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ANHC Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Goa India is Recognised, Recommended and Authorized by the Tourism Department of the State - Goa.Ayurveda is a ancient medical science described in the old text of Vedas. Vedas are ancient books of science or knowledge. They contain practical and scientific information on various subjects like health,, philosophy, astrology, engineering, etc. ANHC's Ayurveda Clinic with the expertise of Proffessional Graduate and Post-Graduate doctors with the aid of mordern investigations diagnose the disease accurately and treat it in accordance of Ayurveda principles treating the individual and not merely the disease.

Empasis on Yoga Exercise, Diet, Life-style, Panchakarma, Medicines and Therapies on the external body surface, the five fold approach treats you in a durtaion as of your availability and send you back disease free to enjoy life to its fullest. ANHC's Proffessional team of Physicians brings the patients imbalances into normalcy however chronic the disease pathology be. Excellent Medical Diagnosis and Authentic Treatment has set ANHC apart from all the centres in Goa, India.

Recommended by the Holidaysplease Goa Holidays Travel Guide.Recommended by LONELY PLANET, ROUGH GUIDE, VARIOUS NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PRINT AND TELEVISION MEDIA.Dr. Gopalakrishnan was born in a small town in Kerala in an Ayurvedic Vaidya Family. From his childhood he got a very good knowledge of ayurveda from his parents. In 1990 he graduated (Bsc - Zoology) from S.N.G.S College PALGHAT, KERALA.In 1996 he completed his B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) from Vaidyaratnam P.S Variers Ayurvedic College, Kottakkal.

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You can learn how to maintain a balance between material and spiritual aspects of life and help others also to understand it. This will help in establishing permanent peace, happiness and love for which we are always hankering and for which different governments are spending millions of dollars to achieve this. At present, we are using a wrong approach to achieve these things, that's why we are getting frustrated.

The Rasayana or Rejuvenation therapy aims at keeping the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal functioning condition. These cells are to be revitalised and their composition has to be changed.The tranquility of the mind has to be promoted and the nerves as well as bones are to be kept soft and soothened. This prevents the process of ageing and makes the individual free from any disease even during an advanced age. He will be able to see things like before and the sharpness of hearing and vision continues. The glow in his face and the colour of his skin remains as before. It is with this in view one has to resort to rejuvenation therapy.

The Rasayana therapy is taken in two different ways:Kutipravesika: In this the person has to stay indoor while taking the Rasayana. Elaborate arrangements are made for the construction of a special type of cottage where the individual is to be confined. The person has to strictly follow the diets and other instructions of the physician. He should undergo Panch Karma therapy before taking the rejuvenation. This type is, therefore, not suitable for a person who has to carry on his profession or job.

Vatatapika: This method is best for people who don't have time to stay in the Ayurvedic clinic to take the first kind of rejuvenation. This type can be taken while doing your normal work. It comprises of different types Ayurvedic herbal preparations which are taken as prescribed by the doctor.Ayurveda’s mantra of rejuvenation,From time immemorial, mankind has sought health and youth in its quest for immortality. Tireless effort and ceaseless thought, across vast spectra of time and space have been devoted to this pursuit. The great seers of ancient India have enriched the world with two impressive legacies, ayurveda and yoga, which have made significant contributions to the art of healing and rejuvenation.

Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity epitomizes the harmonious blending of the body, mind and spirit of the individual with the cosmos.This ancient therapy, which is as old as the civilization that treasured it and which it nutured, continues to flourish in the land south of the Himalayas. In a region rich in biodiversity, this herbal therapy has stood the test of time and proven itself nature’s panacea for all ailments of body and mind.

Composition of the human body,The human body is composed of ‘doshas’, ‘dhatus’ and ‘malas’.
Doshas (somatic humours),A ‘dosha’ is a humour that regulates the human body. Vata, pitta and kapha, the three somatic humours, are called ‘tridoshas’ because of their predisposition to vitiation for a variety of reasons. ‘doshas’ connotes fault or error. These humours, which originate from the pancha maha bhutas (five great elements) regulate all the functions of the human body. The concept of pancha maha bhutas derives from the Indian philosophy of the evolution of the physical world.

Though they pervade the whole system, each humour tends to dominate a particular part of the body. The vata is responsible for the lower part, the pitta for the middle portion and the kapha for the upper part.When in equilibrium, the vata, pitta and kapha are called ‘dhatus’. An accumulation of ama (toxins) in the system vitiates them. An excess or deficiency in any of the doshas disrupts its equilibrium.The word ‘dhatu’ can also be used to mean ‘body tissue’. When used in this sense there are seven and these are called ‘saptadhatus’. These body tissues are formed from and nourished by the essence of food called which is ‘aahara rasa’. Plasma (rasa), blood (rakta), muscle (masna), fat (meda), bone (asti), majja (bone marrow) and semen/ova (shukra) are the seven kinds of dhatus. Each dhatu is a metabolic refinement of the previous one.


