ayurvedic treatments and therapies.
Our experience in Ayurveda System over the years has given us sufficient confidence and encouraged us to make Shree DHANVANTARI Ayurveda Hospital (SDNAH) to grow and develop into a model hospital since '1990'. We have also inaugurated our annex, namely New BRAHMI Ayurveda Hospital in '2002'. Individualized attention and prompt care is provided to all patients. A complete range of reputed and well established brands of Ayurvedic medicines, at affordable prices are available under one roof, for the benefit of our patients. We maintain a plethora of data / reports of treatments and history of individual patients and their ailments for ready reference purpose. More than 5000 patients suffering from Anorectal diseases like Piles/Fistula and Fissure have been treated with Kshara Sootra treatment (Para Surgical procedures), on a successfully ratio of 95 : 100 cases during the last 15 years. Presently SDNAH is the only hospital in Bangalore with a full fledged Kshara Sootra specialty treatment center.
More than 300 junior doctors and fresh graduates of Ayurveda completed their training and projects under our esteemed establishment Shree DHANVANTARI Ayurveda Research and Training (SDART), which funds and promotes research on Ayurveda medicines, treatments and procedures, for the betterment of mankind. Here at SDART we thrive on promoting Ayurveda as an international brand name and making sure it receives both national and internationally deserved accolades and recognition worthy of it. We are affiliated to Vaidya Chandrapraksh Cancer Research Foundation, Dehradun. For research on Cancer medication, treatment procedures and also providing specialized treatments for certain types of Cancer, mainly Blood Cancer with complete cure for APML - M3 type Blood Cancer.

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Causes of Acne And Pimples, A large numbers of oil producing glands called sebaceous glands are present under the skin, prominantly on face, back, chest and shoulders. During puberty or menopause due to the influence of the sex hormones, which are produced in male and female, these glands become more active and produce an oily secretion called sebum which makes the skin oily. The excessive sebum clogs the skin pore or the pit of the hair follicle. The blocked pore acts as good habitat for bacteria.The bacterial infection causes inflammation (red, painful swelling of the infected area) of the clogged pores or hair follicles. Vata and Kapha are two main doshas, which are involved in eruption of acne and pimples. The oil produced by glands is called as meda (body fat). Kapha (one of the tridoshas) is dominant in meda. The presence of Kapha in oil makes it sticky. Vata is dominant in skin. When Vata gets aggravated due to unhealthy diet and life styles, it activates the oil glands of skin to secrete more sticky oil or sebum. Thus the sticky oil or sebum oozes out to clog skin pores. The Factors, Which Vitiate VATA Avoiding natural urges like urination, defecation, sleep, hunger, thirst,etc, Consumption of food irregularly, Irregular sleeping habits, Talking in high pitch, Psychological disturbances
The Causes Of Obesity Are, When a person consumes more calories than he burns then the excess calories get stored in the form of fat causing obesity. Obesity tends to run in families and their tendency to accumulate fat. Even the diet and lifestyle habits which are practiced in family also contribute to obesity. Environment - A person’s eating habits and the level of physical activities a person has also contribute for excess deposition of fat. When a person eats food containing more calories and has a sedentary work then the calories consumed are more than calories burnt. The excess amount calories are stored as fat. Psychological Disturbances - There is a tendency to over eat in response to negative emotions like boredom, sadness or anger. This leads to obesity. Binge eating disorder.
Many herbal preparations for joints pain have been recommended in Ayurveda. Preparation of effective herbal oils for local application, which help to overcome pain are also illustrated.Here we have selected few preparations from classical therapies illustrated by Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata, which can be prepared at home very easily using the ingredients that are available on kitchen shelves. The formulae to prepare ayurvedic medicines at home will be provided for a very low cost in order to propagate the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines..

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Kannada

Treatments For:

  • Allergy
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Brain Diseases
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Obesity
  • Pain
  • Rheumatism
  • Skin Diseases
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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