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We feel great pleasure to introduce ourselves to the world and share the siddha heritage with the world through this website."Pushya Medicine" is situated in Coimbatore, India.Siddha, regarded as the crown therapy among all the traditional Indian medical sciences, have a long-standing history of over 5000 years."Pushya Medicine" was established in 1901 and since 108 years it has cured hundreds of leucoderma patients through siddha medicines. The only goal of our clinic is to bring smile on the patients face and to provide safe, effective & affordable siddha  treatment to the patients around the world. Our profound and enormous knowledge of Siddha has made "Pushya Medicine" one of the most reliable and successful clinic, treating large number of patients in India and abroad.At Pushya we have come across many cases which were complicated due to indiscriminate use of allopathic drugs but we are happy to announce that we were successful in curing all cases. Modern medicines have harmful side effects but siddha treatment do not as a rule have any side effects but they have their own properties

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Gold Gilding

Gilding is the technique of applying a thin layer of gold to a surface. Gilding is performed through a mechanical process, known as leafing, or using one of many chemical processes.

Herbal Process

Everybody knows gold is precious metal and richness of gold is color. We are goldsmiths doing gold works for the last 50 years. Nowadays most of goldsmiths have using chemicals for gold gilding. We have done research on herbal gold gilding and found simple and easy formula by using certain herbs for gold gilding.

Pure Natural

Ancient Indians has practiced gilding with treatment of gold alloys with some herbs. Some old- age manuscripts reveals such formula. This type of depletion gilding is simple, safe and eco-friendly and no side-effects.

Our natural gold gilding can produce attractive color of gold and give you a pure layer on the surface. These type of herbal gilding can be done without any help of other machineries.

Depletion Gilding

Most gilding methods are additive, that is, they deposit gold that was not there before onto the surface of an object. By contrast, depletion gilding is a subtractive process whereby material is removed to increase the purity of gold that is already present on an object's surface.

Essentially, depletion gilding produces a high-purity gold surface by removing everything that is not gold. More specifically, other metals are etched away from the surface of an object composed of a gold alloy by the use of acids or salts, often in combination with heat. Of course, since no gold is actually added, only an object made of an alloy that already contains at least some gold can be depletion gilded.


We introduce an externally applicable Medical Ointment “PUSHYA” as a cure for “LEUCODERMA” (vitiligo). effect of which is WHITE PATCHES spreading all over the body reason for which is of malfunctioning of PIGMENT CELLS. Most of the existing medicines are for internal consumption with strict diet control., which are also giving untold side effects. Here “PUSHYA” is recommended for purely external application with no specific diet restriction. PUSHYA has to be smeared over affected area with white-patches.

Most of the existing medicines are internally consumable which are giving untold side effects. Here our ointment PUSHYA is purely for external application and no side effects and no-dieting.

Our ancestors had written manuscripts based on Siddha system of medicine. Through traditional experience, we making this medicine. The basic concept of this medicine is found from the Manuscript, written in the year 1901 by Late SHRI. TEEKARAM LAL. (Our Grand Father)

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