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Rishi Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre - Kottayam

Ayurveda is one of the greatest gifts of the sages of ancient India to mankind. Ayurveda is the knowledge on wisdom of life. It is quite simply the oldest system of healing.Ayurveda is considered a branch of Adharva Veda, one among four Vedas. Ayurveda has its own views about value and philosophy of life. Today Ayurveda has a sole indispensable branch of medicine to achieve right relaxation. Ayurveda aims not only physical well being but also mental spiritual  well being of a human being. Its clinical exercises like meditation, yoga, and way of treatment all will contribute  the best  combination for good health.

This prompted-  our family to give a kind of  full contribution to Ayurveda through its medical and research  wing  RISHI. In 1991  started a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm named RISHI RESEARCH PRODUCTS. Rishi mainly concentrates on its Research Development for developing medicines for disease said to be incurable by the modern  medicine . The family of Dr. Sebastian has a medical history of more than 200 years where many ancestor of the family were physicians and Palace physicians.Many of the equipments used in those times are still in the family possesion.The medicines of Rishi Research Products are prescribed by qualified Allopathic and Ayurveda doctors’ world wide. Rishi Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre is under the control of Rishi Research Products. From the Experience of vast Research in the field and through the experience of  lots of Doctors,moopans,physicians etc. Rishi Ayurveda Hospital & research Centre has come into existence. Rishi  Ayurveda hospital & Research Centre  is an ayurvedic Hospital  .Here our experienced doctors and staff  helps the patients to practice yoga ,meditation & various forms of exercises to maintain a healthy mind  and body

Additional Information

Ayurvedic Research

Research and development is an on going programme in any branch. In Ayurveda, Rishi has a special laboratory for testing procedures of drugs  .its levels of quality, efficiency and consistency .A group of experienced physicians are leading the formulation of  research with the help to highly established modern laboratory. Rishi’s always committed to advance its Ayurveda drugs in a broad spectrum way to enrich its marketing catalog Rishi’s is always undergoing committed hard work to exploit opportunities of ayurveda in an international way. In order to capture this target, rishi upgraded its infrastructure, equipments and R&D people to accept in all international standards. Over years Ayurveda and its services been scattered to different companies and have accessed a new face of business profile. This prompted-  our family to give a kind of  full contribution to Ayurveda through its medical and research  wing  RISHI. In 1991, Dr N.K Sebastian Chief Executive Officer of RISHI stared RISHI RESEARCH PRODUCTS Rishi Research Products is certified by GMP. Each medicine is being scrutinized with high quality assurance .Rishi is handling a special Quality Assurance Department for medical exporting

Research & Development

The firm is having an inhouse R&D set up apart from standardization tests. R&D is conducting tests for basic research, new  product development and tests on improving the production quality. Rishi Ayurveda has already developed patented Ayurvedic preparation and as they have stood various trials for the last few years.they are ready for market now. Experts in various fields is invited to tune-up and perfect systems.  They plan for workshop on specific subjects involving Scientists, Doctors and technical experts from India and abroad.


The extensive portfolio of 30 traditional medicine, 20 herbal cosmetics and 50 proprietary medicines    cover practically most of the common ailment.Products include water extracts called Lehyam and Ghrithan etc.Traditional oils, pills and powder are also available.

Quality Control

Our credibility and goodwill makes it imperative that they stick on to standard. So the products  which is compatible with Indian pharmaceutical standard achieved by production as per GMP .The fame and trust acquired through agesof our existence with our  good will makes  the superior quality of products


At Rishi Ayurveda Hospital &Research Centre, we take patients only on reservation

Herbal cultivation

Rishi Ayurveda hospital has developed a full-fledged herbal nursery in Erattupetta.This aims at providing seedling and technical support to its projects for herbal cultivation in kerala. It also has started associating with farmers by providing them with seedling .technical support and buy back arrangements. Now Rishi Ayurveda hospital has projects for herbal cultivation with aids from central health ministry and herbal board .It also aims at -preserving endangered species which has immense medical use to mankind

Rishi Heritage Village

Rishi Heritage village is one of the astonishing contributions from Rishi family.Heritage villa is designed in such a way that it is far away from sound and air pollution. Facilities offered by heritage villa are mainly focused on patient’s relaxation and refreshment.

Another speciality of heritage Villa is its biological vegetable garden .which helps to serve quality food for patient while in their treatment days.

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Treatments For:

  • Diabetes

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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