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FRAN MAUNTON,Director & Practitioner,Hi, I am Fran Maunton and I am a fully trained Feng Shui Consultant. I am passionate about bringing the benefits of Feng Shui to every person I possibly can.Through the Feng Shui Fortunes programs and services you will be able to easily understand all the principles and benefits of this ancient science.

I have designed my readings, parties and other services to be ‘user friendly’ to those from a non Chinese background.Every Feng Shui consultation is different because every person and every home or workplace is different. I also take into account individual cultural and religious background.

Additional Information

Many of our products are handmade or naturally formed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact finish and some slight changes will occur between items. All crystals supplied will be of equal quality and within similar weight and size.

Feng Shui Fortunes is proudly committed to seek and support companies that do not use child labour or sweat shops in the creation of these products. The majority of products from China are blessed by Taoist Monks before being shipped.While we try to maintain our prices to those stated in this catalogue, they are subject to change without notice.Please complete the contact form with your details for a catalogue to be sent to you.


Having your own party would have to be one of the most interesting and delightful ways to give a gift of genuine love and caring to your friends – and yourself.A Feng Shui Fortunes’ Life Harmonising Party is easy to organise and will allow you to learn about the amazing affects of Feng Shui, and remove some of the myths, all in the comfort of your own home.It’s simple to organise,Contact Feng Shui Fortunes’ head office on (08) 9417 9786.

You can book your party for an evening, weekday or weekend. Once the date has been set, get a group of 6-12 family and friends together for a wonderful Feng Shui experience. A party takes about two hours with a 45 minute presentation and lots of time for questions and fun. You may like to provide some simple finger food which we recommend is served after the presentation. We recommend that you do not serve alcohol before or during the presentation.

When you host a party you’ll automatically receive a voucher for 10% of the product sold. You can also receive more rewards depending on the number of party bookings made.For more information:Please click the “Register Your Interest” button to the right and complete the form. You will be contacted to discuss all your questions and needs in detail.

A private property reading uses six different schools of Feng Shui to map the energy flow of the property. From this chart we are able to find areas to enhance and protect. We also compare the key people in the home or business with the key rooms that they use.From the reading we are able to enhance wealth, business prosperity and health, and stop accidents. The reading can also see possible arguments and legal problems that can all be resolved using simple Feng Shui remedies.

Your Private Consultation includes:Two personal consultations in your home, A Feng Shui Horoscope* reading for two adults and two children,Full written report on the following Feng Shui schools showing your home’s energy map, the remedies required in the home and where to install them.The report has information from the Flying Star, Form School, Water Theories, Symbolic Feng Shui and 4 Pillars of Destiny.

Your initial consultation takes approximately 1 hour and is completed on-site with Lo Pan, décor and neighbourhood readings taken.Your second consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours and can be completed in any location. The house Feng Shui and Feng Shui Horoscope* readings will be delivered and discussed in detail. This is completed between 7 to 14 days after the initial consultation.

You will learn how to use Feng Shui to make each of these areas in your life more enjoyable and less stressful. You could also increase your wealth, prosperity and success; each person is different.We also have an in-depth look into your 10 year life cycle and analyse where you are at the moment. Another area of the report looks at your potential prosperity for this year.

These reports last a lifetime and can be applied in any home or work environment.You’ll be familiar with walking into a house and feeling very ‘at home’. That’s because the Feng Shui is ideal! Feng Shui Fortunes can take the guesswork out of buying your new home. We offer an affordable service to review a home prior to purchase, ensuring it has the best possible energy flow in the living areas, bathrooms and kitchen. We can also confirm the best days to move into the house so that everything goes smoothly for you.
Selling a Home

When a home doesn’t sell it could be due to a collection of negative energy at the front door. Or it may be that the home is not balanced within the neighbourhood, or that the wrong type of people are looking at the home. We can help you present a ‘harmonious’ home that prospective buyers will feel ‘at home’ in. We can also pick the best day for your ‘Home Open’ based on your Feng Shui Horoscope and the reasons for selling the home.

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Consultation Type: Direct ConsultationAll patients have to come to the practitioner's location.

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