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The history of the Siddhars is puzzling and astonishing. As it is today, it is nothing but a super chronicle full of novel and fabulous statements created by the imagination of vested interest ranging from filthiest to the tolerably acceptable level. In the field of growing science we can’t completely disregard those statements as fictions are ambiguity.

Day to day life we follow the most valuable truths and life hints either known or unknown which are found hidden in their expressions. The approach to the study of the Siddha literature is entirely different from scientific literature because of the hidden truths. The truths of Siddha could be understood only by the humanical and soul espousal.

Siddhars are those who lived and maintained their bodies to the service of almighty and attained eight yogas and eight siddhis. The familiar and known siddhars who serviced almighty full pledged and guided the followers towards the truth are called EIGHTEEN SIDDHARS. Thirumoolar is one among them.

He clearly showed his knowledge and experience, together with some secrets and miracles involved therein, in his book. Thirumoolar belong to the class of eighteen demigods. Siddhars science said to be effective for the prevention and postponing of aging and also contains science of alchemy.

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The original Home allotted to mankind by the Creator was in the temparate and fertile region of the East and pointedly in India. It is from here that the human race began its culture and career. India may, therefore, be safely stated as that the first country from which human culture and civilization originated and spread.

According to Indian history prior to Aryans migration, the Dravidian was the first inhabitant of India of whom the Tamilians were the most prominent. The Tamilians were not only the earliest civilized but also those who may more considerable progress in civilization than any other early people.

The languages of India were divided into two great classes, the northern with Sanskrit as the pre-pondering element and the southern with Dravidian language as independent bases. The science of medicine is of fundamental importance to man's well being be and his survival and so it must have originated with man and developed as civilization.

It is, therefore rather pointless to try to determine the exact point of time to which the beginning of these systems could be traced They are eternal, they began with man and may end with him. The Siddha was flouriest in south and Ayurveda prevalent in the north.


Siddha medicines made up of natural sources. It is available at present as a product of several cultural patterns with full of complexities and intricacies possessing many secrets. The siddha medicine as it is today; it is the product of all these different patterns as said above and requires a very careful study before bringing it under frames of scientifical references. A comparative study with other system of medicines and analysis based on the results of those studies, would help us to find out the basic principles on which this system.

The modern studies of ancient systems of medicines bring to light not only the high level of medical knowledge the ancient had, but also where they missed and how they missed. The comparative and analytical studies require as a first step, some knowledge about the various systems of medicines now extinct and extant.

The width and depth of the knowledge required should be in proportion to the extensiveness and intensity of the research to be undertaken. The second step is the group of collection, screening, analyzing and references. The third step includes the tangible service towards the development of siddha medicines.

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