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D.S Antony Noble

Infertility, Gynecological disorders, more..

D.S Antony Milles

Infertility, Gynecological disorders, more..

Dr. Devasahayam

Infertility, Gynecological disorders, more..

Devasahayam Hospital - Monday Market

Devasahayam Hospital is located in the Manguzhy road, Monday Market. We are specialized in following the classical Siddha and Ayurveda medicines and treatments. We are from the family of traditional Siddha Vaidyas since more than 100 years. We also diagnose and treat various acute and chronic diseases. Our ultimate aim is to provide efficient care and cure for all types of challenging diseases.

Treatments for Children for various diseases are also taken cared by trained and caring doctors. And treatments for Piles, High blood pressure, Tonsils, Ear and Throat related problems are also given special care. The medicines we provide are 100% pure natural and prepared under hygienic conditions. We also have Devasahayam Medicals and Clinic for Siddha and Ayurveda in Azhagiamandapam.

Our Hospital is under care by professionally trained and certified doctors to care the inpatients with well-constructed rooms and facilities, Separate massage facility for men and women, which is operated by Dr. S. Devasahayam, Dr. D.S Antony Milles and Dr. D.S Antony Noble.

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Additional Information

Dr. Devasahayam was endorsed with the title “Siddha Maruthuva Maamani” by The Siddha Medical Trust, Tamil Nadu.; The award was handed over by a dignitary Mr. K. A. P Viswanathanm on 4th April 1987.  The doctor was also certified with the title“Siddha Maruthuva Thilagam” entitlement from Akila India Siddha Maruthuva Kazhagam on 18th September, 1997. He also received the awards for the “Best Doctor and Best Industrialist’s award and; “Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R. Award” from The South India social and cultural Academy, Chennai on 7th January, 2006. The doctor is also an active participant in number of conferences. The doctor has also published various articles on Siddha and Ayurveda in Dailies and Magazines.


We care to treat patients who suffer from acute and chronic diseases like Infertility, , Gynecological disorders, Metabolic diseases, Skin disorders, Bone and joint disorders, CNS disorders, Gastro intestinal diseases, Genito-urinary disorders, etc.; We offer healthy massage treatments which are as follows: Oil bath therapy, Steam bath, Pancha karma, Mud bath therapy, Powder massage, Plantain leaf bath, Leech therapy Varma massage

Pancha Karma refers to the five types of procedures to remove accumulated waste materials from the body; They are Sneha Vasti, Kashaya Vasti, Virechana, Vamana and Nasya. Sneha Vasti and Kashaya Vasti are different types of enema The accumulated toxins in the body could be cleansed with the help of medicinal oils and decoctions. This treatment could bring a remedy for gastric disorders, obstruction of urine/semen/menstrual flow, loss of strength, nervous diseases, lower backache, rheumatism, kidney stones, piles, abnormal enlargement of the liver/spleen and obesity. Virechana – An emetic is mixed either in milk or warm water. This helps in eliminating the toxins accumulated in the liver/gallbladder thereby completely cleaning the gastro-intestinal path. Vamana – Oral drugs are given with a large quantity of liquids and puking is induced.This method cleanses the toxins composed in the body and clears the respiratory system thereby forming a solution for asthma, cough, psoriasis, chronic allergies, hay fever, hyperacidity, chronic indigestion and water retention. Nasya- Medicine is poured into the nostrils for inhalation, this method cleanses accumulated toxins in the head and neck region, which is Highly effective for asthma, sinusitis, migraine and loss of smell/taste.

Special treatment and counseling is given to take care of the patients with diabetes and we give detailed herbal treatment for patients who suffer from Obesity. 100% hygienic and homely atmosphere of inpatient department is available at Devasahayam Hospital.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Malayalam

Payment Options

  • Cash

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Treatments For:

  • Allergy
  • Indigestion
  • Infertility
  • Joint Diseases
  • Nervous System Diseases
  • Obesity
  • Skin Diseases
  • Skin Neoplasms
  • Skin Ulcer
  • Urogenital

Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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