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Basically Reiki Healing is a Japanese technique of reducing stress for providing relaxation as well as healing of the human body. Without the use of any external force or machines, Reiki healing activates the natural healing energy and ability of the human body. All the energies inside an individual get balanced during the practice of Reiki Healing. This brings wellness as well as health in the recipient ‘s life. We offer reiki classes calgary.

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Crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine in which subtle energy given off by a crystal is used to treat the body, mind, spirit, and the emotions. Crystals exhibit a type of orderly perfection, which helps to bring healing light and loving encouragement to all beings. Since both crystals and the human body have an inherent energetic blueprint.

Colour Therapy is a totally holistic and non-invasive therapy and, really, colour should be a part of our everyday life, not just something we experience for an hour or two with a therapist. Colour is all around us everywhere. This wonderful planet does not contain all the beautiful colours of the rainbow for no reason. Nothing on this earth is here just by chance; everything in nature is here for a purpose. Colour is no exception. All we need to do is to heighten our awareness of the energy of colour and how it can transform our lives. A professional therapist will help you to do this. The capacity for health and wellbeing is within us all.

Colour therapy is safe to use alone or alongside any other therapy whether orthodox medicine or another complementary therapy and is safe and helpful for adults, children and animals too.Please be aware that no complementary therapy should be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice where necessary and no properly qualified complementary therapist would suggest that, neither would they suggest that you stop taking your medication etc. If you are taking medication you should consult the prescribing professional before you stop taking it.

ASTRAL HEALING Astral Therapy is healing beyond the physical body. This healing is meant to heal yourself and others. Subtle negativities can be removed easily at this level which are difficult to get rid off at physical level.Auric deformities can be cured in Astral Therapy. Physical injuries can be cured at unbelievable short spans. Meditations at the Astral Level becomes easier. And much more than expected is learnt in the Three levels of Astral Healing.

The Astral Body is lighter than the physical body. It is the light body that you travel in to the Astral plane while you are sleeping or day dreaming. The Astral plane is another dimension of existence where we work out circumstances and experiences that we are unable to work out in our physical life.One of the major benefit of ASTRAL HEALING is that auric deformities/imbalances can be effectively handled or treated. Physical injuries can also be cured in unbelievable short span of time.ASTRAL THERAPY is really beneficial to those persons who are interested in experiencing the higher rate of vibrations.


REIKI has helped billions of people around the world by changing life situations in their favour. This universe is made up of energy- vibrating or static, living or non living in nature. Once the energy is balanced and blockages are cleared in body the right form of energy flows and positive results occur, this happens when one receives REIKI Healing.

Universal life force energy is that energy through which we are born and live throughout our life. Reiki can also be compared with breathing because when a person stops breathing, we say he is dead. Although Reiki is of utmost importance yet this art of Reiki was lost for us. Dr. Mikao Usui spent many years and succeeded in rediscovering the lost art. Since he was a Japanese, he named it “Reiki“ where ’Rei’ means Universal Force and ‘Ki’ means energy. This energy was known to Mahatma Buddha but had vanished since spiritual leaders passed on this information to their disciples by word of mouth and no written records were kept. Many spiritual leaders used this art for longevity and spiritual development. Reiki is a very simple art through which body, mind and soul can be purified which is an essential part of God‘s blessings.

During the present stressful periods where a person is always burdened by day to day stress and strains, negative energy has increased which upsets his body balance and various diseases encircle him. He tries various treatments. Disease disappears memontarily but after sometime reappears again in the same or new form and this process continues because we have not been able to uproot the disease permanently. This happens because we have neither been able to find the real cause of disease nor have been able to eradicate it.

Bud to these diseases the person is upset with himself and he becomes antagonized and unable to tolerate other‘s comments. His willpower is lost and his belief in God disappears and he roam in the world very helplessly and at last his end is death. So a time has come when desides worshipping water and fire, we may also start worshipping the universal force energy which is the life itself that we are living. By adopting this universal life force energy, all ailments of the body will vanish and positive thoughts will commence and we will lead a successful life. Our love and respect for each other will increase and the world we live in, will become more enjoyable and by increasing our spiritual power God‘s blessing will be showered upon us. Our desire to go to religious places will increase and intelligent thinking will become pure and we will have greater respect for each other.

Reiki is such an art by which we can overcome our worries and heal our body. So let us learn Reiki. Our aim in life is not only to get birth and received affection form parents, enjoy youth, rear up children, become old and die. Instead our aim should be to purify our soul for merging with God and to avoid rebirth.

Reiki energy will start flowing only after getting attunements through Reiki Master. We will be able to get Reiki energy at the instance of the prayer and could also heal a person sitting far away with intention only.

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