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With the legacy in Ayurveda for over  93 years we needed to take up the full potential Ayurveda has to offer throughout the world. With the high stressful work environment and unhealthy eating habits, Ayurveda is more needed to the mankind than any other time since its origin.It is my earnest wish to make Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy  a strong platform to make this science benefit the needy world with authentic and quality Ayurveda.

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At sitaram we have the expertise to provide complete trainings on all concepts of Ayurveda.The courses are highly flexible as per the training requirements.We have professional trainers for customized training needs. Basic course - Ayurveda(BCA), Advanced course with Panchakarma(ACP), Ayurveda massage therapy. At Sitaram ayurveda, we provide specialized trainings for the candidates as therapist.For this we utilize our expertise to train the young recruits who are interested in therapist courses with enough practical opportunities. At Sitaram we have the expertise to provide complete training on all concepts of Ayurveda.The courses are highly flexible as per the training requirements.We have professional trainers for customized training needs.


Here the patient is subjected to a therapeutic massage using appropriate medicated oils, after ascertaining the person’s state of health. Massage is done under strict monitoring and regulation by a physician to derive optimum benefits. Here a cap is fitted over the head with an opening at the top & medicated oil is poured into it, after sealing the gap between the lower border of the cap and the head, using flour.  Here medicated oil is poured above the forehead from a height of 4 Angulas (3 Inches Approx). It is also done using buttermilk or medicated decoction depending on the nature of the condition. This therapeutic procedure can be done for a period of 7-14 days based on the status of health. 
Here a special rice variety is cooked, made into a bolus and tied within a cloth. It is then dipped in medicated milk and rubbed over the body, after subjecting the body to Abhyangam.  It can also be done using meat, cooked with medicated decoctions and other grains like godhuma/wheat, black gram or horse gram based on the condition. It is done for a period of 7-14 days. This is an effective treatment in the management of pain. Here, dough is placed over the lower back in a circular pattern, with the patient lying in prone position. This procedure is also done over knee joint  called Janu Vasthi. Here, oil is poured over the body after suitably preparing the patient. It is called Snigdha swedam. The precautions observed during Abhyanga are also to be followed here. It is a novel procedure to induce total relaxation in body as it effectively controls vata dosha.
Here medicated decoction/milk is poured over the body. It can be done with or without Abhyangam depending on the condition. It can also be done locally to a particular part like knee, lower back, ankle joint based on the severity of the disease afflicting these areas.  After the patient is subjected to Abhyangam, he is made to sit in a steam chamber. It is a form of sedation, where a particular part of the body is exposed to vapour using a tube.  It is highly beneficial as a pain relieving measure. Here, medicated powder is rubbed over the body. A variation of Udvartanam where paste is slowly rubbed over the body.  
It is a procedure where the patient, after following suitable preparatory regimen, is made to drink a decoction mixed with an emetic medicine. After sometime, he experiences emesis, by which toxins are expelled from the body. Useful in - Kapha yogas, skin and respiratory complaints, Sinusitis, seasonal cleansing in vasant rtu to remove vitiated Kapha dosha in normal person (Feb - Mar), especially psoriasis & dermatitis, when kapha is predominant. It is a procedure where medicines are given to the patient  and he is made to purgate in a controlled manner. Useful in pitta & vata rogas (who are fit to do it), infertility & sub fertility, skin complaints where pitta dosha (psoriasis & dermatitis) is predominant, chronic fever, over weight, as seasonal cleansing in sharad rtu (Sep - Oct) to prevent pitta vitiation.
Here, an alternative administration of decoction & oily enema is given in a course determined by the physician, after suitable evaluation of the disease. Useful in vata rogas, lower back ache, neurological disorders, as a seasonal course in pravrt rtu/rainy season, osteo arthritis. Here, medicine is poured into the nostrils & the person is asked to spit it out, along with the secreted morbid kapha. Useful in sinusitis, migraine, ENT disorders, neurological problems, kapha and vata rogas affecting head and neck region. Here, blood which is vitiated, is removed in a limited quantity using leech or syringe, depending on which of the tridosha is vitiated.  This is done under controlled condition & monitoring of the vital parameters of the patient. In the management of pain & skin diseases, where rakta dushti is predominant.
It is a procedure by which medicated paste is applied either locally or all over the body based on the patient's condition. It can be used in a variety of conditions, especially skin disorders, pain management and improving skin complexion. It has to be removed, once the paste has dried. The thickness of the paste depends on the need of a particular condition. It should be avoided in patients sensitive to heat and having a sensitive skin. Its effective in pain management when warm medicated pate is applied over affected area followed by wrapping of a bandage. Care is taken to avoid burn injury. Also it should not be given to patients sensitive to heat or having a sensitive skin. Here, medicated  paste is placed at the crown part of the patient's head and removed after some time. It is highly beneficial in insomnia, psychiatric disorders and hypertension.
Here, the patient is made to drink medicated ghee/oil after suitable preparation of his body for this procedure. It should be followed by appropriate purificatory procedure - vamana or virechana to get full benefits. It is more of a pre-operative nature, prior to the administration of shodhana (purification) - to withstand the vamana and virechana procedure. Rajayapana Vasti for infertility, Vaitharana Vasti for lower back ache and rheumatoid arthritis, Panchathikthaka Vasti for psoriasis, psychiatric problems and other skin disorders, Kshara Vasti for obesity, Yapana Vasti arthritic problems both osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Special lepanam for psoriasis, Anna lepanam (Navaratheppu) for paralysis, Special lepanam for hair treatment (hair fall and greying of hair). For calcaneal spur (Upputti Vedana). Special lepanam on face for improve complexion and glowing skin (using special drugs). Special Kizhi on the face to improve complexion for a glowing skin and to reduce blackish discoloration of face (using special drugs). Head massage to expel dandruff, to treat insomnia and for  better growth of hair. Hair wash to reduce hairfall (using medicated water).

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