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Omshree Sidha Hospital located at kerala,which can be called as the ‘maiden name’ of Ayurveda,is an institution which has dedicated itself to the practice of Ayurveda.It is an institution that has practiced the traditional form of medicine passionately, as the major reason being its undisputed quality and its miracle like effectiveness. At Omshree Sidha Hospital (Ashram), We value and respect the path laid by our forefathers in this field of ayurveda by practicing and making contributions to this field,so that Ayurveda is made suitable and serves the modern day lives.As you might already know, Ayurvedic treatments are the best for the treatment of a number of chronic conditions where the allopathic medicine or any other form of medicines does not prove to be effective. Ayurveda is known for the everlasting cure it promises. More over it is free from side effects. . Our patent medicine for Asthma and guaranteed cure for many such “incurable” medical conditions prove our merit. In fact, we also have money-back guarantee treatments for some ailments
Nature is what Ayurveda is all about. The environment in and around the place of treatment is a part of the treatment. The Omshree Sidha Hospital which is located in the lap of nature, is a beautiful, serene, silent green valley called Vayala, in the state of Kerala in India. The ambience and location of the institute provides the necessary environment for treating and curing every kind of health complaint. We,here at Omshree Sidha Hospital believe and trust in ayurveda and are confident of helping treating you to gain control of your health in body and mind with the help of the knowledge and experience passed on from generations of medical history. If you believe in nature’s power of curing, come to us, we are ready to make a new ‘you’ out of you. Ayurveda is the promise of a mother, the mother nature. Jose vaidhyan ,the present Head of Omshree Sidha Hospital who has fifty years of service, has now started the Omshree Sidha Pharmacy and Hospital to extend the services of ayurveda to a wide range of audience in need.

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Pancha’ is a Sanskrit word which means five and ‘Karma’ means therapeutic measures; therefore ‘Panchakarma’ means five types of therapeutic measures. These processes are done for the purification of the body and in Ayurveda it is considered necessary before the start of any other therapy. It is even advisable for a healthy person to undergo Panchakarma treatment. This treatment helps removing toxins in the body, increase blood supply, increase energy level, increase vitality and makes you feel younger.

Full-fledged, hygienic, A/c and non A/c rooms, Floor covered with fully vitrified Tiles and walls glazed with wall tiles, Qualified and well experienced Doctors, Qualified and well experienced team of male and female therapists, Clean and spacious treatment rooms for panchakarma and other Ayurvedic treatments, We serve pure vegetarian food recommended in Ayurveda, Telephone and Television in each and every room, Internet facility, Airport pickup and drop in, Yoga facilities on request, Laundry service, An opportunity to see medicine manufacturing in our own pharmacy, An opportunity to see a herbal plantation, Sightseeing trips to nearest tourist places.


Rejuvenation therapy (Rasayana Chikithsa) is the reversal of aging and thus requires a different strategy, namely repair of the damages that is associated with aging or replacement of damaged tissues with new tissues. This therapy aims to promote good health … Stress is a condition or circumstance which can disturb the normal physiological and psychological functioning of individuals. Today with the rapid diversification of human activity we come face to face with numerous causes of stress and the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is a common term used for a group of non-progressive, non contagious motor conditions which affects brain and nervous functions like movement, listening hearing, ability to speak etc. It occurs during pregnancy, during child birth or after 2 to 3 years of child’s birth.
Now-a-days cholesterol has become very common among people. Cholesterol is a waxy fat like substance which is present on the outer layer of every cell of our body. It is produced by the liver and is very much important for the normal functioning of the body. Paralysis could be one of the most terrible conditions that a human body can be afflicted with. It is one of those diseases which needs immediate treatment and high care. The body is said to be in paralyzed stage when there is complete loss of muscle function for one or more group. Ayurvedea is devided in to eight parts. One among them is vajeekarana . Vaji means horse. Vajikarana means just like a Horse. Horse is considered to be the most powerful animal with regard to sex. It is natural that everybody likes to be power full and likes to enjoy the life at its optimum.
We provide highly effective Ayurvedic treatment for all types of cancer, whether it is single or multiple. Our treatment is highly effective even in case the cancer spread to different organs. We have treatment for different tumors too. In cases of cancer or tumors some times it is very risky to undergo operation. In Rasayana and Vajikarana treatments the treated person feels rejuvenated, young, healthy, vigorous, and comfortable. Life span of the person might increase through this process. Your sexual power will increase considerably and you will be able to enjoy your life properly. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess amount of body fat is accumulated i.e., more than 20% of an individual’s ideal body fat. Overweight is different from obesity. Obesity may have severe effects on health leading to reduced life expectancy.
‘Heart Disease’(Hrudroga) is a global phenomenon and is a large term that covers all heart disorders, which affect the heart and it’s functioning. The predisposing factors are hereditary, high blood pressure, diabetes, high serum cholesterol and smoking. Liver Cirrhosis is the result of advanced Liver disease, characterized by replacement of liver tissues by fibrosis and regenerative nodules.  Cirrhosis of the liver refers to scarring of the liver which results in abnormal liver function as a consequence of chronic  liver injury. Nerve related diseases can be serious or life-threatening. They can affect one or more of the body’s nervous systems and can potentially impact speech,motor skills, cognitive ability, heart function, and even breathing.
Varicose veins are considered to be enlarged tortuous superficial veins of the leg. The poor functioning of the vein valves in the veins and decreased elasticity of the vein wall causes pooling of blood within the veins and their subsequent enlargement. Veins have leaflet valves to prevent blood from flowing backwards. Leg muscles pump the veins to return blood to the heart against the effects of gravity. Fatty Liver is a condition which is characterized by excess build-up of fat in the liver cells.  Liver is the largest internal organ and located on the upper-right side of the abdomen, it remove toxins and process food nutrients.  Excess fat (if it is more than 10% of liver weight) in the liver sometimes lead to inflammation. Infertility. It is the biological inability of a person to contribute to conception. There could be many biological reasons for infertility. We have treatment for all types of infertility in men and women.
The person snoring is not aware of the fact that he/she is snoring and it does not disrupt them.  Bed partner and other family members (in some cases even the neighbors) will get their sleep disturbed. Snoring is due to constructed or partially obstructed airways. All diseases that pertain to the gastrointrstinal tract are labeled as digestive diseases. This includes diseases of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, the ileo-cecal complex, large intestine, sigmoid colon, and rectum. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that affects large intestine, which may cause cramping, abdominal pain, bloating gas, diarrhea and constipation. It may be caused by an infection. There are some researches to support IBS being caused by an undiscovered active infection. Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term disease that leads to inflammation of the joints and surrounding tissues. It is a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder hat may principally attacks flexible joints and it may affect many tissues and organs.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Malayalam

Treatments For:

  • Allergy
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Intestinal Diseases
  • Migraine
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Sinusitis

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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