The Therapeutic Health Package at the Ayurveda and Yoga centre of Goa India is for those patients who suffer from various physical and mental illness. The day at the Ayurvedic Centre begins with Exercise comprising of Yoga Postural Exercises, these exercise are dealt with so as to enable the body, especially the bones and joints to do all the actions as per body anatomy. Postures exuberate pressure which stimulates the internal organs and system to function. Pranayama - prana means life which is solely due to the element of air, and air is called as prana, the prana vayu. This exercise is to breathe to the complete capacity so that the bodily requirement is fulfilled and the body has now enough vital energy to function.

This is followed by Meditation - to relax mentally as well as physically to bring the body and mind in connection. After a healthy breakfast comprised of fruits, porridge and light menu the patient presents himself before the Ayurveda Physician on day 1 for complete consultation and examination, determination of body constitution and undergoing various pathological test as advised by the physician. The patient is advised on all aspects of exercise, food, lifestyle, panchakarma, medications and external treatments and therapies.

The Ayurveda Centre has a team of 5 to 6 physicians working round the year and offering treatments for all types of ailments. Rheumatoid Arthritis can be corelated to a disease called as Aamavata which includes the Aama ie the indigested material which produce toxins which lead to the abnormal changes in body along with the viciated vata- ie the dosha present in the body which gets imbalanced in the body due to many causes,

We see many symptoms like pain, heavy feeling in joints and bone rites like pain, along with symptom like bad appetite, along with these where the viciated Aama moves it shows or presents in form of severe pain, catch feeling. Restricted movements, Decreased sensation.Treatment means removing the root cause. Ayurvedic treatment does not mean suppressing the main symptoms and creating some new ones as side effects of the main treatment. It is to remove the root cause and give permanent relief. The treatment mainly comprises of powders, decoctions, medicated oils, prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals. Because the medicines are from natural sources and not synthetic, they are accepted and assimilated in the body without creating any side effects and on the other hand, there may be some side benefits.

Along with medicine, proper diet and living style is also advised.Our body and its waste products shows us a lot of information about the state of balance of our body. If we know what to look for. Examination of our tongue, fingernails, skins, perspiration, eyes, lips, stools and urine gives an early indication of imbalance in our body. Panchakarma is a purifying therapy to enhance the metabolic process through food and herbal medicines. It is used in deep rooted chronic disease as well as seasonal imbalance of tridoshas. As the wastes are eliminated from the body the person becomes healthy. Literally Panch means five and Karma means action. So Panch Karma means five types of actions or techniques or treatment. These types of therapeutics are based on elimination therapy.

Elimination is a natural instinct of every living creature. Human body is a complex type of wonderful machine, which has millions of functions, majority of them are voluntarily controlled and some of them are involuntary or self controlled. Millions of cells in the body are working day and night to produce energy and maintain the life. Lot of wastes are produced in this process at the level of cells.It is natural that some toxins accumulate in the body as a result of various metabolic activities. It is necessary to eliminate these toxins from the body, which the body is doing to the great extent, but some toxins still remains in the body and causing many disease when their quantity increases beyond a certain limit. These wastes should always be eradicated from the body, otherwise they stick into minute channels of the body known as 'srotas' and start producing diseases. That is why, if we want to be healthy, it is necessary to eliminate wastes from the channels and no room should be given for accumulation of these waste products.

Doshas and waste materials accumulate in the body as a result of following improper diet and living style. The seasonal accumulation of doshas is also described in Ayurveda. For example, Kapha doshas accumulate in winter. So to eliminate these excess doshas or impurities from the body, various Panch Karma treatments are used.Infinite number of unwanted toxins and unwanted metabolic substances accumulate in our body in due course of time, which is against the law of nature. These unwanted toxins and unwanted metabolic substances have been accumulated for the major reasons being the air pollution, the chemicals that we eat through our food, lack of body movements. In this 20th Century man is following a life pattern which is totally against the principles of nature. At the formation of Universe, is was considered, that the universe was free from any pollutants. Man is the cause for this pollutants. The question of accumulating of toxins was not arising at that time because the resistance of the body was strong enough to eliminate all the toxins in the natural form.

As now days the life being artificial we disobey the laws of nature, as a result wastage gets accumulated in our body more easily. When the wastage in our body reaches to uncontrollable limit our bodies resistance is helpless and we become an easy prey to disease. As a human being advances in age by the time he or she is 40 these signs are clearly seen. The body resistance becomes weak and the human being unexpectedly suffers from minor or major disease. At this point Ayurveda says that body is not in equilibrium with nature and it needs immediate correction. The process of correcting is called panchakarma and is explained below how it is done.

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