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Niramayam Heritage Ayurveda Hospital - Cherpu

Niramayam is a traditional heritage Ayurveda hospital and an Authentic Ayurveda Centre in Kerala. It is also called as Mana for Ayurveda. We are listed as top kerala ayurvedic hospital and Ayurvedic Treatment centre in Kerala. Set on a tranquil landscape amidst swaying palm trees, pristine ponds, legendary temple structures and verdant paddy fields, Niramayam is a pioneer in the arena of authentic Ayurveda treatment with a proven track record. Niramayam rightly infuses expertise, tradition, culture, and healthy Ayurvedic practices in harmony with nature for optimizing treatment results and has created a niche' for itself amongst countless of its patrons. The setting of Niramayam is conducive for Ayurvedic treatment as it is a congregation of pristine nature forms and holistic Ayurveda. The classical and specific treatments offered here at Niramayam are unique and has been the key factor to its success.

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Looking for Ayurveda Kerala. Niramayam ayurveda hospital Kerala provides provides health consultation for all kinds of diseases. Rated as No1 Ayurveda Hospital Kerala. Ayurveda is a holistic treatment of the human body based on the unique proportions of Vata (air and ether), Pitta (fire ) and Kapha (water and earth) of which a human body is made up of. These unique proportions are called doshas and the vitiation of any these doshas bring in disease to the individual human body. Ayurveda gives us a model to look at each individual as a unique makeup of the three doshas and to thereby design treatment protocols that specifically address a person's health challenges. When the three Doshas are well harmonised and function in a balanced manner, it results in good nourishment and well-being of the individual.

But when there is imbalance or disharmony within or between them, it will result in elemental imbalance, leading to various kinds of ailments. When any of the doshas become vitiated, Ayurveda will suggest specific lifestyle and nutritional guidelines to assist the individual in reducing the doshas that has become excessive. Also herbal medicines will be suggested, to cure the imbalance and the disease. This principle has to be borne in mind while seeking Ayurvedic treatment because each individual's body is different from the other and responds differently to the same nutritional or medicine plan. Hence it may be necessary that persons with the same disease may require different treatments and medication.

At Niramayam, utmost care is taken to administer ayurvedic treatments taking the human body as one unit and the treatment plan is initiated only after a comprehensive study is made on the individual body doshas and its vitiation.The classical, specific and wellness treatments of Niramayam offer far-fetched cure for even stubborn and chronic diseases and all treatment plans are conducted under the able guidance and expertise of Chief Physician Shri.K.M.P.Chakyar and Shri Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadomm Rajeev, Senior Consultant Doctor.


Ayurveda treatment facilities available at Niramayam ayurvedic center in Kerala. We offers traditional ayurvedic treatment and wide range of authentic Ayurveda Treatments in Kerala. Niramayam offers ten luxurious heritage category rooms blending colonial and the old world charm and every aspect of the architecture ensures that the residents benefit of increased efficacy of the treatment without any compromise on comfort, security and convenience. The setting of Niramayam is conducive for comprehensive treatment as it is a congregation of pristine nature forms and holistic Ayurveda in the backdrop of a legendary temple.

The sylvan surroundings are further enhanced with the presence of three traditional ponds as water bodies within the hospital complex itself. Each room is airy and well-ventilated with high ceilings and all support facilities ensure that the patrons have a wholesome treatment equivalent to that of the comfort of one's own home. The hospital efficiently blends hospitality and care for the discerning health seeker with the support of courteous and well-trained staff.The rooms are named after natural herbs which are used for preparing various medicines in Ayurveda , viz. Mukkuti, Sahadevi, Durva, Nilapana, Sasasruthi, Sakralatha, Lakshmana, Bhringaraja , Bhadra and Vishnu Kranta. These herbs are also known as Dashapushpangal (a group of ten herbs) with great intrinsic values.

Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline that is practiced for mental peace and spiritual enlightenment. Besides, Yoga is very beneficial to harmonise all the senses of the body and is considered to be a very effective supplement to Ayurveda to get rid of chronic diseases from the root. All forms of Yoga sessions are culminated with a Pranayamam which results in oxygenation of the body by deep breath practices involving the lower diaphragm of the body. Nirvana which means spiritual bliss provides the right ambience with aesthetics for such a noble and holistic experience.Diet is a crucial element in Ayurveda treatment as it has a direct relationship with the efficacy of the medicines on the human body. Special care is taken to prepare only anti-inflammatory food in iron, clay or brass vessels and served only on Kamsya Vatki crockery/utensils for therapeutic reasons. Kamsya Vatki is a combination of Copper, Zinc and tin and is extensively used in Ayurveda.

Copper is believed to reduce pain and inflammation, Zinc improves the immune system and digestion, and Tin relieves headache and insomnia. It may be noted that Diet food will be pre-dominantly enhancing the digestion and immune system for increased effect of the medicines while palatability may not be given an important consideration. After a few days, the palate will automatically soften and adapt to the diet food of Niramayam.

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  • Malayalam

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Facial Paralysis
  • Infertility
  • Neurology
  • Skin Diseases
  • Stress

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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