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Sudarshanam Netra Chikitsalayam & Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre

'Anjanam',Thymala, Manjadi po., Thiruvalla , Pathanamthitta- 689 105
Kerala , India  India
+91-469 2630718


Mon - Sun 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Dr.Aparna Mohan

Ayurveda Nursing & Panchakarma, more..

Dr.Chitra Rajan

Panchakarma, Sodhana treatment, more..

Sudarshanam Netra Chikitsalayam & Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre - Pathanamthitta

Sudarshanam Netra Chikitsalayam is housed in a calm and beautiful land off to the beautiful paddy field, in the new campus which can accommodate upto 6 families or 12 patients and can treat upto 20 patients at a time. The clientele spreads across  Kerala as well as other states. The center is also equipped with modern diagnostic tools and an in- house pharmacy to prepare special oils, ghee and decotions beneficial in eye disorders. Sudarshanam is also equipped with a well arranged Panchakarma theatre where all Ayurvedic therapies are undertaken for general ailments. Sudarshanam now extends its services to more than 6 cities spreading almost south central Kerala, Bengaluru and holds periodical camps at various destinations in Mumbai. Disorders of spine (Cervical & Low back(LBA)), other rheumatic joint pains,and systemic disorders are managed here. Separate care for female & male patients are available.

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VisionPro Available at: Mumbai -Bhivandi - 3rd Monday - Every Month Contact: +91 7276680983, Tripunithura - Friday - Whole year Contact: +91 484 2781754, Alwaye - Friday - Whole year Contact: +91 484 2626119, Thiruvalla - Whole year Contact: +91 469 2630718, 3290630, Bengaluru - Every Month 3rd Sunday Contact: +91 80 28567000 , Mumbai - December & May Contact: +91 7666394074, Oasis Ayurveda Eye clinic Koduvalli, Wayanad Road,Kozhikode - Bi Weekly Saturday+91 9539950008, AVP Ayurveda centre & Eye Clinic,Pazhaveed Allepey -Every Tuesday +91 477 2253524.


It is a specially designed Ayurvedic treatment program or combination of programs so as to reach into a comprehensive solution effective and protract. According to Ayurveda, ancient Indian system of medicine, tested by time (for more than 2500 years and still emerging as one among the top), the whole body is made of panchamahabhutas (five basic elements) and the physiology is controlled by various balances of Tridoshas (three humors or unseen concepts) in the body termed Vata Pitta and Kapha which are visible only thru their mode of action.

Ayurveda looks into the balancing of these humors and panchamahabhutas in a healthy body, the very change in the atmosphere or the manifestations of various disease causing organisms does not afflict a healthy man who keeps good maintenance of these factors. VisionPro & VisionPro Deluxe is designed taking into consideration the changing habits of food and total living culture that has spawn various hazardous diseases and disorders in human kind.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

  • Awarded as-Ayurveda Mudra 2010
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