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Raja Siddha Hospital - Namakkal

“Health is Wealth” According to this statement, our hospital has been working for 40 years to cure the ailments of the people. This is India’s one of the best hospitals which has its own heritage & follows Tamil Nadu medicinal ways. Raja Siddha hospital has its own specialist. This hospital was started in 1968 by Dr.N.A.Rangaswamy in a Natural environment near Namakkal district Thiruchengcode nearby Thokkavadi.

At present treatment is done through experienced doctors who have done their BSMS in medicine and trainings done through advanced medical methods. This medication is predicted through “Oalaisuvdi's” written by 18 Siddhars including Agasthiyar. This preparation is done on the basis of those writings of siddhars in a well-cared method. This is an own preparation of our institution. The medicines are prepared by well trained trainees using well equipped instruments. All this medicines are prepared under the well supervision in natural environment. This is prepared under hygienic conditions by the method of purification, precipitation.

The medicines are prepared in the form of capsules which can be easily taken by the patients. Counselling is given to the patients at any time through telephone without hesitation.Patients are advised to take blood test with proper intervals, so that improvement of the patients can be observed by themselves.

Additional Information

Sinus - Within one week of treatment, improvement can be noticed and patient can return to the normal life. Within 2 to 3 months, the inner & outer Symptoms reduce and patient’s health improves better. This is very clearly noticeable.

Asthma - After the treatment for one week wheezing problem will be cured. Continuous treatment for 4-5 months in our hospital can bring about 90% of the disease in control.Eczema - Eczema can sometimes occur as a brief reaction that only leads to symptoms for a few hours or days, but in other cases, the symptoms persist over a longer time and are referred to as chronic dermatitis.

Psoriasis - This does not cause risk to life but this persists for a long time in body. Special treatment is done for this disease. Scales which are formed on the body will fall off within one week of treatment. Maximum Symptoms disappear after the treatment.T.B - Immunity power is increased in the body to resist against this infection. MANTOUX test is done in blood & within 15 days of treatment better improvement is seen which reduces fever in the body & increases body weight.

Hepatitis B - Within a short span of treatment, patients can notice the improvement by the blood becoming HBS negative.Arthritis - Through RA factor rheumatoid arthritis is found out and treatment is given. Treatment is also given for other type of knee pains.


AIDS - HIV - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.This human immune deficiency is spread through the sexual intercourse with more than 1 person. This depletes the immunity power in humans and leads to death.

TREATMENT : AIDS-HIV POSITIVE patients while getting treatment in this hospital, should get a HIV VIRAL LOAD & CD 4 CD 8 test report from any of the blood testing centers. Within 15 days of treatment the outer symptoms will be cured. Once in 2 months, by HIV VIRAL LOAD TEST, patient can feel the improvement by the death of AIDS _ HIV viruses. Patients are advised to continue the treatment till the HIV VIRUS completely eradicated.

HSV ( HERPES SYMPLEX VIRUS ) - This is spread by HERPES SYMPLEX virus. HSV 1 & HSV 2 are the two types of viruses. This is spread through illegal sexual intercourse & lack of personal hygiene. This virus affects mouth, tongue, nose and especially the reproductive organ.

TREATMENTS : Blood test named HSV 1&2(IgG IgM) is done and further treatment is done to destroy the virus spread completely.After the HSV 1&2 test, if one is positive or both are positive, the patients are advised to undergo treatment and their reports are provided from the labs to which the patients are comfortable with. Also the patients are seriously advised to continue the treatment till the HSV 1&2(IgG IgM) are completely negative.

Hepatitis B - This disease caused in Liver occurs due to Hepatitis B virus. This is not a kind of Jaundice. This is a viral disease that does not show any symptoms till it gets to an extreme stage and affects the Liver severely. If is to be noted that this is an infectious disease.

TREATMENTS : In Raja siddha hospital, the patients are being undertaken for HBS Ag tests and well cared treatments are given. The patients whoever undergone such treatments for HBS Ag positive are being relieved from such symptoms of this disease within a week. These patients are advised to check their HBS Ag virus level in their known laboratories at least once in a month. As a conclusion of all treatments in our institution, it can be noted that the HBS Ag virus gets completely negative.

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Treatments For:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Back Pain
  • Cough
  • Hepatitis
  • Infertility
  • Sexual Behavior
  • Sinusitis

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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