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Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Resort - Chalakudy

 Kandamkulathy Ayursoukhyam Resort located in a tiny village named Thumboormuzhy in the middle of herbal gardens on the banks of River Chalakkudy which is quiet closer to Athirappilly Water falls in the Western Ghats, and only 35 Kms from CIAL (Cochin International Airport. The charm of the location Athirappilly and Vazhachal waterfalls & nature cannot be described by words, Starting calmly from the high ranges, and crashing through gorges overhung with trees, these waterfall is one of the best places in India to re-capture a real sense of the classical idea of the 'Picturesque' - not just calm and sweet, but something wild and natural.Kandamkulathy ayursoukhyam is one of the venture of Kandamkulathy vaidyasala which is one the renowed ayurvedic family in Kerala having a tradtion of more than 150 years.
Ayursoukhyam with well appointed 14 cottages provides all kinds of ayurvedic & Panchakarama treatment packages and also the flowing river,the churning sounds of birds,the music of bamboos,bliss of pure air enriched with oxygen,authentic eco foods altogether makes a prefect destination and right gateway for a healthy family holidays.At ayursoukhyam all the facilities and services stick close to nature and ensure the needs and taste of clients are met in eco ways. Our team of ayurvedic physicians & masseurs ensure the higher level and utmost care in all ayurvedic treatments and well being of our clients. At ayursoukhyam the way of healing is given more importance than mode of rejuvenation. The unseen nature & music of winds and river altogether unwinds the stress and tension occurred during day to day life.We welcome you all to the unseen nature’s paradise “Ayursoukhyam”.
It was under the guidance of K.P Pathrose Vaidyan, Kandamkulathy established itself as an institution to propagate and promote authentic ayurveda globally.The objective is well conceived by Mr. K.P Wilson, the present Managing Director,along with his wife, Dr. Rosemary Wilson, has expanded Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala and initiated Ayurvedic hospitals in different parts of Kerala. Dr. Mrs. Rose Mary B.A.M.S, who is the Chief Physician of Kandamkulathy Ayurveda Hospitals, has done many contributions in the field of Ayurveda.

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Kandamkulathy Vaidhyasala which is having 150 years of tradition in the field of ayurveda are very much committed in providing benefits of ayurveda to the public. Currently Kandamkulathy Vaidhyasala has 05 ayurvedic hospitals and 01 ayurvedic resort in Kerala and an ayurvedic manufacturing unit which produces around 600 ayurvedic medicines. The hospitals are located in the respectively in the location.


At Ayursoukhyam we provide all kinds of ayurvedic and panchakarama treatments. There are certain special treatments which is provided in ayursoukhyam which are developed by the ancestors, the age old tradition has been rightly carried out with specially formulated medicines and treatments .According to Ayurveda treatment is based on the panchamahabhootha concept , the five elements (Pruthuvi – earth , App – water , Thejo - fire , Vayu – air , Akasha - ether (space) . All the materials are made up of panchamahabhootha .The different combinations of panchamahabhootha making the materials different .Considering this concept, the body , food materials as well as medicine is made up of panchamahabhootha in different compositions .That is why the food and medicines can make influence on the human body.The special treatments are formulated based upon this Panchamahabhootha concept are

Mother is a member of society with an intrinsic worth and she occupies high status both at home and society, mother hood is the woman’s cherished desire.Soothika package ensures the health of mother and child after pregnancy.The treatment is formulated in special way which ensures the revitalization of energy and prevention from future health complications for both mother and child.
Old age is generally termed as second childhood and also is the time of various health problems which may arises due to weakness of muscles and other life style diseases. At ayursoukhyam with help of specially formulated medicines and treatments the health problems of old age at treated completely. The utmost care and warm environment make them stress free and help them to enjoy their second child hood in healthy way.
People who are working continuously with computers for long period have a variety of diseases which are named as Computer related injuries (CRI).Most of the issues are caused by Vatha aggravation due to improper work habits.Ayurveda suggests a lot of therapeutic techniques which neutralizes the vatha aggravation and thereby prevents the CRI.This package is a combination of these ayurvedic therapies.Ayursoukhyam offers yoga & meditation, diet & life style corrections,ayurvedic massages, rejuvenation & panchakarma therapies
Family health packages concentrated on entire family health.A family is a nest of father,mother and children.The family health ayurvedic packages concentrated on all the health well being of each one in the family.The family health packages are Feminine 40’s Female mainly after 40 are subjected to various beauty problems like Hair fall, Pimples, Dark colour of the skin. As per Ayurveda, these issues are due to Dhatuvaiguna and Doshavaishamya caused by food, habits and climatic variations. Ayurveda has a lot of techniques to cure and prevent these problems, which are included in this package 
Modern research confirms that too much exercise can create free radicals and damage the body. Excess free radicals have been linked to over 80% of degenerative disease as well as premature ageing. According to Ayurveda, one should not use more than 50 percent of your total capacity and that capacity depends on daily fluctuations of energy, change of the seasons, age, and body type. This is the ayurvedic principle of balaardh -- using half your capacity and conserving the other half. Exercising beyond one's capacity can create imbalance in mind and body, and do more harm than good from the ayurvedic perspective.Sports and fitness persons are subjected to hard excerise and training sechedules which results in damage of muscle ligaments and tissues,as time progress the damaged muscle ligaments and tissues becomes in plastic stage losing its elasticity.Ayurveda has very good treatments and medicines 
Kaumarbhrytam', one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, is especially dedicated to the good health of children. Since ages, Ayurvedic preparations have been used in order to build a healthy body and sharp intellect, right from conception to adulthood. With special emphasis on baby care, Ayurveda emphasizes on the use of certain tonics and medications that can develop immunity power, intelligence in the children and shield them from various kinds of diseases. A large number of people are now resorting to herbal Ayurvedic medicines and tonics, in order to protect their children from diseases.Ayurveda improve immunity, and will results in porper digestion which in turn results in proper absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body and resulting in healthier mind and body development of children

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