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Acharya Ayurgramam - Thiruvananthapuram

Acharya Ayurgramam, the best centre for Ayurvedic treatment in the State, is situated near Neyyar Dam and Agasthya forest. It lets you live in harmony with nature.The breeze brings the fragrance of herbs to the valleys from Agasthya mountain forests, a great reserve of medical plants including Mrutasanjeevani, a medical plant which which is believed to have the power to bring the dead back to life. The building made of bricks mixed with more than 100 Ayurvedic herbs ensures the constant presence of medicines. Both the inside and outside of Acharya emanates the bliss of Ayurveda and provides you with a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Another highlight of Acharya is tour packages that help the treatment. Boating, visits to safari parks and deer parks, trekking and trips to forests inhaling the scent of medical plants include the package. We make the dictum ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ real.
We make medicines not with the help of machines but in our own manufacturing centre by assimilating the long tradition, culture and purity of Ayurveda. The efficacy of the fact that we have the blessings of our great ancestors. We workship Ayurveda as we have come to the forefront in the field, as a result of the  services of highly experienced doctors, hospitality and  sincere care provided by our staff, and a lovely atmosphere. Ayurveda is secure in the hands of Acharya where sage Agasthya showers his blessings and the river Neyyar puts you to sleep with its sweet lullaby. Here tradition and professionalism interwine. We forge with great self-confidence in the path of health care with the belief that Ayurveda will remain safe and unblemished in our hands forever.

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Palmistry is a precious science dedicated to us by the great sages of ancient Bharatha. It is entirely different from other branches of sciences. So it is gift of god. There are so many references about Palmistry in all kinds of ancient epics like Mahabharatha Arabic literature and Bible. Famous doctors also depends palmistry to identify the disease. When medicines failed in this case. So it is far above that our modern medicines and discoveries.

No doubt palmistry is a conversation of god to us through the lines in our hands. Palmistry never depends on birth star, caste, community and time of birth. In any corner of the world we can understand our past, present and future fate through palmistry. We can diagnose our illness by examining the various lines in our hands its shape, its colour, length, birth and position tells us everything about our health condition and defects in our body.

Now a days the foreigners shows great interest in the field of palmistry because of its importants in the field of human physiology. A doctor can identify the disease only with the help of a machine. But a palmist can clearly identify all conditions of a patient through the clear looking of the lines in his hands. There are so many clear evidences that famous doctors accept the doctrine of palmistry to identify the healthy conditions of their patients and the mysterious positions of their illness. The above statements are proved clearly though a world famous institute ie, Acharaya Institute of palmistry and Futurology located at Vazhuthacaud in the centre of Trivandrum city.

Rekhasastram Amulyasastram” visit Acharya Institute of Futurology and Palmistry.Dr. Jayanarayang consulted more than 85,000 people from foreign countries and from India and gave remedies to their problems. By examining their line in hands he recommends treatments for the needy in his famous institution ie, Acharya Pharma. If they want only Astrological remedies he suggest birth stones, various yantras etc. to them. These stones, rings and Yantras were also available in Acharya Institute. Computer Horoscope, is also available here. The Yantras, Stones, and Rings will make complete cure of all our erritations.

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Paralysis
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin Diseases

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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