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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis are leading edge technologies for ACCELERATED SUCCESS and CHANGE. They allow you to understand and control the links between your thinking, your emotions, your behaviour, and your success.Through learning and applying these tools, your life will never be the same!You will be in control of your motivation, and your emotional state (you will be able to instantly access powerful states like determination, confidence, love, bliss, excitement, or any other of your choice!)

With NLP you will be able to change, eliminate or adopt behaviours at will, establish instant rapport with anyone (on the phone, in groups or 1 on 1) and have the self confidence, peace of mind and happiness you've always wanted.We run seminars and trainings all over Australia, though if you can't make it, or would prefer to learn at home, we offer a large range of products, books and free resources. NLP applies to all areas of life: family, career, relationships, spirituality, personal growth, even your health and fitness.This site contains plenty of information and resources, including a free 1 year "e course" on success, so be sure to have a thorough look around.

Many other techniques are great at telling what your problems are, though none are better at quickly REMOVING problems as NLP. When NLP is combined with Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, you have THE MOST powerful, quick and easy way to make your life how you want it, both personally and professionally.

Additional Information

Just in case you think Hypnosis is about an "altered state" or "sleep" or "being under someone's spell" you're wrong. Hypnosis is a "do to self" process. If you have ever watched a movie or tv, you've been in deep trance! Have you ever not seen something that was right in front of you, like the salt or your keys? You were in a hypnotic trance. Have you ever tasted, heard or smelt something and it was more intense than normal? You were in a trance. Have you ever forgotten someone's name or where you parked? You were in a trance. Have you ever driven a car without having to consciously think about everything (ie you just drove where you wanted to go)? You were in a trance!

You can be jumping up and down, eyes open and feeling excited (like at a rock concert) and be in a trance. You can also have your eyes closed, deeply relaxed, sitting on a comfy chair and be in a trance. You can be sky diving or in love or in meditation and be in a deep trance!

There is NO correlation between physical relaxation and depth of trance. Trance (hypnosis) is simply directed awareness. Hypnosis is about following instructions and the current research shows the more intelligent you are, the EASIER it is for you to be hypnotised. During hypnosis your senses are hightened, so you are in more control than in your normal "waking" state.

Anyone that tells you they can get you to do something against your will (through using hypnosis) is not telling the complete truth. Regardless of how deep a trance you are in, if someone gave you a strong suggestion to do something you would never normally do (whilst "awake") you would either "wake up" or just ignore the suggestion. (ie not carry it out).

Hypnosis is incredibly useful for healing, improving your performance and stress reduction. You can use it for MANY different things right from pain control and turning up your metabolism (or turning down your blood pressure) to heightening your senses (eg turning up your hearing).

As with all the techniques we teach, Hypnosis must be used with integrity and by those who have been trained so that they know what they are doing. The interesting thing about Hypnosis, is that EVERYONE already does it! It is for this reason, we believe EVERYONE should be trained in it, so they know what they are doing to themselves and others.

The great thing about the powerful methods of change that I teach, is that their effects have been scientifically developed. Which means, they work predictably for everyone. The only thing I can t control is your level of commitment. But if you re serious, then what I teach at this event will create amazing results for you ... guaranteed! Millions of people around the world have learnt and benefited from NLP, we are absolutely certain that you will benefit enormously from attending that is why we offer such amazing gurantees. We want you to be totally happy, and trully transform your life. Our seminars do that, consistently for all those who attend.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence, and is about making your life a masterpiece.It enables us to understand and control the links between our mind, our behaviour and our success so that we can get what we want in life. Many of our behaviours, desires and beliefs are running unconciously, yet they still affect us. For example, why are you attracted to some people, yet not others? Why do you (if you're like most people) look forward to the weekend yet hate mondays? It's because of associations, the way you are "programmed". The wonderful thing about NLP, is that you can choose which "programs" your brain runs. So instead of getting scared or frustrated, you feel the way you choose to feel.

NLP improves the quality of your life because it allows you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviours at will, to be in charge of your motivation, to be able to communicate better, to be more persuasive, to get into rapport with anyone and have the self confidence, peace of mind and happiness you ve always wanted.

So NLP is about giving you new choices and resources and in essence therefore empowering you to be who you want to be, have what you want to have and do what you want to do.NLP is the study of subjective human experience and enables us to directly communicate to our Unconscious Mind, to change quickly and easily. Your Unconscious Mind is the part of you that beats your heart whilst you are asleep; it runs your body and is where all change actually occurs. When change happens, it is instant, everything else is preparation.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? It was probably pretty hard, wasn t it? Or have you ever wanted to lose weight, but from across the room the cookies call you? Where did that urge to eat unhealthy foods come from? It was from an unconscious association you had between pleasure and eating that food. If you try and change consciously, it is extremely hard because you are fighting your urges, (or lack of motivation for example) through sheer will power.

There are many really excellent technologies available for achievement and accelerated change, though most of them simply help you find out what your problem is and how it affects you. NLP saves time because you do not need content to achieve and change quickly. For example, using NLP you can permanently clear a phobia in 10 minutes where as using traditional behavioural modification therapy often takes weeks (or years) because you are slowly taught how to cope with your fear until your Unconscious Mind realises you won t die if you are around what you were phobic about. To change and achieve results easily and quickly, you need to communicate directly to the Unconscious Mind and work WITH IT not against it. NLP is the step by step how to guide to do just that.Due to this fact, NLP does NOT require "content" to be effective. This means you don't have to talk about your problems for years and years.

Using NLP you simply change the process, context or "pattern". Like in windows (the computer operating system) if you uninstalled a program, the program would never run. You don't need to know how the program was designed, built and all it's specific details of code. NLP lets you add or delete "programs" or behaviours at will, without having to relive all the bad things you'd rather forget, and without having to understand the why behind your problem. A far better question is "How do I make my life the way I want it?" rather than "why do I have so many problems?"If you d like to remove your obstacles instead of battling for years through them, then NLP is for you.

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