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Poonthottam Ayurvedasram - Palakkad

Poonthottam Ayurvedasram was founded by Vaidya. P.M.S. Raveendranath. Raveendranath was born in July 1965 in a Namboothiri family of central Kerala. He was initiated into Ayurveda by his father who is a renowned Sanskrit teacher belonging to a family of ardent believers of Ayurveda. He had Sanskrit education from his early childhood. In the year 1980, he started his Ayurvedic studies at the Ayurveda College, Pathanjalipuri in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, which adopted a "Gurukula" (A method in which the disciple stays with the teacher and learns from him) method of imparting education. This was a formal graduate course in Ayurveda with duration of about 8 years. Apart from Ayurveda, the students were taught other related areas like Yoga, Kalari and Indian philosophy (Darsanas). Special emphasis was also given on learning Sanskrit. With his brilliance and diligence, Raveendranath gained a strong foothold in Ayurveda and other related disciplines.

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Additional Information

Ashram has relaxed, multicultural lifestyle and staff are friendly and helpful. Lets talk about your clothing, currency to carry, reading and listening materials etc. There is no strict dress code in the asram. Modest attire is generally worn in Kerala. Loose cotton cloths that cover your body is great to avoid sun and heat. Sunglasses and hats will be very useful. Shorts, T-shirts, sarongs or wraps, loose shirts, kaftans, loose pants etc are recommended. During the rainy season and cooler months (Oct – Dec) a light sweaters are preferred by some people. Sandals, summer shoes, chappals or open-toe slip-ons, flip flops, etc are recommended footwear within the campus.

US / AU / Singapore / NZ dollars, Euro or British Pounds etc. are easy to convert at the International airports or locally. Almost all local shops deal in Indian rupees only. We provide toilet paper, towel, natural soap, toothpaste and shampoo, bed linen and blanket, curtains, candles, incense sticks and holder, matches and tissues. Tooth brush, feminine hygiene products, cotton buds, nail clipper, shaving items, hair creams and grooming combs and brushes, other personal needs, natural mosquito repellent, Tea tree oil, and other daily essentials. Some guests desire to bring their own shower towels and a couple of small hand/face towels.
Items to bring to keep you occupied are Books, CDs / DVDs and player, craft and hobby items, board and other similar games, etc. In keeping with the serene environment all are requested to keep the sound very low to avoid disturbing others. Inflatable neck cushion, earplugs, torchlight or flashlight with batteries, hat or cap to protect from sun, if desired, band-aid, personal current medicines, citronella oil spray, Herbal teas, and nutritional supplements – if required.
Gratuity, tips and gifts of any kind being given to any staff of the asram are strongly discouraged. The management will be happy to facilitate your gratitude by distributing sweets to the staff on your behalf.  If however, guests desire to do more in supporting the staff, then the desired amount can be given to the chief doctor directly, and it will be distributed equally amongst all the asram staff. Unwanted or discarded clothes may also be given to the management for distribution. Money should not be paid to anyone individually (even for minor purchases of items from the market). This should be done only through the office. Treatments are conducted in the mornings or afternoons. Therapy can take anywhere between 40 minutes to 2-1/2 hours depending on the treatment. Except for unusual circumstances, there is no treatment on Sundays. For ladies, there is no treatment during the monthly menstrual cycle.
Any one of the many qualified and experienced resident Ayurvedic doctors assigned to each patient  will be responsible and personally perform the treatments under the guidance of the chief physician. The chief physician may also perform treatments  as may be required. All doctors visit their assigned patients everyday to check status and progress. Please feel free to provide feedback to the doctors or the chief physician. Constructive feedback is welcome. After completion of treatment at the asram, it is advisable to spend sometime in a calm place without too much travel, preferably for the same number of days as the treatment. This will assist to get the full benefit of the treatment. Traveling in India consumes a lot of energy which otherwise will heal the body after the treatment. Guests are free to use the Yoga hall to conduct their own Yoga practice. No trainer is available right now in the asram.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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